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Fullname Maya Price
Birthday Mar 7, 1991
Species Werewolf (Quileute)
Age 16
Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Power Enhanced speed/agility.
Parents Ron and Denise Price
Siblings None
Occupation Troublemaker


Maya was always a precocious child. Even as a toddler, she was finding ways to escape the playpen, climb out the window or squeeze under the fence. Her active imagination was always seeking new ways to expand, to test her boundaries and discover new things. Combine that with a strong sense of mischief and she made for a challenging child indeed! Her parents, Ron and Denise, had their hands full!

Although Maya matured physically, she never quite outgrew her antics. Some view her as an endearing girl with a childlike enthusiasm and imagination… others see her as a pest and a nusience. Attending La Push high school, Maya is considered an average student. The material is not challenging to her, it's the need to sit still and study that's the problem. Maya's attendence at school is also an issue. She is wont to get distracted along the way, finding something more interesting and exciting to do. Unfortunately, some of these distractions have had some consequences. She has a minor criminal record: shoplifting, truancy and tresspassing. This has been no great concern to her, since Maya's life recently took a new and exciting turn.

The secret legends of her people's origins went from stories told around a fire, to something very real and relevent to her life. Not long after the vampire population in the area exploded, Maya underwent the transformation to being a werewolf. Now wasn't /this/ exciting! Her tendency for mischief suddenly has a whole new world of possibilities. The power is exciting and thrilling, but the purpose of being a Quileute wolf and the danger that accompanies it, hasn't really sunk in. Why worry about things like school and finding a job, when you can actually change into a wolf? Sure, there are vampires around, but they haven't really done anything terrible, have they? Besides, as long as they don't come to La Push, they are the Cullens' problem.

Presently, Maya is among the youngest of the Quileute wolves. She has a rebellious streak that has caused a few of the tribal elders a headache. Sooner or later, she will realize that being a werewolf isn't all fun and games. But until that moment comes, it'll be a great ride!

Skills and Weaknesses:

Quick: Being physically small and wiry, Maya is faster and more agile than the average werewolf. However, her strength is not as developed.

Creative: Maya has a very active imagination and tends to come up with creative solutions to problems. She thinks "outside the box."

Troublemaker: Though Maya gets herself into trouble frequently, she also finds ways to extract herself from it as well, or at least avoid the harshest consequences for her actions.

Impulsive: Maya does not always think about the consequences of her actions. She tends to go with her first reaction to any given situation. This has landed her in trouble, more than once.

Criminal Record: Maya has a minor juvenile criminal record for things like shoplifting, truancy and tresspassing.

Reduced Strength: Though her speed and agility is better than the average werewolf, Maya is physically quite small and is not as strong as the rest of her pack.


At this point, Maya is like a kid who found his dad's gun. She has tremendous power at her fingertips without a real conception of the responsibility that comes along with it. She has an almost childlike sense of wonder about the world and an overactive imagination. She loves to tell stories, but is often given to exaggeration… but a few embellishments just make the story that much /better/. While not malicious, Maya does have a sense of mischief and a streak of rebellion. Needing a strong mentor, she struggles with the authority figures in the pack and would prefer to be left to her own devices.

In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Maya does have a lot of friends and is a lot of fun to be around. She is generally an upbeat and happy individual, who doesn't spend much time worrying about the future or about what others think. She is very loyal to her friends and family, but has a hard time with being responsible.


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