"One can smile, and smile, and be a villian."
- Hamlet

Portrayed by Michele Boyd
Full name Marley Dawn Marie Fairley
Birthday December 22nd
Species Vampire
Age 59 (19)
Height 5'8"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Dark Brown
Power Mind Trapping
Parents Sandra and Stephan Fairley
Siblings None
Journal * Marley's Journal


Appearances can be deceiving. When looking at Marley, it's not hard to see that this isn't the case. Her expressions seem to range from one side of the anger spectrum, to the other. The alabaster white skin over her skin is smooth, blemish less, adding contrast to her dark lips and smouldering garnet eyes. The dark rings under her eyes and the cat-eye effect of her heavy eyeliner and mascara grant her a predatory look. Dark brown hair falls just short of reaching her back, parted to the left side and almost always let down.

Applied to her cheek are a few lines of glitter that swoop down from the corner of her eye. They reach the apple of her cheek, and then begin curling in at the end of each vine. When the design catches the right light, the glitter brightens and sparkles.

She wears a dark green jacket over a black cotton t-shirt. The jacket has leather elbow patches, and a heavy hood rimmed with fur for colder seasons. The torso is cinched somewhat at the waist to fit her tall form, and continues down her sides until it reaches her thighs. It's button up, with a small zipper underneath a flap of material. Her dark denim jeans are held up by a thick leather belt. The scuffed tips of her worn, brown boots poke out from the folds of her pants.


On October 13th, 1903, Dahlia Anne-Marie Fairley was born in London, England.

16 years later, Amos Fairley, her brother, went to war in Germany, and never came back. He left behind his new and pregnant wife.

She gave birth to Sandra Fairley in 1920. Sandra, at age 28, gave birth to the last female in the family bloodline, and died during labour. The child's name was Marley Dawn Fairley.

Her father, Stephan, a French author and playwright took care of his little girl, though suffered from depression because of the death of his wife. He was a traveller, and much of his inspiration came from experiencing new things, meeting new people, and discovering. However, the primary muse in his life was Marley.

He wrote many stories about her, and many were published best-sellers during the late 1950's. The two of them grew close, forming an unbreakable bond that would later lead to Marley's death, and after life.

As Marley grew older, she was kept entertained by her father and the many plays he wrote. At a young age, she played many roles in the performances, though they were small parts. When she wasn't rehearsing, constructing costumes and sets, or practicing dance, she was trapped in a classroom at Burlington Danes Academy in White City, London. There she took classes in writing, French and mathematics until she was 18 years old.

As a teenager, she had begun taking on major roles in her father's plays, as well as many other productions such as The Sound of Music, Fiddler on The Roof, Hello Dolly, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.

When her 18th birthday was just around the corner, Marley's beloved father became very ill. In his old age (he was at least 20 years his wife's senior), he began showing signs of dementia, and developed a malignant tumour on his brain.

With her father's mental health also slipping away, the same thing began happening to Marley. She became depressed, and the stress of taking care of her father, balancing school and acting, nearly drove her insane. Her tolerance for ulterior persons, other than herself and her father, became very limited. Soon, people began to be repelled by the hate that she practically projected on them, like an infectious disease. The kind of abhorrence she harboured for the world was not natural.

Through the months, his health gradually deteriorated, and eventually he became bed ridden, certain to die within a few short days.

That same week, Marley was visited by a strange blonde girl. She explained to Marley that she could help her father, but the chances of him surviving the process were very slim. She told Marley that, even though her entire life she'd been told that creatures of the supernatural kind do not exist, they do. She agreed to let the girl turn her father, but only if she could be turned as well.

Marley made it through the 5 excruciating days just fine.

Her father did not.

Through the rest of the 70's, 80's, and 90's, Marley lived life without many boundaries. She was rude to others, and would often voice her negative opinions about them freely, when as a human, she would have been too afraid. The blonde woman, who she later found was her great aunt Dahlia, explained the rules of the masquerade to her. This set of limitations was the only ones she obeyed. When she became bored with Europe, and had travelled around most of the continent, she decided to jump ship, and swim to North America.

She arrived in the Massachusetts in 2001, and gradually began making her way across the country. Amongst vampires, she developed notoriety for her ability; to target a mind, and force exhaustion, pain, or hate upon it, like a disease. She was the embodiment of the nickname "parasite" in that she brought a sickness of the mind with her wherever she went. Her hatred became a powerful ability, though the repercussions of using it racked her mind endlessly.

The commotion in the Olympic Peninsula drew her attention in 2006, and she decided to sit and listen to the action from a safe distance away, in Port Angeles. Gossip within groups of other vampires gave her a pretty good idea of what was happening, and she decided to take up residency in Forks, and enrolled herself as a senior at the beginning of 2007.

Only recently has vampire and shifter activity picked up, encouraging Marley to start acting up as well. Before, she kept to herself, content to stay out of everyone's business, provided that she could on-look. The Cullens' special lifestyle made Marley question her purpose on Earth, and she took on a more melancholy personality, with many suppressed emotions.

As of yet, she's not decided to spread her unique kind of disease. The animosity boils deep within her, waiting until she can't help but let it out.


Marley's emotions change frequently and usually without any warning of reason. She is a very internally oriented person and spends a lot of time thinking. Perhaps thinking /too/ much at times, and the cynicism bred by her father's death and years spent as a vampire is a dominant element in the way she presents herself. Her restless mind often contemplates her vampirism, and she questions her choice to be a monster frequently. Because of this, vegetarians fascinate her.

Even though she pretends she doesn't like company, she very much depends on it. Her derangements make it difficult to hold friendships, and those who try to befriend her, and then decide that she's too much, are often victims of her "disease". Her motto is, "If I can't be happy, then why should you?"

At the best of times, she comes across as a very melancholy person. She has the ability to be pleasant; however those nice urges are rare, and most likely around humans. Other vampires annoy her, while humans at least provide sustenance for her.


Marley's ability can be compared to a disease, with Marley herself being the carrier of it. Her animosity as a human manifested into a curse for herself, and a curse for others. When Marley has the thought to, she can overload another's mind with her own abhorrence, using the negative feelings to slowly constrict one's mind to cause pain, mental exhaustion, or even memory loss in very rare occasions. Small pushes from Marley's mind can cause the brain to feel tired, as though sleep deprived. A harder push might mean a migraine, or an intense feeling of despair. At its most powerful state, Marley's plague of hate can cause temporary mental derangement, though only on significantly less intelligent beings like animals. Applying factors are proximity, blood level in Marley, and mental awareness of the target.

Skills & Weaknesses

Skill Description
Make-Up Marley, because she worked in show business for so long, is rather good with make-up. As a vampire, this comes in handy when trying to hide identifying features. Cover-up can help mask the sparkling and the dark rings under her eyes, and certain colours applied around the eyes can change how the red iris looks. This is not fool-proof, but it helps when days in Forks turn out to be sunnier than usual.
Diplomacy Over the years, Marley has realized that, in order to survive, you need to use your words as well as your fists. She was brought up to be a thinking individual, but was also taught manners and politeness. She's an excellent listener, and tends to be considerate of those more powerful than her, though she never stops questioning authority entirely. She's a negotiator, and is very persuasive in more than one way.
Travelling Among other given vampire abilities, Marley is especially good at moving from one place to another. She's swift, and has a natural compass of sorts that helps her travel around. She's good at remembering routes and locations.


Name Relation Notes
Miyuki Friends. Probably more. At first, Marley did her best to shrug off Miyuki's advances, and thought of her as merely another human to target and feed from. As time went on, Marley began tolerating the girl's presence on a more personal level. Now she craves that presence, and absolutely resents Miyuki because of it.
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Main Themes
*The Sunrise Comes Too Soon - Late Night Alumni
*Rainy Days - Late Night Alumni

  • All The Things She Said - T.a.t.u. (Anastasia)
  • She-wolf - Shakira
  • I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby - 3OH!3 (Miyuki)
  • I'm So Sick - Flyleaf
  • Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
  • Run This Town - JayZ
  • Falling Down - Space Cowboy ft. Chelsea Korka
  • Patron Tequila - Paradiso Girls
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics

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