Lorelei Meinkoth
Lorelei Meinkoth
Storm Model, Sabrina as Lorelei
Fullname Lorelei Alyorah Meinkoth
Birthday November 6th, 1986
Species Shifter
Age 20
Height Six Feet
Weight 135-140ish
Eyes Golden Brown
Hair Raven Black
Power Lorelei is both quick and nimble in both her human and wolf form.
Parents Tallulah and Ahigha Meinkoth, Step parents Austin and Andrea Battaglia
Siblings Step siblings, Joseph and Sallie Battaglia
Occupation Full time job at the Battaglia Book Store in Forks, Part time job helping kids with reading at La Push Elementry


Lorelei had a rather normal childhood until she turned five. She lived in La Push with her parents Tallulah and Ahigha Meinkoth. Her mother was a nature artist, and her father wrote history books about the area and La Push. A few weeks before christmas her parents supposly died during a camping trip out in the forest around La Push, Lorelei has never found out what really happened and to this day it still trying to find anyone who will talk to her about the accident. At the time no one on the reservation could take in another child, lucky a family in Forks adopted her. Austin and Andrea Battaglia had taken in two other children from forks before and a social worker ask if they would take Lorelei so she could stay near La Push. It took a lot of time for Lorelei to come out of her shell, she had a hard time trusting people in Forks, and her step-parents took the brunt of this. Over time she soon warmed up to them and had a happy enough childhood for someone that lost her parents at a young age. Most of her problems dealt with she remembered her parents but could not understand why they was gone until she was older.

As a child she often has bad dreams and nightmares about her parents and wolves, which when she told her step-parents they only shrugged it off as nothing, but when she was older she was taken to several doctors as her parents worried she was having emotional problems. Once this started she stopped telling anyone about her dreams and only told people just enough. Till this day she still has trust issues with some people.

Growing up in Forks was somewhat hard for her, be it that some children could not understand why she was in there school as she was from the reservation. She had to deal with several children that just hated her while others could care less and wanted to be her friends. During this time she would often go back to La Push to try and keep links in the reservation. While she had problems from some of the parents and elders the children took her with open arms and she never had a problem with friends in La Push.

At the age of 16 is when she found out what she really was. It happened after starting high school, there is plenty stress there to do a number on any kid, though what sparked her change was the loss of her boyfriend (Kevin) to her best friend (Maggie) and she found out via the inner grape line of rumors within the school. When she confronted them and was told the truth she nearly lost it. Perhaps it was luck that day that Lore also meets another girl from La Push, Sara WhiteFeather was taking some classes at highschool in Forks. Sara was nearby during the sudden commotion and was able to get Lorelei out of the place before she went all wolf. It took a lot of convincing from Sara and others from the pack to try and explain what she was, but until Lore changed she didn't believe them.

Over time Lorelei has gotten rather good as controlling the wolf, and while she had the chance to move back to La Push she choose to stay in Forks. Many on the reservation don't understand this and still tend to give her grief over the choice. Being able to phase into a wolf whenever she liked also help deal with her emotional issues as she now has an outlet to get her mind off of what might be bothering her at the time. She graduated high school a t seventeen and has been taking classes on and off again online to get her college degree. With her step-parents often traveling she has taken over the running of the Battagila bookstore in their absence.

Now Lorelei has moved back to La Push after several rather nasty incounters with vampires that endangered humans and her own life. With Sam asking her to return she finally came home and has fixed up her parents old home.


Lorelei is a rather easy going and quiet person most of the time, though she has been known to have depression and anger issues thanks to her past. She is friendly to many she meets, unless they happen to be a vampire and then she tends to have a chip on her shoulder along with an attitude problem. What friends she has can trust her fully, though she does not make friends easily as she has a hard time trusting people.

Recent Happenings

Lorelei and Marshall have had a short break up it seems. Marshall has wander off without much word to Lorelei about what might be going on. Lore's attempts to find out why has brought her no answers. Perhaps something will be figured out over the new few weeks.

December 11th:
Lorelei along with two others on patrol ran into four Volturi vampires at the edge of the La Push land. After a short talk the Volturi demanded the La Push wolves pick a side and that they should stay out of the war between the Volturi and The Children of the Moon wolves. Lorelei is not at all happy about this, she doesn't want the pack to turn on the other wolves but she has a sinking feeling the answer will be just that.


Name Relationship Description
Josinda Whitetail Friend The two have known each other for some time, though recently it has turned into a good friendship. Lore has also taken it upon herself to keep Sin 'protected' as she tends to find trouble. Gone
Thomas Owens Friend The two have a friendship, Lore has helped him out from trouble a few times. Gone
Darian Morrus Packmate/Friend Basicly grew up knowing each other an are now packmates. Gone
Emily Young Friend Grew up knowing each other, now getting a bit closer as Lore lives in La Push again.
Jacob Black Packmate/Friend The two are friends. Jacob made Lorelei beta some months ago and most have taken the news rather well so far.
Brian Landon Acquaintance Lore met him one day at the park and found out he was part of another wolf pack. Which of course makes her very curious about him. Gone
Finn Callaghan Acquaintance Lore met him in La Push one day and got to finally meet another wolf, which confused her to No end. Gone
Ramona Krinov Enemy Ever since Lore and Ramona met each other they have been fighting over something. If they happen to be in the same area there tends to be a lot of tension around.
Virginia Krinov Enemy As Virginia hangs around with Ramona this has made her an enemy in Lorelei's eyes.
Kiara (Tallulah) Enemy?/Lore's real mother For years Lore thought her parents were dead, and then not all that long ago her mother returned, though she was very different. A vampire attacked her parents, her mother was bitten first and then her father was killed trying to defend his wife. In the end Lore's mother turned and the would be killer vampire took Tallulah and schooled her well in the life of the undead. Over the years Tallulah changed her name to Kiara and learned how to control herself. Everything was fine until a groupd of werewolves attacked them killing Kiara's 'mate' and thus turning her into a wolf killer and tormenter to anyone who happens to get in her way. (OOC This char is an approved NPC)

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Jacob Dylan- Valley of the low sun, War is kind, Will it Grow
Wallflowers- Closer to you, Three Ways, Too late to quit
Cruxshadows- Birthday, Leave me alone
Blue October- X-amount of words, Everlasting Friend

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