A Blanket of Snow

IC Time: Early evening 12/24/2007
Location: Port Angeles - Russel Road
Synopsis: A meeting of four people in the neighborhood.
Submitted by: Luc

Snow has fallen most of the day, and even though it is the afternoon it looks more like the evening with how the sky is a gray hue in color. Abbey is on her way homewards after another day of work. She sold her truck long ago and was left with her motorcycle which isn't built for the snow, so instead she is merely walking. A leather jacket is all that keeps the snow off from her, and a burning cigarette is found between the fingers of her left hand while she tucks the lighter away with the other. The snowplow attempted to come down the road but didn't get to far as a large pile of snow can be found on one side of the road yet past the pile it can be seen that no snow had been moved yet. The few houses that have people living in it have lights on and there are some walkways that have been shoveled out but most are left with snow covering the walkways.

Luc stands in the middle of the driveway of one of the homes, holding a snow shovel. Like Abbey, he's dressed sparingly for the cold, a simple black leather jacket left open, exposing his usual clothing — a starched dress shirt worn over a pair of stylishly faded jeans. He's traded up his dress shoes in favor for hiking boots, however. His breath comes out in small clouds in the frosty air as he rather lazily piles the snow up, clearing the driveway at a slow pace. Everyone in awhile he stops and peers thoughtfully toward the sky, as if he had something else on his mind entirely than the menial task at hand.

As Abbey approaches, Luc leans onto the shovel with both hands, watching the glint of her light hair in stark difference to the surrounding snow. He says nothing before smiling just a bit and returning to the shovel, suddenly now out of his sluggish pace, and going quite fast, hauling big, heavy loads of snow at once.

A stalled out baby blue Mazda Miata sits at the side of the road, the driver still sitting behind the wheel. Muffled curses and pleading can be heard from inside the car as Tecoah tries to /talk/ it into starting so that she doesn't have to get out in the cold. The young blonde woman beats on the steering wheel with the heel of one hand before trying the key again to be greeted by the spinning of a starter that just won't catch.

Abbey catches sight of someone shoveling snow some houses down from where she happens to be. It doesn't take her long to figure out just whom it is, a slight smile is offered as she watches Luc, pondering something for a few moments until she glances towards the stalled out car and the owner within beating upon the steering wheel. She lifts a brow at the sight seeming a bit amused to say the least while she continues to move along the snow covered street closer to the car. A drag is taken from the cigarette while she casts a slight glance behind her, head lifting slightly as her pale gaze drifts over the white street. She shrugs off whatever she was looking for and turns her attention back to the car. "Ey.." Is offered once she is near the car, a slight wave offered to the one within. "That isn't going to help.. Your just going to make it worse if you keep that up."

Luc's noticed the car too, yes — but the driveway remains the most important issue for now, and the fair-haired man continues to scrape the pavement with his wide shovel, tossing great piles of snow onto the lawn. He does watch from the corner of his eye as Abbey offers her advice to the girl inside, a wry smile twitching at his lips. The drive, however, will take a few more moments, even if the man is going at a rate that is much too impressive to be normal. And he's hardly winded.

Tecoah looks up in surprise when there's a voice suddenly right outside her window, a highly irritated expression on her face, "What would you suggest then?" She rolls the window down by about an inch, proving that it's not a problem with the battery. Not yet anyway, though it may end up that way if she doesn't stop wasting power trying to start the unresponsive car. A large dark bruise glares from her left cheek and she appears to be very stressed out, though that's probably because of her engine trouble. She's too focused on her own problems to notice the man shoveling his driveway, though she did take note of him when her car died on her. Even if it was just to glare at him for not offering to help.

Abbey ohs faintly while she peers at the girl, a bit of smoke curling into the air from the burning cigarette. "Well I think it’s your starter for one, so you shouldn't keep trying to actually start the car unless you want to mess up anything else." She points out with a slight nod. A faint shrug is soon offered. "Just what I think anyway.." There is a pause as she catches sight of the girl's bruise and she can only wonder how that happened. "You got AAA or someone you can call for help?" A slight nod is offered towards where Luc is busy with the snow shoveling. "Got a cell phone if you want to use it, and a place you can get in out of the cold till who ever arrives." Just like Abs to go offering help to someone she doesn't know, well the girl is human how much trouble could she actually be?" The faint crunching of snow catches her attention, from where she was walking and she glances back to the street only to not see anything there. She's quiet for a few moments, perhaps waiting for a answer from the girl in the car or to see if anyone appears, perhaps she's just hearing things.

After several more minutes pass, the driveway is done, and Luc leans the shovel against the porch and stretches purposefully, looking over his work with an approving half smile before he strides toward the car, pocketing his hands in the soft leather jacket. Of course, he's heard the conversation, can't help but hear it — he stops short next to Abbey and peers at the young woman through the crack in her window. "Hello," he offers politely, his voice betraying a European accent as he continues on, "you might as well come in. I'm no mechanic, but we could probably get someone over shortly, like Abbey suggested." He leans lightly onto the rear passenger door.

Tecoah sighs, looking a little defeated now that someone has /some/ idea of what might be wrong with the car. She reaches up to stroke the dash rather like one would pet a beloved pet, "Aw, baby… Why didn't you tell me…" Yeah, she's kind of nuts about her car. She nods at the question and squirms around on the seat until she can reach her back pocket and extracts her own cell phone, "Yeah, thanks. Got them here in my phone." She hits a couple of buttons and is soon on the phone with… someone. It doesn't sound like a business, "Hey. She died." Pause, "Yeah. I'm in Port Angeles." She makes a face, "Well, I /was/ on my way to work." Beat, "Thanks. I'll see you soon." She looks back up at the woman only to find that she's turned into a woman /and/ a man, "Uh… Yeah. Thanks." She shivers and pulls the thick coat she wears closer, "It is a little cold to be waiting out here." She rolls the window up as she opens the door and quickly pockets her keys, "I appreciate the offer."

Abbey nods slightly to the girl in the car while letting her gaze drift to Luc and offer him a smile. "Hey there." Is offered with a happy tone, glad to see him it seems. Another slight glance is offered behind them once more and this time catches sight of three figures. She blinks a moment pondering if she is actually seeing them as she never heard them coming. The smokiness in the area from fires burning to keep people warm in their homes was enough to cover up the scents until the last few feet it seems. "Luc.." This is said with a soft tone to get the other's attention to show that there not alone anymore. "..I think you should take are friend here on inside and get her something warm to drink." Well its not like a car would actually stand up to the three if they so choose to do something, a house wouldn't for that much either but it would at least get the girl out of the main area in case something was to happen. The three figures down the street stand there watching for a few moments before one starts moving forward soon to be followed by the pair behind them. Even though Tecoah most likely has no idea what they may be Luc would for sure tell that they are indeed vampires.

"I shoveled the walk for you," Luc points out to Abbey lowly, as if she didn't notice. A boyish grin graces his features before he turns more serious, watching Tecoah call someone, and stepping away from the car as if to give her some privacy. In the meantime, however, he does notice Abbey looking worriedly off in the other direction, and his dark eyes follow her gaze. "Ahh," he murmurs, eyes widening a slightly bit as he catches scent of the shadowy figures. "/I/ should?" He freezes and looks at the woman and then shakes his head slowly. "No, /you/ should, Abbey." Okay, so he's disobeying an alpha. But it's not /his/ alpha, not yet, anyway. Before she can object, Luc brazenly steps forward toward the three figures, pasting a polite smile on his lips. "A little cold out here, hmm? Too cold, if you ask me. Time for people to head back home, yeah?" He's ever the gentlemen, even with these types, and offers a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes.

Tecoah slips out of the car as the woman notices the three figures and frowns softly at them, shivering again and absently reaching up to touch the bruise on her cheek. Seems she had a run in with /someone/ recently. A faint hint of anger enters her blue-gray eyes and she gently closes the car door. She leans back against the car, looking almost protective, and shakes her head, "I ain't leaving my baby alone to be vandalized again." Indeed, there is a fair sized dent in the front driver's side fender that looks like it might have been the result of an unnaturally powerful kick, or maybe being hit by a baseball bat.

Abbey lifts her gaze to Luc, a smile offered at the part on shoveling the walk. "So you did.. Thanks." She blinks as he says /she/ should and lifts a brow as he goes about stepping towards the three vampires that have stopped as Luc is moving towards them. The one vampire in the lead peers at Luc curiously, perhaps surprised that he actually came towards them. "Not at all." A faint accent picked up from the one lead vampire. "We're merely wandering by and seems we have gotten rather lucky, two little wolfies. How much was the Volturi offering for them again?" This questioned to his companions and one answers in another language other than English. "Dammit Luc.." Abbey mutters out faintly before peering at Tecoah curiously. "There not around to vandalize anything." Well at least not cars that is. "I do suggest you go up to the house and go inside. Your car will be fine." She lifts a hand and points to her house before she turns to let her full attention settle on Luc and the vampires, hoping nothing actually happens.

To be addressed so bluntly surprises Luc. His arms fold across his broad chest, knuckles whitening slightly as he faces the lead vampire, the polite smile never faltering. "Come again?" he responds, "I'm not sure what you're talking about." He glances over his shoulder toward the human and frowns before dropping his voice: "The Volturi might not be so interested to know you're flaunting your…status," he murmurs lowly, before taking another step toward them. Oh, he heard Abbey. And yeah, he's not a fighter. But he's trying the age old trick of intimidation, and hoping it serves him well. As for Tecoah? He does hesitate to glance back at her. "Listen to the lady. You're not in a good part of town," he growls out toward the younger woman. Well, it's actually /not/ a bad part of town, but it's as good excuse as any. He clears his throat then glowers back at the vampire.

"Oh.. this is simply fantastic. I had to have dropped it somewhere around here.." Beverly appears, as magnificently dressed as always, walking the side of the road in heels, and a cocktail dress. Expensive looking Versace woman’s coat wrapped around her, looking comfy enough. She seems to only have one diamond earring on and a matching diamond choker about her neck. She reaches a certain part of the road and she crouches down a little.. but in a very lady-like manner.. and she inspects the ground, "These are my tracks from earlier.. On the right track." she also appears to sniff some. Probably the cold weather right? After which she stands and continues walking and searching. However, she catches a few scents, pausing to look over at the vampires and the wolves seemingly clashing in words. "Oh this can't be good.." Beve quickly makes her way that direction, toward Tecoah, moving to interject, hearing the warning about her leaving. Beverly is all smiles as she arrives, "Tecoah! Hi! I'm so lucky to catch a familiar face here! I dropped an earring earlier somewhere around here, or maybe further on down the line. It's pretty expensive, and it looks just like this one.." she points to the lone one in her ear, "Have you seen it? Or maybe you can help me look? Two pairs of eyes are better than one, I'd say." diplomatic Beve, trying to pull the human from the fray of war.

A stubborn one, Tec shakes her head again, her eyes focused on the three vampires and calculating. Her eyes widen a little and she shifts her gaze from the three to the two people that had offered to help her, mouthing the word wolves silently. Those with sensitive hearing would be able to hear her heartrate speed up, an excited, almost giddy, light shining in her eyes. She looks at the pair with no small amount of wonder and awe in her face, "No. I drive through here all the time and there's /never/ a problem." Sudden realization dawns in her face, and she scowls, focused again on the vampires and glaring for all she's worth: A mouse daring the cat to pounce. Beverly's arrival distracts her from the unfolding drama and she looks at the other woman in confusion for a moment, "What?" She shakes her head, "No I haven't seen an earring." She did just get out of her stalled out car, though, "Nice pair, though…" She shakes her head yet again and fumbles for an excuse not to help, "I'm, uh… I was just going to get something out of the car…" She suits actions to words and walks around to the trunk of the car, pushing the button on her remote to pop the trunk and starting to sift through the clutter while keeping one eye on the five a short distance away.

Abbey tilts her head, more movement, this time rather close her gaze moves towards Beve and she watches the other eyeing her faintly for a moment. She hasn't seen a shifter in some time and certainly didn't expect to see one here it seems. Though as Beve seems to know the girl with the stalled care maybe this will be helpful? A unsure glance is offered towards Tecoah as she seems to pick up the sudden change in the girl. Seems Tecoah knows something about the vampire and the wolves, she can only wonder how much though. "Any who would believe what you say?" This comes from the vampire before Luc, his red eyes narrow slightly. "They wouldn't take your word that's for sure." The vampire tilts his head as Luc steps towards him, a soft chuckle escapes the 'man'. "I'm not afraid of you.. fuzzy." Abbey starts to walk towards Luc and the trio of vampires as Beve is taking care of the human it seems. "If you boys don't want something, I suggest you leave." This said once she's at Luc's side, voice low enough that only the four and perhaps Beve can hear her.

"Well, that's too bad. I guess I'll find it eventually." Beve sighs, giving her head a shake, "Something from the car? Oh, okay." she nods and smiles, before she turns to the rest of the group, her expression immediatly dropping from cheerful. "Okay, look. Fighting and scuffling amongs yourselves.. as stupid as /I/ think it is… is your business." she looks between wolf and vampire, "I'm asking you, please not right now, or take it maybe somewhere else? My only concern right now?…" she jerks a thumb in the direction of Tecoah rummaging through her trunk. "I would rather not get involved. BUT… If she does.. and I hope it really doesn't come to that… I will. And given the views of how humans are viewed by you all? It is pretty safe to assume where my coins would be tossed." she says low enough for the supernaturals to hear.

Tecoah continues to rummage through the trunk, plainly not really looking for anything and just stalling. She makes a face at the word fuzzy and stops for a minute, looking over at the tense confrontation just a short distance away. She sighs a little when Beve sounds like /that/ at her excuse not to leave and nods weakly, "Uh… Yeah. I coulda sworn I left it here in the trunk." She doesn't specify just what 'it' is, if she even knows.

Abbey casts a slight glance towards Beve as she speaks, a faint smirk is offered. Oh how she would just love to say something to all that, it not like she and Luc started this mess thank you! "If they leave I'm fine with it." This said after a moment while she looks back to the trio before her. One of the vampires makes a face and sends a glare towards Beve and then Tecoah for that matter. Three wolves and three vampires, rather even odds at the moment, so much so that it causes the three vampires to actually step back. While the vampire can't tell the different between shifter and CoTM either way it could be a problem. "We'll be back.." Is all the leader offers and the three turn and start to move back down the street away from the area.

Beve tries not to let her heart rate betray everything she just said. She really, REALLY was hoping she could talk her way out of a fight, and she figured if she put her bit into the pot of intimidation, it might work. Which it seems to for now. Once the vampires are gone, she lets herself give a sigh of relief. "All I came to do was look for an earring. I have a party to go to in a few hours, and I lost my earring earlier. How I run into these messes and how she seems to be right dead smack in the center of them, I will never figure out." again, gesturing to Tecoah. She runs her slender fingers across her face and over her temples in a stressed manner. After which she sighs and changes her face, smiling to Abbey, "Sorry about all of that, thinking on my toes, and that isn't always easy in these heels, let me tell you. I'm Beverly Starsinger, my friends call me Beve or B, any is fine really."

Tecoah peeks around the edge of the trunk and blinks in surprise when the three vampires turn and leave, "What just happened?" Her voice is a barely audible murmur as she looks from the original two, the ones confirmed as wolves in her own mind, to Beve and back again, her eyes questioning why the other three would leave just because a gorgeous woman joined the group. She gives Beve a worried look at the stressed gesture and closes the trunk to join the remaining three, "I, uh… I guess it wasn't in there after all." She gives the Quileute a concerned look, "Ya okay, B?"

Despite the fact that there are a few vampires hanging around, at the end of the day, Luc is a red blooded male…as well as a supernatural, with an excellent sense of hearing and smell. He turns his head to study Beverly as she approaches Tecoah, his gaze lingering perhaps a fraction too long before he guiltily snaps back to attention at Abbey's words. He makes his best 'mean' face toward the vampires, which isn't all that mean at all — and watches them walk away. After /Abbey's/ words, of course. The situation, oddly enough, summons a grin to his lips. "Wow. So now I see why they call you alpha," he murmurs to the blue-eyed werewolf, before he turns his body and listens in on the conversation between Beverly and Tecoah. "I'm Luc, and this is Abbey. We didn't —" he searches for a defense of the incident to the seemingly offended shifter, but then only shrugs. "Conflict happens unintentionally, sometime, to those not asking, no? Just like this young lady didn't ask for her car to not start. Any luck with the phone call?" He inquires to Tec.

"Oh no, it's nothing." she manages to chuckle to Tecoah, "Just the daily stress of being a teacher and all around humanitarian. But it's worth it though.." she then frowns almost a pouty frowns, "That and I can't find that blasted earring. They were a gift." as just about every expensive piece of her wardrobe is. She purses her glossy lips together and strikes a hand-hipped pose while pondering, "I'll look for about another few minutes before I give up." she nods. Blinking at Luc's defense and remembering what Abbey said, Beve brings her hands up to shake them, "Oh, no no no. I'm not saying it was your fault, Believe me, I like to think that I am a pretty good judge of character, and I agree in giving everyone a fair shot, but those three did rather seem like 'hoodlums' to me. They saw that you were all matched, they moved in. Add four to their three and voila! They backed down. I'm a teacher, not a fighter. So I would have had to depend on you if it had come down to a scuffle, I hope you don't mind." she smiles and winks. To say that Beve does interaction, flattery and the like very well would be an understatement.

"Phone call?" With the tension of the last few minutes, it seems Tec has forgotten all about her earlier conversation trying to find help with the Miata, "Oh! Yeah." She chuckles sheepishly, "Yeah, I've got a ride coming and my dad'll take care of getting my baby home later." She gives shifter and werewolves a confused look, "What just happened? And just who or what is the Volturi?" She gives herself a shake that turns into a shiver and snuggles deeper into her coat, pulling the fur lined hood up before she crosses her arms over her chest in an attempt to hold in some heat, "I'll help you look." Now that all the interesting stuff is over that is. She looks back at Luc and Abbey, again absently touching the bruise on her cheek at the word hoodlums, "Um… I'm Tecoah." Since everyone else has introduced themselves and these two perfect strangers /did/ offer to let her wait in a warm house.

"Hoodlums indeed," Luc replies seriously to Beve, watching the three figures slip away into the distance. He reaches up to arrange his tousled blond hair in the absence of nothing else to say for a moment, before allowing a slight smile to overtake his features. "I'm not a fighter either, but I suppose I did well trying to act like I was. Abbey here though? She's a tough one," he nods his head toward the one next to him, seeming to be only half teasing. Luc shifts his weight to one side, studying Tecoah and frowning briefly in Beve's direction at her question. Since nobody else readily volunteers, he shrugs, trying to look casual. "The Volturi? Oh, just a commonly known gang around here. They can be violent, so we here in the neighborhood try and avoid them. I'd advise you do the same — odd kind of fellows, kind of gothic looking, you know? Pale features, sometimes have accents and such. Scene from Europe," he says vaguely.

The subject change, however, is welcomed. "Someone's missing an earring?" His dark eyes flash up to Beverly. "Ahh. So you are! Let's look, then, while we wait for Tecoah's ride." He moves toward the sidewalk, eyes downcast all the while.

Abbey looks rather amused as she hears Luc's comment on her being alpha. "Gee, thanks." She offers with a soft chuckle escaping her before she looks back to Beve and Tecoah now that the three vampires have gone. "Evening." Is said to Beve, she knows what the other is and it was nice to have the extra help to say the least. A glance is offered to Tecoah and a smile is seen while she nods to her. "Pleasure to meet you both." The comment also offered to Beve. She didn't know the girl heard the comment about The Volturi, darn humans there not suppose to hear that good! At least Luc plays it off rather well. "The gang tends to hang around here often, so might be best to keep away if you can. Especially with all the snow." She glances to Luc and grins a moment. "I'm tough huh?.. Nice to know." This said with an amused tone. A missing earring, well it is a good change of subject and she glances to the snow covered ground herself.

"Volturi? A gang, from the sounds off it." Not a lie at least. It would be more of an organization, but meh. "I think you scared them off, Tecoah. The appearance of another witness, being me.. on top of you going back to your trunk to get something. They probably thought you were going to get a gun and weighed the options, so they left. They were just a bunch of ruffians." Bev gives a dismissive wrist flick forward. "There are bullies in my class like that. Usually when they feel they're not in charge of the situation, they back off with some tough guy words that have just about as little weight as their previous threats. But it's safe to be careful too." she explains, knowing full well the very ugly truth of the situation. "Oh you will? That'd be great! Thank you! I'll just look for a little bit, like I said. I don't have to go to that party, I was just giving the guy that stood me up the other evening another chance. So if I have to cancel on him, it isn't too big of a deal." she tells them. "It's probably loaded with my perfume. I think I put too much on earlier. So you can probably smell it from the next state over." she chuckles, seemingly kidding, when it is actually a veiled hint on how she was intending to find it herself. The poor, lonely earring is indeed nearby, somewhere along the sidewalk, right where the cement meets the earth, in a sort of cranny. Beve turns to go and look herself, remembering where her tracks had been earlier. "I remember when my agent's brother gave them to me. He was a sweet guy. The poor thing just turned into a stuttering mess all of the time when I talked to him. That's cute but.. A little unattractive."

Tecoah makes a face at the description of the Volturi, "Sound like a bunch of jack asses." She starts down the sidewalk, scanning the snowy ground, and protests, "I can handle myself. And really, I /have/ to drive down this way to get to work." She shivers and makes a face at the snow, "Not sure we're going to have much luck finding your earring in all this…" She rubs the back of one gloved hand against her nose, red with cold, keeping her eyes on the ground, "I don't know how you'd expect to /smell/ anything. I've been so cold the last week I stopped being able to smell yesterday." She sniffs as though to demonstrate her point, "It was sweet of him to give them to you, though." She shoots a glance over at the shifter, "And looks aren't everything, you know."

Luc flashes Abbey an impish grin. "Oh, yeah. I think you might be able to take /me/ — what do they say? Down?" He furrows his brows at his English then shrugs. "We should train sometime. Might be more…" Nevermind him. He trails off, leaving a less than gentlemanly comment to the wind and snowflakes that dust by, ruffling his open coat a little. It's only at Tec's comments that he realizes how 'cold' he's supposed to be, and sheepishly zips it up. "Yes, it's quite chilly, hm?" His eyes trail the sidewalk with a lazy sort of effort as he looks for the earring, but as the sun peeks warily out from behind a gray sky, it catches off the metal, and in one lucky instance, Luc spots it. "Ahh, here we are — is this is?" He scoops to retrieve the item, dusting the snow off of it and holding it up. Of course, he walks closer to Beve as he does. "You won't want to disappoint your male friend in losing them."

Abbey chuckles softly as she hears Luc. "Aye.. Perhaps I could, though I'm rather sure you would put up a good fight till the end." She looks amused at the talk about training and peers over you at him and just winks playful like. "Might be interesting to train sometimes.." Oh wait isn't there a human here? Right there she is. Abs glances over still not seeming to cath on how cold it is, after all her jacket is unzipped and she doesn't look cold at all. She rolls her shoulders slightly and half makes like she is rubbing her hands before putting them in her jacket pockets as Luc goes about saving the day, and finds the earring. "Good job Luc."

"Mm." Beve purses her lips and shakes her head, "It wasn't looks. At least not his, he was intimidated by me. He loved models, and most of the ones without any education or social sophistication, he could deal with. But he was all mutters and broken sentences with me. I tried to help him, and I was patient. It just didn't work out. Sweet guy though, really." she explains to Tecoah. "And you should really look into taking care of that sniffle. I have some herbs that I can get to you that will keep you from getting sick. I take them, that's probably why I stay so healthy." concerned for the health and well being of others, she is always offering some kind of remedy. As she hears success in finding the piece of jewelry, Beve looks up, "Ah! Yes that's it! Thank you! You are a hero among men, monsieur Luc." she happily moves to retrieve the earring. "Would have been extremely backwards to show up to the ball missing it first. How would /that/ Cinderella story end?" she chuckles, giving her head a slight flick back and scooping her dark hair out of the way, putting the missing one in the other ear. "You guys are life savers. I'm planning on having a cozy little dinner sometime soon. You're all welcome to come if you'd like. I love to plan things." she smiles.

Tecoah gives the two bantering werewolves a curious look and shakes her head in wonder, seeming to be working up the courage to ask them a question. She makes a face at the offer of herbs to kill the sniffles and shakes her head, "No, that's okay. I'll be fine." She looks over at Luc again when he finds the missing earring and offers a congratulatory smile, shivering when Beve puts the most likely freezing earring in her ear, "That makes me cold just /watching/ you." The invitation gets a vaguely surprised look and the girl shrugs, "I'll have to get my car fixed first, but I'd love to come out."

Luc arches a brow at Abbey. "Hmm. That reminds me of something that happened before. As I recall, I passed out, and someone else saved the day," he murmurs back to her, tentatively smiling toward the alpha before looking at Beve. "It was no trouble, mademoiselle," he replies back smoothly, watching her slip it back in. "Holiday party, I presume?" he inquires. "At least you've got a good blanket of snow for the festivities." At the offer, Luc looks toward Abbey, stuffing his own hands into his pockets. "Oh, perhaps. I'm not sure — I might be out of place without a lovely lady to accompany me, however." He glances toward the distance, not looking at anyone in the area — he's not so much summoning up pity as he's making a statement. "Tecoah, you should come in the house and warm up," he suggests.

Abbey ahs softly as she hears Luc. "As I recall that wasn't really a training exercise." She says with a slight nod seen. Her gaze drifts back to Beve at the talk of a party, things that does not often attendee, especially when it involves dressing up. Though hearing Luc a soft oh escapes her. "Well.. I'm sure you could find someone to go with you, though if there are none to be found I suppose I could tag along and make sure your not that lonely." A nod is offered to Tecoah. "Indeed, you’re both welcome to come inside. Could make hot cocoa." There is a slight pause. "Well, that is if you’re not already late for your party." The last part offered to Beve.

"Oh, no. I still have time, and my car isn't too far from here, but thank you very much for the invite." she smiles to Abbey, "If you all decide you want to come, I'll be around. I'll let you know when I have the plans where I am ready to start RSVPs." she adjusts her coat a bit, to make herself seem more snugly. "Holiday party.. I suppose it could be called that. I'm looking at it as an excuse to go dancing. I haven't had a good ballroom partner in quite some time. Well, I had better get going, I don't accept tardiness, even from me." she smiles, "It was nice meeting you, and you take care Tecoah, get home safe okay?" she offers a polite wave before she is on her way, "And thanks again!"

An older Ford pick-up drives past, slowing when the driver spots the blue convertible, and rolls down the window, "Coah!" The female driver leans out the window, "Come /on/, girl, we're going to be late!" She vanishes back into the cab and the window goes back up.

Tecoah rolls her eyes at the driver of the truck and waves to the others, her chance to question Luc and Abbey lost, "Alright, already." She turns and offers an almost apologetic smile to everyone else, "Um… Thanks for the offer, but she's right. We're going to be late for work if I don't get a move on." She waves and races for the truck, amazingly not falling on a hidden patch of ice. She can be heard thanking the other girl even as she opens the door and climbs in. Within minutes, truck and passengers are gone.

Luc's smile falters toward Abbey, taking on a serious expression, his lips turning down at the corners, and his eyes roaming her face searchingly. "No, it wasn't a training exercise, but it taught a good lesson." He breaks eye contact, the discussion suddenly too intense for him, especially with the company at hand. "Oh? Well, that might be fun," he responds to Abbey's suggestion, carefully. "Though Cain might not like that so much. I noticed he seems to hold a certain…liking for you." He tilts his head questioningly toward the alpha, before he's distracted by the others, and pastes on a polite smile, turning.

"Ballroom dancing? A favorite of mine. If you know of a venue around here, please clue me in. Take care," he offers to the dressed up shifter, watching her walk away. Luc is relieved to spot the Ford, too, meaning Coah will leave the area safely. He waves to her and watches her disappear before turning back to Abbey. "Hmm. Well, I still deserve a hot drink for shoveling the snow, right?" He chuckles and heads inside.

Abbey watches Luc, her hand lifting and she rests is upon his shoulder to show she is alright with it all. "Cain does not tell him what I can or can't do. We are nothing more then friends after all." She makes a face face at the thought of dancing. "Though.. I'm not much of a dancer." This said while she chuckles softly and waves after the two as they make there leave. She lets her gaze move back to Luc and offers him a warm smile and nods. "Aye.. I think that deserves a nice bo drink of you choice." This said while she moves towards the house.

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