Marlon Teixeira as Mi'raj
Fullname Aalem al-Fakih ibn Harith al-Misri
Birthday December 11, 1880
Species Vampire
Age 127 (18)
Height 6'1"
Weight 154 lbs.
Eyes Crimson
Hair Brown
Power Enhanced Mental Functions, Beauty, and Scent
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Occupation Scientist


The existence of the vampire known as Mi'raj spans back one hundred and twenty-seven years. To say he was born would be somewhat of a falsity, in fact Mi'raj was cultivated. The one who would be known to him as master, or teacher, actually began the process many generations before. Looking for an heir to his knowledge a vampire, known as Nadir, sought only those with a heightened sense of intellect and a passion for learning. He took notice to many but none truly suited him so he devised a plan. Working from the shadows Nadir manipulated two very well known families into joining. Each family brought something to the table, one with their knowledge of alchemy which at this time was being brought over from the East, and the other with the budding curiosity into a new science called Chemistry. Nadir, with his patient disposition, manipulated the families into joining, and then conceiving children in hopes one of those would suit his needs. While the children were very bright, he still was unhappy with his prospects. Nadir decided to continue his manipulations behind the scenes though and brought other families from around the world in to wed the children, now grown, and create even more prospects. It was from one of these unions that Mi'raj was created, and Nadir's twice long generational breeding accomplished it's task. The child, named Aalem al-Fakih ibn Harith al-Misri, stayed with his human parents for only a few days. Nadir stole away with the infant, his unnerving patients finally at a stand still, and took the child to raise at his estate. Raising the child was not a difficult task for Nadir. His hired servants tending to the child's physical needs while he tended to the child's growing mental state. Due to the fact he did not need to sleep, and the child's own sleep scheduled painfully disorganized, he spent ever moment he could drilling information into the infant. The task, while time consuming, paid off in the long run as the child learn to grasp human language at an early age, more early than most, and his development in other areas accelerated beyond the norm as well. By the time Aalem was three years old he could speak, write, and even perform rudimentary mathematical problems. Every day of his developing life he was schooled for sixteen hours a day, given eight hours of sleep. All of his needs were met by Nadir's staff, be it clothing, food, or social interaction. Aalem however did not play with other children though, it simply was not an aspect of his life and therefore he never wished to. He went outside, into Nadir's gardens, but that was the extent of his travels outside of his own room and Nadir's laboratory. Aalem would wander the estate though quite often, between lessons or when Nadir needed time to himself, and he enjoyed speaking to the staff, his only interaction besides Nadir or one of his colleagues who might visit.

This cycle of learning went on for eighteen years, during which time Aalem was taught in detail almost every subject a learned man in his time would know, but in far more detail. At his age, with his knowledge, Aalem could have taught at any University in the world, though in truth Aalem's teaching was just beginning. On his eighteenth birthday Nadir offered Aalem a present which he could not refuse. Nadir approached Aalem and told him a story, the story of the Elixir of Life, which Aalem knew well as all students of Alchemy knew of it's legendary properties. When the story concluded Nadir held up a vial of silvery viscous liquid and told Aalem that if he wished, he would use the Elixir of Life on his student and grant him immortality. Without thinking Aalem agreed to the deal, though his brashness saddened Nadir somewhat. That night Nadir injected Aalem, directly into the heart, with the silvery substance in the vial. In truth it was Nadir's own venom. In truth Nadir did not lie to his student, it gifted the young man with immortality but he had not told Aalem at what cost. The moment he was injected though Aalem knew what it was, and he regretted his decision. For three full days Aalem suffered a living hell, something Nadir attempted to alleviate through the use of herbs, chemicals, and even the mystical chant or prayer. Though he himself was a vampire, and he gave no true love to humans, he considered Aalem his family and it hurt him to do what was necessary. Once the process was complete though, and Aalem opened his eyes to a whole new world, he performed a ceremony to banish the human name he was given and instead named the young man Mi'raj, or ascended. For it was within this young vessel that Nadir planned to pass on his life's work, and the work of those before him.

Mi'raj took to being a vampire quite easily. A few of the staff, which he considered to be friends, were his first victims. His first lessons as a vampire were centered around self control however. Nadir brought him into the fold and taught him the rules and conditions of being reborn. What could be done, what couldn't, and what must be done to survive in this new world. Once these lessons were drilled into his student, and Mi'raj showed the correct control, Nadir began to truly teach his protege. With the restraints of sleep and the slow dull human mind lifted he began to show Mi'raj things he had never dreamt. Nadir had, within his library, a near endless supply of knowledge in which to feed upon. He had ancient tomes, scrolls from the lost Library of Alexandria, and even carvings he had acquired from the east which dealt with the sciences and many other subjects.

Nadir taught Mi'raj the traditions of Alchemy, both the scientific side and the mystical side. He showed him that to truly learn one must open their mind's to all possibilities. Beyond the sciences and practical learning, Nadir also taught Mi'raj the histories of many occult religions. His teachings were to install a sense of mysticism in the young man, and it succeeded. In the years that followed he learned about almost all known occult religions, their workings, their beliefs, and what they could bring to the world if incorporated correctly into science. Mi'raj began to fully understand the concept behind Alchemy. It was not only based in the physical, but also the metaphysical. For almost fifty years Mi'raj was kept busy learning, never venturing anywhere except Nadir's estate. Humans were brought in when the thirst was at it's greatest, normally from the local prison or those that lived on the streets and would never be missed. It was around this time that Mi'raj began to notice things he had not before. Each time he fed Mi'raj noticed odd looks in the eyes of his victims. The looks was not fear, or panic, but rather peace or lust. Mi'raj questioned Nadir about this but the elder vampire had nothing to say, the staff were the same and even when threatened with death they never spoke. Mi'raj also noticed, for the first time, that all the mirrors on the estate had been removed and Nadir never took visits anymore, not at the estate at least. Mi'raj became quite angry and finally demanded Nadir tell him what was going on.

Nadir, looking at his young charge, decided to finally tell him what he wished to know. Nadir explained to Mi'raj that from the beginning he knew the young man would be something. Intelligence was not the only thing that drew Nadir to Mi'raj, if that was the case there were others with more potential, but it was in fact Mi'raj's intoxicating scent which had done it. As Mi'raj grew so did his beauty, allure, and scent which made it difficult to raise his. Nadir's colleagues had a hard time resisting his human student, and even the staff found his beauty to be awe inspiring. When Mi'raj had changed his beauty had been enhanced to angelic status and his scent was so much strong now as well. The reason his victims never protested, as Nadir said, was because they were being given death by an angel. Nadir explained to Mi'raj that he had hoped the boy would develop a power, something he could covet. When a power did not make itself known though he was not sad, the boy himself had become the object to covet, to praise, and Nadir would not let it go. Mi'raj was outraged and attempted to leave the estate, however Nadir and his staff were there are every turn. Each attempt was foiled, each out burst met with calm eyes from his master, but in the end Mi'raj was held captive by the one that made him, unable to leave, unable to see anyone beyond the staff that had been there for years.

Decades had passed and Mi'raj had been left to his own studying many years back, Nadir saying he had taught Mi'raj everything that his master had taught him. So Mi'raj, not needing his master's teaching and master unable to teach anymore, asked for the chance to go out into the world and on his own. Nadir, fearing his prized gift would leave him, forbid it and expected his student to obey, knowing he could hold him, but Mi'raj did not and attacked this time, something he had not done decades before. The fight that ensued would have easily been one sided, Nadir was far stronger and well versed in fighting, however Mi'raj cheated. Using the knowledge his master had instilled within him he used various caustic mixtures to weaken Nadir, and then struck him down with a mixtures of chemicals that caused the vampire to erupt in flames. The blaze lasted for days, his master dead along with his servants. Mi'raj saved many of the more unique documents in Nadir's library, scrolls and tomes, but the rest burned with their owner. Once his past was destroyed Mi'raj set out to work on his present and future. He moved all of his belongings to a villa outside of Athens, Greece, and began to amass books, tomes, and scrolls on anything and everything to do with the sciences. He began to venture out into the world more and more, amazed by things he had only read about but never seen. At first it was hard, he was trapped in an earlier time with his vocabulary and also his understanding of the world. It took him years to fully catchup with the modern world, but once he did he stayed with it. Mi'raj never made friends, he met many nomadic vampires but normally kept to himself. And while he avoided most encounters he was soon forced into an encounter which would change his existence.

The death of Nadir did not go unnoticed, not in the vampire community. Mi'raj was tracked down by a group, a coven, known as the Volturi and brought back to their home in Volterra, Italy. It was here that Mi'raj met what could only be described as vampire royalty. He was brought before Aro, Marcus, and Caius to pay for his crime of death. During his trial he attempted to show that his actions were warranted, though he did not mention exactly how he killed his master. He was interrogated by Aro who used his special gift on Mi'raj and learned the vampire possessed all of Nadir's knowledge, something Aro himself wished to have at some point. Mi'raj was given the opportunity to become one of the Volturi and continue his research as he saw fit, but Mi'raj respectfully declined. He informed Aro that, at this time in his existence, he wished to see the world and to work on his own. He never truly denied Aro, and that may be what saved him as Aro saw that in the future Mi'raj might bring his brilliant mind and knowledge into the Volturi and assist them.

Mi'raj was deemed not guilty, his actions were warranted, and allowed to go back to Athens, though he was told the Volturi would be in contact. Not only was the young vampire's knowledge an asset, but also was his look, one of a kind some said. Once back he once again began his research and experiments, but not as fervently as before. There was simply too much to occupy his time now, but his first love was always for the sciences. As his existence reaches the current year Mi'raj is no longer a young, or inexperienced, vampire. His knowledge spans farther than most, though his true passion lies within the realm of Alchemy, Chemistry, Genetics, and Bio Chemistry. His experiments focusing more around creation and destruction of pathogens, new bacteria which could help or harm, and his quest for the secrets of Alchemy to be unlocked continues. However there are distractions, one of which is the world itself. Due to being locked up for over one hundred years Mi'raj has also begun to travel quite a bit as well. Going where ever his whims take him. He has visited the birthplace of his human parents, and also Alexandria again. The remains of Nadir's estate long since gone. Recently his interests have been peaked by a number of vampires traveling to a place in North America, a continent he has yet to visit. So following in their footsteps he has come to Forks. Though he is unsure of the length he will stay. This land is horrid compared to where he grew up and he has no taste for it.


Mi'raj is a very odd being, personality wise. His attitude and personality conflict with each other all the time, a complex created by his sheltered life style, the murder of his creator, and the fact he is having to deal with new stimuli all the time. Mi'raj is a naturally intelligent and inquisitive creature. He is always fascinated with new things, especially when he is capable of interacting with a new device or learn new aspects of the world he did not know before. His inquisitive nature is reminiscent of a child, seeing things for the first time, though he is over one hundred years old. The captivity in which he was raised is responsible for creating this part of his nature, and with each new experience the inquisitive side of him continues, never really dwindling. His intellect is also a part of this nature, and not at the same time. Mi'raj has a level of intelligence that, even when he was human, would have been considered well above average and almost genius. His mind is always analyzing every situation, ever new stimulus he is given, and works out things all in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, especially when he is around things he knows well, he seems to be bored mainly due to the fact he has no new stimuli for his mind to think over. With his inquisitive nature leading he has begun to try things he never would have in the past, for instance he is traveling more these days and also experiencing new stimuli in the form of entertainment, human games, and even manipulating people. All of which are new to him. And even though these things are new to him, he is not naive. His intelligence is not just book smarts but also common sense as well.

Another aspects of his personality is the outlook he has on life, and also some of the newer aspects of himself that he is coming to terms with. Mi'raj was raised in a somewhat pampered environment. Nadir gave him everything he needed no matter what. Now that he is on his own he still lives that lifestyle somewhat. He enjoys the better things in life, from clothing to furnishings and the like. He has learned to manipulate people to get these things, and in the process his look on humans has changed greatly. Mi'raj does not actively seek to destroy humans, but he holds no real love for them and many humans he sees as just things to be used. He uses his manipulative talents to use them for mundane tasks, and also uses them to carry out his own research and experiments on. There are some he looks upon kindly, but the majority are seen as nothing more than animals, like humans would look at dogs or cats. With the revelation of his appearance, and the sheer amount of knowledge he has, this superior stance of his has begun to include some vampires as well. Mi'raj sees himself as above the average vampire. When he met the Volturi he did not fear them, oddly enough he felt a sense of belonging as they were like him, above the norm. Though he does not know their myriad of abilities, and therefore this sense of belonging may have been the manipulations of a certain someone.

Conflicting aspects exist within Mi'raj though as well. For all of his intelligence, and thoughts of being better than the rest, Mi'raj sometimes acts like a child. His inquisitive side tends to draw him towards more social venues which should be beyond him, especially at his age. He enjoys going into the human world and going to parties, or going to theaters and watch movies or even go to concerts. His normally exquisite taste is dulled down and he acts more like a person within their late teens or early twenties, rather than a vampire over a hundred years old. And for someone so intelligent, and insightful, Mi'raj can come across as a simpleton at times. Whether it is a lapse in judgment, or the process of fitting in, he sometimes does things or says things completely out of character. Mi'raj believes many of these conflicting aspects come from Nadir, and also the new stimuli of the human world. Or it could simply be the latent desires he once held as a mortal resurfacing as his interactions with humans becomes more common place than it used to be. Though Mi'raj might simply be trying to fit in as well, though consciously he is not attempting this, his enhanced mind may subconsciously be controlling small aspects of his being and changing him.


Mi'raj was reborn with no known ability or power which would set him apart drastically from other vampires. However that is not to say he is not enhanced in some ways. When turned a human tends to bring over enhanced characteristics from their mortal life. In Mi'raj's case he brought over a variety of natural characteristics which can diversify him from other vampires. The first is his mind, more specifically his level of intelligence, which when turned grew exponentially. Mi'raj was already quite brilliant, and when he became a vampire that brilliance grew upon itself due to the unique nature of the vampire brain. He is capable of multi-tasking to a much higher degree, thinking of problems and scenarios at the same time while doing many other tasks. Also his attention to detail and memorization abilities are slightly above that of normal vampires. In general his mentally faculties are slightly enhanced beyond that of a normal vampire. An odd downside though is Mi'raj brought over his physical weakness. He was never much of a physical person and that shows even now that he is a vampire. The physical weaknesses is minor, but still noticeable. With a one on one comparison he is weaker physically and less resistant as a normal vampire, but still way beyond that of a human. This weakness is only really noticeable in fights, though Mi'raj likes to use his brain over brawn anyway.

The second characteristic which he brought over was his striking beauty and allure. Though he never knew it, Mi'raj was a beautiful person as a human. This beauty was further enhanced when he was turned, so much so that his creator sought to keep him hidden from the world. His young, chiseled, and supple features took very well to the change and to call him anything but angelic or otherworldly would be an insult. Even amongst vampires Mi'raj stands out due to his appearance, something that is rare due to the normal beautiful appearances most vampires have. Also Mi'raj has carried over his allure from when he was a human. His scent used to be mouthwatering for vampires, that is one of the reasons Nadir picked him over the others. Since his change Mi'raj has kept a bit of that scent, and acquired a new one as well. To the normal human his scent is overly powerful, attracting and mesmerizing. Like all vampires this scent is there to call their prey in, however Mi'raj's is so powerful it is hard for humans to resist him even from a distance. To vampires his scent is somewhat different. Mi'raj smells something reminiscent of a human, though due to lacking blood and sweat it is not exact but it is a strong, overwhelmingly powerful scent especially to those with enhanced senses. To vampires, and even other supernatural beings, he still smells warm, vibrant, and intoxicating even though he was turned over a hundred years ago. This scent is very powerful, mixing and sometimes overpowering his natural vampiric scent.


Mi'raj is over a hundred years old, and while he has been alive for a very long time his focus during those years has kept him pretty limited in overall variety of skills. First and foremost amongst his skills is that which revolves around the sciences. If comparisons were made Mi'raj would be considered the foremost authority in the fields of Chemistry, which include but are not limited to Biochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, and Theoretical Chemistry, Biology, which focuses on Microbiology, Virology, and Pathology, and Genetics. He is also one of the few people on the planet who has a fully working knowledge of Alchemy, his knowledge greater than any and covers almost everything save for the holy grails of Alchemy. He has a passing understanding of many other sciences and medical knowledge, as well as strong repository of knowing dealing with the Occult Sciences and Religions. While he is not the oldest of Vampires, his knowledge within these areas exceeds most due to the fact for over one hundred years all he did was study, the lack of outside influence not distracting him from his work. Beyond the sciences though Mi'raj also has an strong understanding of most academic courses. From World History to Literature and even Geology and Mathematics. His overall level of knowledge could rival any university professor and his overall scope covers most courses offered at an ivy league school.

Beyond his Academic knowledge, Mi'raj was trained in other things during his time with Nadir. His master instilled within him a love of music and the arts as well. His teachings in this area were not as focused as his academic ones but he knows the history of music and is also adept at playing a few instruments as well. Mi'raj has stuck with three main instruments through the years, not attempting to diversify himself that much. His three instruments of choice are the piano, violin, and flute and he is capable of playing all three. His level of expertise would put him on par with any human trained exclusively in them, but he lacks the training to be called the best in any of them. Since his arrival into the world he has met many of his kind with better grasps on the musical arts and envies them slightly.

Other skills are just becoming known to Mi'raj as his time in the world lengthens. He was using these skills even though he never realized he was, these skills mainly dealing with social interaction and manipulation. Mi'raj, with his recent revelation of his appearance, has unknowingly been using his looks, instead of force or fear to get what he desires. He has learned that humans, and even vampires, can easily be swayed with a single desiring look, a small glint of a smile, or even just the body language he uses. Since learning he had these natural talents he has begun to learn to use them properly. Once his mind was focused mainly on learning, but now the desires long since dormant are coming to life again. Mi'raj has learned to become a sexual creature, using his beauty, his sexuality, to manipulate those people around him and he has found he is quite good at it. One victim of his manipulations, before meeting their fate, said something that Mi'raj has found to be both humorous and true. He has it all, beauty, talent, and brains which makes him a triple threat to the world of humans and supernaturals alike.


Name Relation Notes
Nadir Creator Mi'raj's creator, and father, whom he killed to be free.
Aro Inquisitor Aro seemed interested of Mi'raj knowledge in the past, what will become of it is unknown.
Caius Inquisitor Caius led the charges against Mi'raj, and was not satisfied with Aro's judgment.
Marcus Inquisitor Marcus found no interest in Mi'raj, and for the most part ignored his existence.
Lilly Acquaintance Mi'raj's first vampire he met in Forks, and his up coming travel companion.
Natalia Acquaintance A Russian Vampire Mi'raj met only briefly, though she seemed nice.
Aldo Acquaintance One of the Volturi Guard, Mi'raj is unsure of him and is careful of what he says.

Personal Logs

Title: Of Crayons and Crazies - 5/21/2007
Quick Description - Mi'raj meets his first vampires as he travels to Forks.

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