Seraphin "Luc" Lucien Bussey
Winsor Harmon as Luc
Fullname Seraphin Lucien "Luc" Bussey
Birthday 1904
Species Werewolf
Age Appears mid 30s
Height 6'6"
Weight 220 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Parents Deceased
Siblings None
Occupation Real estate buyer; academic


Not much is known about the middle-aged Frenchman that goes by Luc. He purchased a home in Port Angeles very recently, and spends time socializing about town. He's made generous donations to the church and local charities, and seems interested in soaking in American culture.

Recently, his house burnt down in Port Angeles, leaving him staying often at his place of business.

Timeline and Current Plots


January Moves to Port Angeles and meets the Shadow Stalker pack; meets Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen.
February Purchases a mansion and begins to pursue his real estate business in Port Angeles. Exposes his powers to Abbey Wallace and tries to encourage her to learn to pursue her own power.
March Tensions with the vampires rise, and Luc reluctantly agrees to help Abbey and a vampire protect a human from an insane vampire. In the end, he runs away from the violence, mortified. At the masquerade ball, he has an icy stand-off with Rosalie Hale and she tells him about the coming of the Volturi. Luc meets Emma, a feral CotM.
April Finally cracking, Luc traps Abbey and himself in his burning mansion in a suicide/homicide attempt. Despite his wrongdoings, Abbey and later, Finn, pull Luc from the burning home. Aset joins them later and they all return to the Callaghan residence, where Luc tries to explain his mixed-up theories on life and death. Becoming increasingly apathetic, he agrees to not hurt anyone anymore and spends a week on the bottle.
May Abbey and Aset go missing while Luc is away on business. Upon his return, he displays a more stable mindset and tries to help Brian retrieve the pair from the Volturi. He meets Helena Lyons, an intelligent young doctor that was recently changed.
June Falling into guilt and depression over his actions, Luc skips town and moves back to France, breaking Helena's heart in the process.
December Hearing of the war and seeing an opportunity to redeem his failings, Luc arrives back in town and promises to help Abbey and Cain.


Luc is first and foremost, a gentleman. He was raised with strict manners and chivalry, and despite any inner thoughts or motivations, he nearly always comes off polite. Although he is polite, he also holds a slight smugness about him, especially regarding other cultures. He is a Frenchman until the end, and does look down upon certain customs of other areas. His smugness can be known through his actions or expressions, but he rarely says anything insulting directly.

Luc enjoys the finer parts of human life: fine wine, parties, and dressing well. He was raised the child of a wealthy French politician, and some of the habits acquired then have remained with him. He enjoys sharing these delights with the few humans he is close with. He is also highly intelligent, and enjoys reading, studying, and writing.

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Name Relationship Description
Aset Indifferent Luc doesn't like Aset's ways of doing things… or perhaps feels jealous that he thinks of good ideas before Luc does. Aset's also attacked him before, bringing up bad blood.
Brian Friend Although Brian is loud and rough compared to Luc's quiet and refined ways, the two get along rather well.
Emma Friend Emma's a bit strange, but she's kind and has given Luc good advice in the past.
Abbey Friend A female wolf he admires and feels slightly protective over, despite his attempt on her life before.
Helena Former Lover The two have grown close over a shared desire to remain part of the human community while dealing with being a wolf and the complications that surround it. While they were never official, they never had time to be — Luc skipped town before anything could happen.


"I Devise My Own Demise" by Papa Roach
"Rise Above This" by Seether
"Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace
"Citizen Soldier" by 3 Doors Down

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