The Treaty

The Treaty: Volturi & the Wolves
Dates: 03/31/07 - 05/29/07
Plot organizer: Portia, Abbey, and Aset
Synopsis: Abbey and Aset are forced to make a treaty with the Volturi after they are captured. The terms? One must stay in Volterra as a prisoner at all times to ensure they will behave, and the other will act as an agent for the Volturi. Note: this treaty was upheld until about mid-November of 2007, when Abbey refused to help the Volturi hunt and murder werewolves suspected in killing Volturi members.

IC Date Title Brief Description Characters
03/31/07 In the depths of the castle Kiri brings some interesting tidings from Forks. Caius, Kiri
04/03/07 A Countermove In light of the message brought to Caius by Kiri, the ancient vampire considers a countermove and summons Jane. Caius and Jane
04/15/07 A Painful Reminder of the Rules Kiri and Jane meet to discuss paying Aset a visit; they end up running into Abbey instead. Abbey, Kiri, Jane
05/05/07 The Wolf Hunt Caius leads a force of Volturi Guard on a Wolf Hunt. Caius, Jane, Abbey, Aldo, Aset
05/09/07 The Children of the Moon Are Alive! Aro and Caius question Abbey about her pack's intentions of revealing vampires only to discover a startling secret. Abbey, Aro, Caius, Volturi guard (NPCs)
05/18/07 Negotiations Emma starts negotiations with the Volturi. Emma, Aldo, Theresa
05/20/07 Breaking Off Volturi Negotiations Emma breaks off negotiations with the Volturi. Theresa, Emma, Helena
05/21/07 A Deal with the Devil Caius presents the term of the treaty between the Volturi and the Shadow Stalkers. Abbey, Caius, Aro, Inari, Chelsea
05/21/07 Freedom... with a price Aro has a chat with the imprisoned Children of the Moon to try and make a deal. Abbey, Aset, Aro
05/29/07 Official Allies Aro and Abbey sign off on an official agreement, Aset witnesses. Aro, Aset, Abbey

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