Chance Encounter

IC Time: Late night, December 14.
Location: The woods, near Forks
Synopsis: Several vampires have a chance meeting.
Submitted by: Stasia

The night is still and quiet. It's Alexander's favorite season, and for whatever reason, the vampire is currently
making his way deeper into the woods. As he walks, hands in coat pockets, he pays no mind to the snow falling upon
his head and shoulders. Without generating body heat, it tends to stay there a while. Lost in thought as he moves
along, the expression on his face is vacant, and he appears to be in no hurry to get anywhere.

Another vampire is spending this quiet night in reverie. After paying a visit to the local cemetary, Stasia has
found a high tree limb to perch upon, as is her custom. Her feet are bare, shoes tied together by the shoelaces and
worn over a shoulder. She sits astride a thick limb, one knee bent with the foot flat against the branch, while the
other foot dangles, idly swinging. She isn't alone, however, a screech owl sits on her bent knee, regarding the
vampire with round, yellow eyes.

A glint catches the attention of Alexander, and he turns his blank gaze to find that it's the reflection of whatever
light from an owls eyes. What catches his attention even more, however, is whom the owl is perched on. The crunching
of snow underneath his shoes goes silent as he stops walking. Good with faces, he recognizes Stasia, and immediately
begins wondering if it's merely a coincidence to run into her here. Momentarily, his eye twitches and narrows while
he examines her without a word.

"Hello… Alexander Diemos." Stasia says quietly from her perch. Her garnet eyes are focused on the little owl, who
ruffles its feathers in an agitated fashion at the approach of the other vampire. The diminuative woman begins to
gently stroke the bird with a forefinger, making a soothing 'Shhhh' sound. "I don't suppose you'd care to answer a
few questions?" Her dangling foot, however, has stopped swinging.

Alexander continues to examine Stasia, motionless as a very brief gust of wind blows the snow from his hair. "I'm
always ready to share my thoughts with others. My mind is an open book," the vampire responds, pulling his hand from
his pocket and pointing his palm upward in gesture. "Go ahead."

There is little sound announcing the presence of another in the woods but from even deeper in and approaching the
others quickly is a tall form. He slows catching the scene of two others of his kind. Emmett's gaze is bright and it
appears he's just been hunting and was successful. He nears closer and close falling to a near human pace. "Ah,
Stasia hello again." he says when close enough.

Stasia smiles faintly at Alexander's words. "How appropriate." Finally she looks down at Diemos. "Aro would like to
speak to you, regarding the recent events. It seems that a few wolves are suffering from some delusions of grandeur.
We are most curious, as to where they may have gotten the idea that they could attack us and live." She cants her
head to the side as Emmett approaches. The owl takes flight, its talons tearing small holes in the knee of her dark
brown slacks, but of course, scratching harmlessly against her marble flesh. She peers at the damage done with an
inward sigh, then replies to the approaching vampire. "Emmett Cullen. Have you met Alexander Diemos?"

"That is a very good question. We wouldn't want that, now would would we?" Diemos responds to Stasia. As Emmett approaches, Alexander catches the scent of blood. The bad kind. His gaze drifts from Stasia, and he glares the
newcomer. The glare almost seems scornful. As Stasia introduces him, however, his expression changes and the vampire
feigns a smile. "Hello, Emmett Cullen. A pleasure," his voice sounds pleasant, but has a hollow edge to it.

"I don't believe I have." if he has noticed the animal he doesn't really dwell on it at all. Emmett turns to the
newly introduced vampire nodding his head slightly. "Likewise nice to meet you as well." He seems to scan the others
face but turns back to the guard with a sigh. "I actually did wish to speak with you." he cuts off here to see how
his words are taken.

Stasia tenses and springs suddenly, leaping to the ground to land nearly soundlessly in the snow. "Indeed. And when
we find those that gave these wolves such… unfortunate ideas… they will be punished. Severely. I will inform Aro
that he can expect your visit soon, to clear up any misunderstandings. Naturally, my lord is most agreeable when he
is not kept waiting." Satisfied that she made her point, the petite woman turns her attention to Emmett. "Oh? And
what about?"

"As you have the right to," Alexander responds to Stasia with his same, pleasantly hollow tone. "Of course I can
meet with him. I'll do what I can, but whether they misunderstand something or not, is completely reliant on them."
Alex is curious as to what Emmett might want to talk about. Of course, unwilling to miss out on any bit of
information he can gather, he doesn't leave them to talk alone.

Emmett waits politely as the two speak business his eyes glancing between the two, he hears but only because he is
close. His golden gaze falls on Stasia once more as she speaks to him and he than sighs and is silent to figure his
words out carefully. "Your visit, and the things said and more to the point not said." he is uncharacteristically
serious as he speaks the current events weighing on him though he doesn't often show it.

Stasia's chin comes up slightly and her eyes flick to Alexander. Not that she expected Diemos to leave, of course.
To Emmett, she replies in a mild tone. "What was /not/ said was heard louder than what was."

Corin has arrived.

Alexander briefly meets Stasia's gaze. If he remembers right, she was the one who initiated conversation with him.
He's under no obligation to leave. At least, that's how he justifies remaining where he is. Wanting them to be as
comfortable to talk as loosely as possible, the vampire does step a small distance away to snag a twig from a nearby
branch and begins to twirl it in circles. Still, he stares in Stasia and Emmett's direction, paying full attention
to the conversation.

The problem with Corin going much of anyplace is that no one really notices.. He is simply background noise,
overlooked even if noticed. Dismissed by the mind as someone who does not matter even when he walks over to Stasia
for a moment here in the wilds, one of his closer companions. Right past her and over to the others to have a look
at what he's dealing with.

Idrissa has arrived.

"I thought that's how it might have come off, but it's just stress the current situation has everyone on edge." The
tall slightly hulking vampire says towards the guard. Emmett looks towards Alexander he didn't expect him to leave
either but it does make speaking over such matters interesting. "The whole family feels bad for what happened and we
don't want any lingering resentment, so I am asking what can we do to fix it?"

Stasia is, of course, completely oblivious to Mr. Cellophane, until he drops his power and chooses to be noticed.
She stands near Emmett and Alexander, peering thoughtfully up at the former. "That's an interesting question, Emmett
Cullen." She replies at length, "And something I will take time and consider. Perhaps later, after some reflection,
we can discuss what happened, what was said and what was not said."

Focusing on the conversation between Emmett and Stasia, Alexander does not notice or really care about Corin.
Whether or not he was unknowingly infulenced by a power, Alexander dismisses him as another Volturi lackey. Not
participating in the current conversation, but still not having left, the vampire idly continues to spin his small
twig in circles. At Stasia's last sentence, the corner of his mouth twitches into a subtle grin, as he assumes that
by 'later' she means 'when Alex isn't around'.

"Fair enough." he nods his gaze going back and forth. "I cant pretend I didn't hear before, so I take it that
there's been no new news on the attackers, I will be glad when all this has calmed down i'm sure you feel the same
way." Emmett says taking the change of subject and pushing it forward

A melodic voice, faintly off key not that the singer seems to care. "Quatre mots sur un piano, ceux quelle a
laisss..Quatre cest autant de trop, je sais compter quatre vents sur un pass, mes rves envols.. " As Corin has
circled back behind the group since then and as his gift starts to fade he is taken notice of as he strolls along
singing a lone sad song with a shovel over his shoulder, and a lantern attached to it near the blade by a ring.

Another is making her appearance among the little group, though the only reason she is here is because Alexander is
among the group. Idrissa tilts her head as she pauses some distance away, her crimson gaze drifting from one to
another curiouly before she sends a glance towards the one that happens to be singing and lifts a brow. For the
moment she is quiet as she merely takens in what might be going on before moving on towards where Alexander just
happens to be.

Stasia's attention is drawn to the wandering Corin. By now, she's fairly used to him sneaking up on her, but that
doesn't mean she doesn't startle when he suddenly pops into existance, seemingly from thin air. "Jack." Truth be
told, she's glad for a little support, now that the second Diemos has appeared.

Alexander turns his crimson gaze to Emmett. Again, the look he offers isn't friendly, though not openly hostile. He
begins to spin the twig a bit harder and there is a twinge of his eye. "Is that so?" he finally chimes in. "Do you
just not like the idea of them fighting, or… perhaps it's affecting you in some other way?" Alexander has no
choice but to pay attention to the one singing the annoying song… His eye twitches yet again. While watching
Corin, the vampire does spot Idrissa a bit away. He looks to her but makes no gesture. While Diemos had planned on
meeting her deeper in the woods, it's convenient that she came this way.

Corin travels along with a hand in pocket as he continues that lovely song in french, seeming to not really care
about the rest of the group or the conversation. He is most certianly not any form of musican, it is more of a care
free pleasure of singing when you damn well feel like it kind of moment. So he does as he struts and meanders past
the trees with the lantern at the blade end of his shovel waggling about.

Emmett catches the look but shakes his head. "We are not fighting my family and I. We are avoiding the wolves even
those we knew before hand." he says simply before turning at the sound of singing approaching. He takes notice that
it seems more and more are approaching the grouped area. He turns back shrugging.

Idrissa hums faintly to herself while lifting a hand to brush a bit of hair from her eyes while she moves forward
onwards towards where Alexander is. "Make some new friends?" She questions while leaning close to him to try and
snatch the twig from his grasp. A glance is sent towards Emmett at the talk of wolves and a faint oh escapes her.

"Avoiding the wolves would be wise," Stasia comments, watching Corin for a moment longer before turning her gaze
back to Emmett. "Until this matter is concluded."

Is it worse or better when Corin switches to Irish Gaelic? Well at least he seems more comfortable in that and goes
from a quiet song to belting something that has to do with streams of whiskey into the forest. Truth be told he
could quite simply pass for a drunken lout wandering about, were there not that unnatural grace and calculation in
his movements.

As his fidgeting device is snatched from him, Alexander turns to Id, staring hard at her for a moment. He then
clears his throat. "Acquaintances at the least," he responds to her. The vampire doesn't bother introducing them.
Diemos again turns his attention to the rather annoying, singing one. "Your lack of common courtesty is quite…
agitating," he says directly to Corin loudly with an irritated tone. "I don't think you even introduced yourself."

Corin pauses some distance away to bury a portion of the spade head into the cold earth, enough so the lantern rests
askew upon the snowy ground and plants a boot atop the other side. "I didn't now did I? And you find me lacking in
common courtesty.. iddn that adorable. Well then seeing how you've gone and got me pinned down that way no reason to
play turn abouts now is there?" Oh does not the one Stasia called Jack moments ago look entertained.

Stasia's lips tilt upwards, "Jack, this is Alexander and Idrissa Diemos. Of the Diemos coven." That being, of
course, one of the vampire covens that the Volturi deem as "undesirables", although they have not outright ordered
their deaths.

Idrissa peers back at Alexander and then offers him the said figeting device back as she just smirks. Men are so
moody when there toys are taken from them. A soft sigh escapes her as she peers over towards Corin as he goes about
singing away. Well there is something she hasn't heard in a while. While the Diemos coven may be undesirable there
better then some out there for sure. "Evening." Is offered with a friendly enough tone and slight wiggling finger

Emmett watches the exchanges going on, he turns to Stasia as she speaks seeing the other female vampire that is
mentioned. He nods though the greeting isn't for him. He turns to the singing vampire and nods as well "Hello to you
both." he says as to not be completely silent and rude. He shifts slightly where he stands out of habit.

The wee little wave Corin meets with a raise of his hand and a glittering smile, "Well hello there lass, are you not
a charming bit of something to be set before the eyes. Mighty nice of you to be coming out meet with the rest of us
and discuss matters untoward. An look there, another friendly face and welcome hand lended to the choir of hello and
welcome. See now if we could all be polite and get' long like this things would work so much better neh?"

"And Emmett Cullen, this is Corin Volturi." Stasia finishes the introductions, but apparantly, nobody else gets to
call him 'Jack'. Or they can try and see why he brought the shovel. She has relaxed a modicum, a faint smile still
on her lips.

Although the annoying vampire has stopped singing, it's too late. Alexander's irritation levels are too high for him
to make rational decisions. Corin's upbeat attitude isn't helping things. As Idrissa hands him back the twig, he
takes it and twirls it once. Then, a twitch of his eye and the twig accidentally snaps in his hand. He glances to
his companion. "I'm sorry Idrissa, but our meeting will have to be postponed. I'll have to talk with you another
time." He turns to the other three. "I wish you all…" the vampire trails off. 'Would be cleansed from this planet'
is his preffered choice of words. However, he chimes back up with, "a good evening." With that, he turns and heads
off in the opposite direction he had walked here.

Idrissa hums fiantly while she watches Corin, another Volturi? Though she isn't all that surprized as there all over
the place really. Her gaze turns to Alexander and she ahs faintly while watching him go. She'll have to find him
later once he has calmed down some. "Don't mind Alexander.. To much on his mind." Which isn't a lie, his always
thinking after all.

Corin shrugs, "I didn't mind him in the least." The other Volturi offers with another grin as jerks the shovel blade
back out of the ground and starts walking his way back over to Stasia, "Time to go soon then issit?"

"Good too meet you as well." the tall figure says, he looks back to the group. "No worries, we all seem to be in
that same boat these days. His golden gaze moves to the volturi members a moment and than back to where he parked
his jeep when first having arrived. Emmett is quiet pondering what he's heard.

Stasia nods to Corin, "So it is," she agrees. "Good evening, Idrissa. I'm sure we'll be hearing from you soon." The
smile she gives is a bit more wicked than pleasant, but her expression smooths a modicum as she addresses the
Cullen. "I'll think upon what you've said. Until then." That done, she walks out with the Irish Volturi, like a pair
of old friends.

Idrissa liftsa brow as she watches Stasia, a faint oh escapes her. "If that is what you think.." She says while
turning and leaves following after Alexander it seems. "Good evening all." Is said before she goes about humming a
faint tune to herself as she wanders along.

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