The Ski Trip

The Ski Trip & the aftermath
Dates: 02/15/07 - 04/26/07
Plot organizer: Staff - Cordelia, Portia, Romeo
Synopsis: Joyce, Mitch, and Justin, three deranged vampires, seek to turn some humans in Forks (notably Beverley) into vampires. Their efforts fail, and eventually, two of the three are brutally murdered, one at the hands of Stasia. The Volturi finds out about Stasia's crime and hunts her across the glove, taking her in and eventually, not punishing her, but using her for her powers and forcing her to join the coven.

IC Date Title Brief Description Characters
02/15/07 Ski Plot - Part 2 Ski club members arrive at the lodge. Emily, Beverley, Lorelei, Bella, Alice, Sam, Mitch, Joyce, Justin
02/18/07 Ski Plot - Part 3 An attack happens on the slopes. Justin is killed. Emily, Beverley, Lorelei, Anastasia, Sarah, Marshall, Alice, Sam, Mitch, Joyce, Justin
03/23/07 A Murder in the Forest Stasia and Abbey kill Joyce as Mitch watches. Mitch, Joyce, Abbey, Stasia, Luc, Lilly, Jasper, Esme, Kate, Aset, Kyler, Elizabeth
04/08/07 Heard it Through the Grapevine Ramona rats out Stasia to Theresa. Ramona, Theresa
04/25/07 An Icy Stand-off Stasia is captured on a frozen glacier. Stasia, Chelsea, Demetri, Theresa, Inari, NPC'd for this scene: Lilly, Lev, Donny and Algernon
04/26/07 An Exercise in Influence Forgiven of the charges due to her usefulness, Stasia is inducted into the Volturi. Stasia, Aldo, Chelsea, Aro, Theresa

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