Forgiven but not forgotten

IC Time: Thursday, December 12 9:00 PM
Location: Hospital
Synopsis: Rosalie and Carlisle have a quick conversation
Submitted by: Carlisle

Automatic doors swoosh open, and Rosalie stalks in. She offers a tight lipped smile to the receptionist and continues on, ignoring the looks from those waiting on either side of the admissions desk. Turning she faces the direction of hall of offices, hoping he is in there. But she is patient — well, she's stubborn at least. She would wait if necessary.

Carlisle walks out of his office locking it behind him. Making his way towards the admissions desk he smiles upon recognition of the blond vampire. "Hey, Rose!" he slips one arm around her shoulders giving a partial hug while handing some files to the receptionist at the desk. "Everything alright?" he asks being able to give Rose his full attention.

Rosalie nods slowly, leaning into the hug and murmuring. "Can we talk?" she motions with a nod toward his office. "Please?"

Carlisle nods his head, "Sure." he leads back to his office unlocking it and going inside. "What's on your mind?"

Rosalie eyes him closely, her voice dropping to a whisper. They havent really spoken much since the outburst at home. "Are you all right?" she whispers finally, gaze still cautious.

Carlisle leans back against the edge of his desk. "I am alright. Just trying to lay low and away from people. Well wolves… Don't tell me anything that has happened around them. Less I know the better." he watches her with a tilt of his head. "How about you? You alright?"

Rosalie smirks, "I have nothing to tell. You know I hate dogs." she lies to him, and hates it.. but knows it is for the best. She comes to his desk, and sits on the edge of it facing him. "When do you have to go see them?" she murmurs, the tightness still around her eyes.

Carlisle lifts his shoulders into a shrug, "I assume he will contact me when ready. Aro is rather fickle about these things being on his schedule." Just watching her face all this was killing him inside. "Your mother said she wants to go with me. It would be safer if I just went alone. Right now Aro has to fele he can trust me and that I trust him. Bringing anyone would just throw things out of balance."

"I want to go, too" Rose admits, but her expression remains smooth .. mostly. "I don't care about Aro." she hopes what remains unsaid is clear to him.. "I won't join you at the meeting itself if that is what you wish, but I agree with Esme. I don't want you traveling there alone, or staying alone."

"That will be fine and I would prefer to do the meeting alone. Aro would want to read anyone that is with me. To catch what I don't know. I can't get your mother to understand that." Carlisle explains just shaking his head. Looking down for a moment, "You aren't going to like this but I need to say it." raising his gaze up to meet hers, "If something was to happen. I am counting on you all to move forward. Don't let your mother do anything stupid."

Rosalie's lips press into a thin line, her jaw works tightly and she glares at him. "Nothing.. will.. happen" she hisses low. She would do anything he asked, despite the blow up, and if he wanted them to move on she would sincerely try. But that is an alternative she will never voluntarily consider. Leaning in closer, one palm rests against the desk. "If they ever tried to harm you, I don't care if they have an army of Janes.." she quiets herself and looks away, sitting up straight again and keeping her eyes averted. "I wanted to show you something. At home. It is a picture from .. before. Since Emmett and I are planning for a wedding in the future .. again .. it came to mind." she hops down from the desk and goes toward the door. "Carlisle..?" she pauses.

Carlisle watches her and just feeds off the strength shown. "It is my prayer that nothing happens. I don't believe anything will happen." One never knows when the Volturi are involved with things. Watching as she heads for the door, "Yes?"

Rosalie lets out a breath and turns to look at him. From the sling-purse she has draped over her body she pulls out a small silver phone and tosses it to him. "Same number." she murmurs, and offers him a private smile. "Forgiven, but not forgotten Carlisle.." she knows he will understand the reference to their 'fight.' He had enough to worry about right now, and he needed to know he had -all- of his family behind him. The grin turns impish, "I saved my number first in your speed-dial." with that, the door is opened and shut behind her.

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