Micah Hatch
Micah Hatch
Bruno Santos as Micah
Fullname Micah Hatch
Birthday May 23, 1990
Species Werewolf
Age 16
Height 6'5"
Weight 187 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Power Accelerated Regeneration
Parents William and Sara Hatch
Occupation Student - Rogue Wolf


It was during a late winter snow storm that the life of Micah Hatch began. Born to William and Sara Hatch, the young boy was in trouble from the very beginning. The storm had blocked the couple in their home, and with the power out they were afraid for their baby's life as it was being born. However Micah has always been a strong individual, even from birth, and survived his first ordeal with ease. The EMS got to the young couple shortly after the birth, having to plow out the front area of their yard in the process, and took them to the hospital in nearby Forks. It was there that they first noticed their son was special, he had inherited a recessive genetic trait from his parents which manifested as sparkling emerald green eyes. In contrast to William and Sara's dark brown and honey eyes he seemed quite estranged, but that never stopped them from loving their precious child. Micah grew up on La Push, a place that left him content at first, but as he grew so did his different nature. Unlike most of his friends and family Micah believed he was meant for more exciting things, even from an early age, and he would normally get rides to Forks in order to explore the busier town, when compared to La Push.

His parents did not approve of this behavior much, they felt he had everything he needed on the reservation, and they tried to instill within him more traditional values. Micah did not pay much attention to these values until a bit later in his life when he was given an offer. The council had seen the caring and helpful nature of the young man and offered him a chance to study some of their more guarded traditions. He accepted the offer and his teachings within the ancient ways of his tribe began. Micah began to learn under the tutelage of many elders of his tribe, he learned the old stories and myths, many of which thought to be forgotten, and he learned how to survive on the land and live quite well with what it offered. Seeing his naturally helpful nature they instructed him on plants and herbs, including berries and roots, which could benefit a person. They taught him what to eat and what to stay away from as it was poisonous, and various other things they felt he needed. You see the offer they gave him not only taught him their traditions, but bound him to pass on everything he learned to the next generation. The elders had done it before, with Quil Sr. and Billy, and it was time that knowledge was once again passed on.

However everything did not go as planned, his parents had hoped the teachings would settle his nature some, that did not happen. Micah continued down his own path, while still respecting that which was taught to him. The older he got the more adventurous and curious he became in regards to the world beyond the reservation. One day he rode with some friends to Port Angeles, they were going to run errands for their parents, and he struck out on his own. The town was amazing to him, especially when he found a social spot for the teenagers of the city. He marveled at everything he saw and quickly joined some of them on a small dance floor within the hangout. That is where his friends found him, somewhat questioning what he was doing, and took him home. Things settled back into his familiar routine for a while, his yearning to go back to that place and dance always on his mind, but in La Push and Forks things do not stay calm for long. Micah began to notice a lot of his friends changing, their attitudes and who they hung out with. One day he followed a group of guys, led by Sam Uley, into the woods. He stayed as quiet as possible and shadowed them like he had been taught. What he witnessed should have scared him to death, the ripping of clothes, the eruption of fur and muscle, but it didn't. The second he saw the boys phase his mind put the pieces together. He knew all the legends, all the stories of magic, and while it was surprising it did not frighten him.

Micah stewed over what he had seen for days until he finally decided to ask someone he knew he could trust. He asked Billy Black that very same day, and while Billy was reluctant he knew he could not persuade Micah to forget what he saw. So from that day forth Micah was 'in the know' about what was happening. The council did not have a problem with him knowing, they knew Micah was special due to many reasons. Whether it be his green eyes, his uncanny ability to be friends and calm fights, or his enhanced healing. They knew that they had chosen well when they picked him to carry on their traditions. And while he knew about what was going on, he could not help much. He was only human after all, or so he thought. Months passed and Micah finally began to change, the elders believed, as his body began to grow quickly and his internal temperature spiked up and held at a constant 108 degrees. However he never phased, not yet at least, and even under times of stressed he seemed to hold it all together. The elders have begun to worry somewhat, all the signs are there but he simply has not phased. He has not unlocked his true potential. They are unsure of what might happen if the young man does not change soon, unsure what affects it will have on him mentally and physically. But they do know that when he does, he will be something good for his people.

However unbeknownst to them Micah had been attempting to phase for quite some time. He had taken risks, got into fights, and tried every emotional trigger he could think of with no success. Recently though, after a talk with Jacob Black, Micah had a new idea on how to force the phase, how to finally let loose with his emotions and let them take him over. Jacob had mentioned the cliffs which loom near First Beach, and that sparked an idea within Micah. When he was alone, and sure Jacob did not suspect anything, he ventured to the cliffs and after a moment threw himself off of them. It was a stupid move, he realized as the wind ripped past his face, but the end result was what he had always wanted. He obtained his first phase, and now that he was a wolf he was finally content. He is still new to the experience though and has much to learn, but he is finally happy. In the back of his mind though a thought keeps clawing at him, the increased number of vampires and what it might mean for his people.

As time passed though new problems began to arise, and old ones resurface. The coming wedding between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen sparked up many different thoughts and emotions in the pack and Micah was subjected to them on a daily basis. It was also around this time that his feelings for a certain someone began to rise again, though he attempted to hide them as much as possible from the others and only phase when it was absolutely necessary. Between all the rising issues, and the emotions he had, his personality began to shift and change as he did. At one point the docile boy who everyone could always count on and who would never even raise his voice to another struck out against Bella Swan. He did not attack her physical but did set upon her emotions and mental state. The result was a very upset Bella and Micah being not only upset with himself, but also finding emotions such as anger and hate popping up into his mind. He tried to hide himself from the others, knowing all too well what would happen if they found out, and began to anguish over his decisions and his changing mentality.

When the time finally came Micah did not attend the Wedding, nor the Reception, though many of his kind did. Instead he found solace at the high cliffs where he had forced his change, and also the surrounding woods. His once fear of being alone was vanishing and he found himself actually loving the solitude which the area offered. His mood actually began to change for the better, that is until he found out the news. During the wedding Jacob had…imprinted upon a girl. That in itself did not disturb him, Micah wanted Jacob to be happy, but when he found out it was none other than Bella's cousin something inside of him snapped. His entire life changed at that moment as he finally thought of what he needed to do. Still having two years to go before he graduated Micah moved to Forks, away from the reservation and his pack. His parents, caught off guard by his request, granted him his leave to an apartment in the small city.

But Micah did not stop there. In a defiant moment he turned his back on his pack and left them. The second the decision was made Micah learned of a peace that he had thought he would never know again as all the voices were shut out of his head save for one, Sam Uley. Looking back on La Push, his home, one last time Micah packed his things and moved down to Forks where he would attend the school there and try to make it through without too much hassle. His once solid self control though is fractured due to everything that has happened recently, and his studies with the Elders and Billy Black were cancelled. What will become of him is unknown, but he is taking every day as it comes.


Micah's overall personality is very complex and can appear random at times. Like others of his kind he is ruled by emotions and at one time he had these emotions under strict control. In fact Micah would normally repress most of his more negative emotions, bottle them up inside, and not let anyone see them. With recent events though his emotions have begun to play havoc with him and all his bottled emotions finally erupted, rather violently. To his core though Micah is a caring individual. He worries about friends and tries to be there for anyone who needs him. He is truthful to them, though many times people do not wish to hear the real truth and Micah can come off as being rude or harsh to them.

And even though he does care about the feelings of others, recent events has hardened his exterior somewhat. His caring and compassionate nature towards someone stops the second they hurt someone he loves. Micah has few people he would call true friends at this moment, having lost some recently, and he has become extremely protective of them. In the past he could be considered somewhat of a pacifist, though now he has realized one must fight for what they believe in. To just lay down will bring you nothing but pain. He does not seek out fights, but he has learned to fight for what is his and sometimes his outward behavior can put people off. But as stated earlier in his core he is a good person, a caring passionate person who only wants to be happy.

Though like the creature of myth he is Micah's core personality is beginning to be over shadowed by the aspects of his nature he used to repress. Since his outburst he has not even attempted to hold back his emotions anymore and that has lead to situations that has caused him regret and even pain. His new openness with his emotions is something he is not used to, in fact many times he can be seen struggling as he attempts to get everything off his chest and not repress anything anymore. And with his more natural side taking over a new brashness is beginning to show itself within him, though his natural peaceful side is still there…just not as dominate as it once was.

Some aspects of Micah do not change though, even as his other emotions seem to sway with the breeze. He is a very intelligent people, though he tries to not seem as smart as he is. Micah has a good deal of both book smarts and common sense, hidden behind a facade of humor and fun so that he will fit in and not stand out as much as some of the 'nerdy' types do. Also deep down, even though he tries to put on a rougher facade these days, Micah is a healer. It is a part of his core being, something greater than himself, and his natural instinct to assist someone wounded or in need still rules out over most of his other feelings. This side of his personality ties directly into his caring nature and protective attitude, both of which are aspects of his core being.


Being taught the ways of his people, Micah has an understanding of many aspects of Quileute traditions which have been forgotten by some of his friends. He has a very good grasp of herbalism, the use of plants and herbs for medicinal purposes which also encompasses which plants and herbs are poisonous to humans. Other aspects he has been taught include the use of meditation to focus and sharpen his mind and to reign control over himself as well as the art of going on a vision quest, though he has yet to venture on one himself. He also has a well defined knowledge of Quileute lore, able to retell most of his people's stories which have been passed down through the years. Micah has a natural gift at the healing arts, using his knowledge of plants and herbs to assist in the healing of others. He had begun to learn more current medical knowledge by reading books and studying under a local doctor on the reservation, however with his recent move this has been put on hold.

Besides the traditions and teachings he is receiving Micah also has a few areas he is good in. Dancing is one of his greatest assets. Micah can dance better than the normal person, and we are not talking about tribal dances. The few times he gets off the reservation he is either at a party dancing or driving all the way to Port Angeles or Seattle to go to a club. His ability to match the movements of others and incorporate them into his own dance style is unique and even though he lacks any formal training it is obvious he knows what he is doing. Micah is also somewhat adept at computers and electronics, though he tries to downplay this due to his need to seem cooler than he is. He knows how to put a computer together, troubleshoot basic problems, and install hardware and software will very little difficultly. When it comes to modern electronics he is just as proficient. Micah understands the ins and outs of most mundane electronic items and is at easy with working on them if they break down. This is mainly just something he does in his spare time and he does not see it evolving into a career or anything, though his parents wish it would.


Unlike most of his kind Micah possesses a unique gift which sets him apart. He was born with this ability and it has always been a part of him but due to it's passive nature most are not aware of it. When he was still human his parents noticed that their son never became ill nor did he really obtain any real injuries either. The gift which Micah possesses is that of accelerated healing and regeneration. As a human he could heal as well as any one of the Quileute Werewolves could. The Quileute Elders theorized that Micah was destined for something and that his orenda, or life energy, was greater than any that came before him which allowed him to heal as he did. When Micah finally transformed, or phased, and became a Werewolf not only did his body become enhanced but also his natural gift as well. As it stands Micah's body regenerates twice as fast as any other Werewolf. Cuts heal almost instantly, bones reset themselves and begin to mend, and even fatal wounds will heal themselves if he has time. Not only does this healing work on direct physical damage, but also on the constant physical strain put on the body. For example when an individual runs micro tears occur in the muscles which release an enzyme and cause fatigue. Micah's muscles heal as he strains them, which inhibits the production of the enzyme and allows him to run or work out constantly without any real fatigue from it. Also his body, as stated earlier, never really becomes ill due to his immune system fighting off any bacterial or viral infestations quickly. A downside to this though is that medication that is administered to him will wear off quickly, at times this can be useful but also a hindrance. And even though Micah never feels the affects of fatigue he must still sleep every day, his body may be enhanced but he is still somewhat human. The amount of time he needs to sleep though is reduced, capable of functioning on just one or two hours of sleep.


Name Relation Notes
Billy Black Former Mentor Billy Black was a close friend and advisor to Micah, teaching him the ways of his people.
Bella Swan Troublemaker Micah once feared for her, and the decisions she made, but that has changed.
Charlene Swan Bella's cousin, and the person that Jacob imprinted on.

Personal Logs

Title: Sushi Anyone? - 3/29/2007
Quick Description - Micah's first meeting with Emma…and her odd ways.

Title: Stay Puff Marshmallow Woman - 3/29/2007
Quick Description - Micah and Lorelei around a nice campfire.

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