The Second War Begins

The Second War Begins
Dates: 11/10/07 - Present
Plot organizer: Staff - Cordelia
Synopsis: After five Volturi members are executed randomly, and evidenced points towards a group of skilled werewolves, the Volturi begin to plan for another war, lobbying vampires against their enemies.
Events/news included:
11/16: Explosion near docks; two presumed dead
11/16: Three Volterra Citizens Murdered in Napoli
11/20: The war begins...supposedly

Logs included:

IC Date Title Brief Description Characters
11/16/07 A Curious Plea for Help Aro pays a visit to Abbey before his press conference in Port Angeles to ask if she and other wolves in the area would be willing to help the vampires figure out who is after the Volturi. Abbey, Aro
11/18/07 Mouse Returns Aurelia "Mouse" meets with Aro upon his request in order to help investigate the attacks in her own special way. Aro, Mouse
11/19/09 Declaration of War Aro makes an announcement to a crowd of vampires — their enemies must be taken down. Aro, Anastasia, Stasia, Theresa
11/22/07 By Any Means The war has officially started, but you wouldn't know by visiting the Olympic Peninsula. Plans are made to increase tensions. Afton, Aro, Chelsea
11/23/07 A Possible Lead Spencer's odd timing and even stranger questions get him into trouble with the Volturi; Aro discovers a new power. Aro, Chelsea, Spencer

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