The Changing-Back Disease

The Changing-Back Disease
Dates: 04/05/07 - Present
Plot organizer: Staff - Cordelia, Puck
Synopsis: A few vampires in the area have been mysteriously turning human again — and nobody has figured out why.
Logs included:

IC Date Title Brief Description Characters
01/17/07 Back to Basics Alanna turns back human and is almost eaten. Alanna, Darcy, Emmett, Liam (old player), Ramona, Stasia
02/05/07 "I forgot what sad was" Rebecca changes Yves's life. Rebecca, Yves
09/11/07 Disease Stacy draws a conclusion about a line of vampires and the strange happenings surrounding them. Ramona, Anastasia
10/19/07 A Meeting at the Olympic Towers The Volturi get involved in figuring out why Spencer is human… again. Afton, Chelsea, Ramona, Rebecca, Spencer

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