The Rains of La Push

IC Time: Evening, Dec 11, 2007
Location: Deep woods, at the Quileute border
Synopsis: The Volturi deliver hard terms.
Submitted by: Stasia

On orders from Aro, Stasia has been assigned to seek out contact with the La Push wolves, to better gauge their response to the war with the Children of the Moon. She has not directly come onto the reservation, knowing that would provoke them. But she has skirted the border between the La Push forests and the surrounding national forests, figuring that sooner or later, one of the shifter wolves might come to investigate. Not being foolish, however, the young Volturi does not make these patrols alone.

Indeed one of the wolves has picked up on the scent of vampire near the border. Lorelei is in wolf form at the moment, the large black wolf is moving swiftly through the underbrush, bearly making a sound as she continues on her patrol. Though like Stasia she is not on her own, several other wolves are behind her some distance away. While some vampire know the different between a La Push wolf and a Children of the Moon, not all of them seem to have figured it out so the wolves here are on high alert to say the least. It doesn't take long for Lorelei to make her way towards the edge of the forest, her bright golden gaze resting on where the thickest scent of vampire is coming from, along with a deep growl escaping her half open maw. A warning to stay off the lands for sure.

Well contrary to that it appears she is quite alone, it is simply that her companion is able to be overlooked when he so desires. So he would be dismissed as background, no one that matters in the least given the situation.. even by her.

Stasia tends to take the 'high road', meaning she prefers to glide and pounce along the treebranches, rather than trod upon the ground like a mere mortal. She is quite at ease in these pristine settings, keeping pace with her companions.

The lead wolf tilts her head, her gaze drifting up at the trees while she glances back to her two companions that have caught up to her. Lorelei isn't sure but something about this feels rather strange to say the least. The black wolf turns slightly and starts to slowly move along the edge of the border, making sure to keep her paws on La Push land though. Lore listions to the area, ears twitching to try and pick up the movement of the vampires once more while the other two wolves follow, one a silver grey color and the other dark brown.

Gregori's footsteps are loud, uncautious and most of intentional in alerting the canine's of his presence. As Stasia had chosen to tree hop, he endures a casual stroll while mindful of fallen branches and surfaced roots. "Easy there," his baritone tenor was raised over the wolves' growling. "We've just come to talk and nothing more. So if one of you won't mind.." the vampire states in suggesting an even speaking ground.

At some point, part of Gregori's shadow seemed to have broken off and dashed away off into the distance as he was arriving. A few minutes later, Aura arrives rather silently, cutting her observation short for the time being in order to attend to more group oriented activities. She stands within his shadow still in her normal form, utilizing his size to offer some cover to her obviously smaller frame. "I find it that you are alot more interesting than you let on. I had hoped to speak with you in private, but business first." she gives an emotional sigh.

"We're here to parley." Stasia calls from the higher ground. Using her own Gift, she's taken an aerial sweep of the area and gotten a count of the number of wolves close by. She crouches on a treebranch, balancing easily on the balls of her bare feet. One fingernail taps against the wood, three times, one for each wolf. The sound, of course, is audible to vampires. She remains on the lookout for more party-crashers. "We will stay off your lands. But we would speak with you."

The first voice catches Lorelei's attention and the black wolf stops and lifts her head to look towards him once he comes into view. Another growl escapes her, fangs bare for a moment before she quitens down catching the rest of it. They want to talk? Well now isn't this just /lovely/. A snort escapes the silver wolf who doesn't seem interested, the other wolf merely watches the vampires. Lore lifts her head at the voice and movement in the tree. Seems they really want to talk. Being second in comand Lore figures she'll have to speak with them and she turns moving back into the thicker trees droping the bag she was carrying and goes about canging back and getting some clothing on. The other two wolves stay as they area. "An just what is it that you want to talk to us about?" Comes Lore's voice as she makes her way back towards the edge letting her gaze settle on the vampires that she can see, her clothing a mere shirt and jeans.

A thick arch raises across his brow as his 'shadow' splits off into another entity. Naturally it would be Aura and beyond following her movements out of the corner of his eye his face remains faithful in not portraying the thoughts currently circling in his mind. Back to the wolves. By now one has chosen to step forth and into the role of communicator. Gregori makes a motion for Stasia to come join the others. On the ground.

"We are of the Volturi." Stasia replies. She doesn't explain what the Volturi are, presumably the wolf knows. She leaps to the ground, landing lightly beside Aura and Gregori. "We've come to discuss the current situation and determine the position of the Quileutes."

Aura is normally rather secretive about her ability, those within the Volturi obviously know, though she sneaks around and pretends she hasn't one to those outside of the coven, only revealing it in emergencies. She had been far enough away before she slinked off to return to her normal form, before joining the rest. With Stasia next to Grigori, Aura shifts her positon from behind the both of them, standing back but inbetween the two individuals, her eyes show signs of intense calculation and thought. She is developing a strategy.. several actually. Contengancy plans and everything, taking into account many possible outcomes.

Lorelei looks from one vampire to another before Stasia starts to speak. Her gaze rests on her curiously for a few moments. She could almost say she met this one before, once or twice with Jacob but that was a while ago along with her never being with the Volturi. "An just what situation might that be?.. The one that has vampires trying to pick off my packmate perhaps?" She questions with a thin tone showing she isn't at all happen with the idea, and that she has some knowledge of it. The two wolves behind her are rather quiet, but they are watching and listioning closely to what is going on before them, clearly watching the vampires that have shown themselves incase something happens.

Gregori lays both arms at his side and follows, with his eyes, the course of speaking. From Stasia to Lorelei, he then takes his own turn in speaking. "Is this a complaint you wish to register with us here?" He asks her in a voice lacking a sarcastic tone before continuing, "Though no. That is not why we have come."

"Trying to pick off a packmate? That's terrible." Aura tilts her head, expressing what seems to be sympathy on her face and in her tone. No degree of sarcasm present within. "Surely it isn't one of us. Right?" she looks from Stasia to Gregori for reinforcement on her response. "Though, perhaps assistance could be offered in discovering just who it is." The secondary thought of remembering mention of someone threatning the wolves crosses her mind.

Stasia inclines her head to Lorelei. It's possible that she recognizes the wolf as well, from what appears to have been a lifetime ago. "Our coven was attacked and we lost valued members. We know that some of the Children of the Moon are responsible and we are seeking justice." Or vengence, but that's two sides to the same coin. "We do not wish to involve your people anymore than possible, but there are some disturbing rumors of offers of sanctuary and alliance."

Lorelei doesn't look at all amused as she hears Gregori then another. "I'm not interested in listioning to lies.. An I have a hard time beliving anything that I would complain about you would actually do anything about." Her gaze turns back to Stasia, listioning to her comments and she lifts a brow. "We haven't offered anyone anything of the sort. None of the other wolves have came to our lands in moons.. After what happened with the last pack." Oh yes the La Push wolves know all about what happened to the Shadow stalkers.

In waiting patiently between the two bodies to speak, he hears Aura though does not respond. Instead, Gregori takes the minor tongue lashing from the wolf. "Miracles are known to happen on occasion." That is all. He turns his attention to Stasia in waiting.

"You might be surprised," Stasia muses, "If we could have assurances that your position of neutrality was genuine, we might be able to impress upon our kind, the importance of leaving you and yours alone."

Lorelei smirks as she hears Gregori once more. "Miracles never happen.." She states with a thin tone. At least they never happen for this wolf. Lore listions to Stasia, a slight frown offered now. "Truly you don't think all the wolves could have planned against you.. How do you expect us to sit back and know what will most likly happen to them?" Sitting back has never been something that Lore likes to do, especially when the other wolves were in trouble before.

"I expect you to decide what is more important to you, Lorelei." Yes, Stasia has recalled her name. "The Children of the Moon are not your people. They do not share blood with you. They became what they are in a manner closer to vampirism than to how you change. By coincidence only, you both happen to change into wolves." Another pause, "Take their side in this and you will have the Volturi to contend with. I assure you, it is within our power to destroy your people, root and branch. But we would rather focus our attention on those that have wronged us."

It's a shame that the wolf has taken that stance. For now, Gregori slightly shrugs as if to leave that fact up in the air and to await for truth to pluck it out for display. As Stasia states the terms of this encounter, Gregori chimes in shortly afterwards. "Discuss this with your pack. We will return in three days to have your official answer reguarding the Children of the Moon."

Lorelei tenses slightly as Stasia uses her name, so this was the one that Jacob was friends with.. What a pity. "It is not for me to decide.. Stasia." She states the other's name after repeating it to herself a few times. "I'm not the leader of my pack. I will let Jacob and Sam know what it is that you wish. Until then all I can say is, if you don't bring your fight here then we will not interfere." If the vampires and wolves come to fight in the forest though that could change things. "As for the other wolves not sharing our blood.. They may not share our blood but we all hope for the same thing." Which is for no vampires to harm humans if you get right down to it. Werewolves and shifters are here to protect humans after all. As for Gregori, Lore hears him but keeps her gaze on Stasia. "Your have our official answer when we are ready to give it. Be it three days or longer." Lore has never been good with demands either. An the thought of a vampire demanding she give them a answer doesn't set well with her at all.

"Very well." Stasia would prefer a deadline, but will give on this point. "We will hear your decision when you are ready to give it. In the meantime, our war on the Children of the Moon will continue until the culprits that attacked us are found and punished. I hope we will not find them on your lands. For your sake." She takes a step backwards, but will not turn her back on the wolves.

Three , four, eight days, some may not have the patience to wait for the wolves to decide on their stance. Either way Gregori doesn't contribute any further except for taking the cue from Stasia and making ready his departure to leave the canines in thought.

"The only wolves you'd find are of my kind here, and no others." Lorelei states while she watches Stasia. "Just what do I tell my leaders that we get out of this little 'treaty' with you on this matter if we agree?" Though even she knows that the Volturi can do what ever they want to if they really put there mind to it. One of the wolves at her side growls at the idea and she merely lifts a hand which is enough to get him to quiet once more.

There is a flick of light, and the brass sound of an old zippo lighter as it opens. A figure standing off to the side lights a cigarette and answers, "Yep." Corin continues to lean his back against a nearby tree to Lore, but is on the right side of the line as it were.

"My lords' words carry a good deal of weight among the vampire people. Far more weight than your Cullen allies. Suffice it to say that these words can go far to ensure the sanctity of your boundaries. But the particulars can be negotiated." Stasia doesn't seem at all surprised that Corin has suddenly appeared… and if one were to be counting, the Volturi now outnumber the wolves. "We show no mercy to our enemies, but we also honor our agreements." A glance to the wolf that growled. "We are the ones who keep the /other/ ones in check. You would do well to remember that."

Lorelei glances towards the new movement and voice, her gaze narrow as she watches the new vampire, both wolves behind her are up on there paws. "Stasia.. I've dealt with plenty of vampires over the years.. The Volturi may be vast and powerful but you do not control them all, don't try to sugar coat something that we know isn't always truthfull." Like one Ramona and her little friends. "I will let my leaders know and your have a answer soon enough." Lore doesn't like any of this one bit and she has a sinking feeling what the answer will be already. "Its a shame you've changed so much Stasia.." As for the vampires outnumbering the wolves Lore doesn't worry about it, in fact she turns and leaves without another word, and she does turn her back on the four vampire.

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