Lukas Toran
Lukas Toran
Chris Evans as Lukas
Fullname Lukas Vincent Toran
Birthday July 21, 1981
Species Human
Age 26
Height 6'1'
Weight 155
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Power Basketball
Parents Vincent and Martha Toran
Siblings None
Occupation Teacher/Basketball Coach


Lukas Vincent Toran, Luke to his friends and Vin to even those closer to him, is an only child to Vincent and Martha Toran. His mother is a native of Forks, and met his father in New York while she was studying art. They moved back before Lukas was born, and now they have moved to New York, which Lukas has remained in his hometown.

Growing up Lukas was the quiet type, never one to get in trouble or bother anyone. His senior year changed him when a new girl moved into town. Many of the local boys wanted her attention, and Lukas was no exception. Becoming more outspoken he got into street racing until one night his car hit a tree

Lucky to be alive, he decided to go away from Forks to study at the college in Port Angeles. There he did get married and divorced a year later. Moving back to Forks, he is keeping the house he grew up in making renovations when he can, while teaching Physical Ed and coaching the local basketball team.


Not afraid to tell anyone like it is, Lukas has come a long way from being the shy one from his younger years. He can be rather cold at times, but only the rare few might get to see that there is something deeper to him.


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