Micah's First Phase

IC Time: April 3, 2007
Location: La Push - Olympic National Park: Cliffs
Synopsis: What happens when things become desperate.
Submitted by: Micah

"Maybe Jacob was right, maybe I need to let instincts take over…let them lead me down the path." his voice travels to no one's ears, he is walking alone along the cliffs overlooking the vast dark waters which lap against the sheer rocks and tumble up to the nearby beach.

He looks out across the horizon, not close enough to peer down the cliff face, and sighs. The sky is clear, for once, allowing million of stars to shed their light down, as if watching him closely to see what he will do, "But of course it has been weeks, and nothing. If instincts were going to take over I think they would have already caused me to change…no. Jacob is wrong. If I am going to help them, if I am going to become more, I have to take matters into my own hands."

He slowly approaches the edge of the cliffs, his body tensing slightly. He had seen many of the guys cliff diving from this height with no problem, though they were better equipped to deal with the raging waters below. As he approaches the edge he peers down, the light of the moon illuminating the crashing waves and causing the jagged rocks at various points to glow as the water cascades down them. His stomach lurches slightly and he backs up a few paces, his face becoming flush as blood rushes to it.

Micah unconsciously shakes his hands some and balls his fists up, "Come on Micah. You are not some wimp…you can do this." he once again approaches the edge of the cliff and looks down, his face a mixture of emotions over his plan. He opens and closes his fists again, his upper body feeling surprisingly drained of energy like his body were trying to tell him to stop, turn around, go home. He kicks a small stone down, off the cliff, and watches it bounce off the rocks before settling into the blackness of the water.

"Okay. Deep breath. You have jumped off the lower cliffs, it is not that much different.." he looks down again, "Just have to jump a bit further out. Can't hit the rocks…or maybe I should." he thinks about the scenarios in his head. He could jump into the safety of the water and hope the rush of adrenaline kicks in his change…or he could simply leap off towards the rocks. The safety of the water might not be enough, he might need the certain danger to fully trigger it…to rip the process from the chains his body has latched it down with.

During all this concentration he is unaware of his visitors till a rustle behind him causes his head to quickly turn. His eyes clear slightly and he is not alone now. With the night some of the wildlife has come out to look around. A smile crosses his face as he sees a young deer grazing just at the edge of the forest, and a few rabbits skittering through the grass. "So…have you come for the show?" his voice barely a whisper as he does not wish to startle the animals before turning his attention back to the task at hand.

Micah approaches the very edge, his feet finding a sturdy foothold there and he leans ever so slightly, the dirt under his feet breaking away slightly due to the pressure and mixing with the breeze coming up the cliff side. "I can do this…I have to do this." his voice trails off slightly as his hands come up and clasp together by his chest, his words once again a whisper, "Great spirits…watch over me in my moment of need. Let me become…let my true nature be revealed." his closed eyes shedding a single set of tears as he opens them and looks to the moon.

With a deep intake of air, and a light sigh escaping his lips, Micah leaps out into the open air. At that single moment a multitude of thoughts cross his mind, "No…I shouldn't have." "Oh god what if it is not my fate to change." "It will work…it will.." his face contorting as he realizes the severity of his situation, the realization that this was a stupid idea, but it is all too late. The cold wind rushing past his face, his eyes open…unable to move, to close, to blink. The jagged rocks, the cresting waves, his mind takes in every second like it was a life time.

His heart, caught between beats, lurches with his rushing speed. Unknowingly he spreads his arms out, as if they will catch the wind and save him, but it does not happen. His mind thinks back to every happy though he has ever had, his entire life with his family, and then the pain of dying without knowing true love, the pain of dying alone…always alone. "No…" the words come out less than a whisper, a strained breath as he realizes he will never know what it feels like to be part of something, to die is hard, but to die alone is the worst possible outcome Micah could have every thought of.

The second it took for him to hit seemed like hours to him. His racing mind, fueled by the flood of adrenaline, catching every sensation. The first of which was pain, the sound of a crack, and the realization that his right arm had hit a rock that was jutting out of the cliff side. The pain was quickly doused by the feeling of dread as his body pierces the dark waters below. As the freezing cold water rushes in around him, numbing his already healing arm, his head pulses with every strained beat of his heart.

A new pain ravages his body, not a physical pain but a mental, or spiritual pain. His good hand clawing at his forehead, or was it his good hand? Was he moving or even alive? Everything was so dark, so quiet. He had to be alive though, this pain was unbearable. No way he could be dead, unless this was his own private hell for jumping to his death.

He only thought about it for a moment before his answer came to him. It was a rush, the current pushing him up enough for the cresting wave to take him. He gasped for breath as his head broke through the surface of the water. His attempts to swim met with great resistance, his broken arm already set back in place and trying to desperately grab something, to save himself, but nothing was there. A second wave crested right above him, slamming him back down into the depths of the icy water.

Again the pain came, throbbing in time with his heart, and instead of fighting it he let the pain take him over. It shot through his body, or so he visualized, ripping through every nerve, ever vein. The words of his friends penetrating the pain as he remembered their stories of the first phase. He had listened to their stories with such fascination, remembering every word, every detail. And it was those stories he thought about now as he stopped fighting the pain.

In an instance, as the pain ripped through his body, he realized just what was happening and he relished in it. He felt a great swelling in his body, a swelling of energy, which he had never felt before. He knew his spirit wolf was coming, the wolf that had laid dormant in his body for sixteen years, and in his mind he saw himself holding out his arms, welcoming it's arrival.

He saw it then, in his mind. A giant creature, moving gracefully at the fringes of his thoughts before finally coming into view. "It is beautiful." he thought as the form became clear. A large wolf, stepping out of a white mist. A dark gray-blue and black layer of fur coating it's back and part of it's face while the underlying fur glistened and glowed a silver white. A pair of almost glowing emerald eyes looks down at him and it's muzzle parted, showing off two rows of glistening white teeth, sharp yet beautiful.

The giant wolf leaned down, becoming level with him, and Micah reached toward it, his fingers coming to rest on the creature's soft forehead. Both wolf and man closed their eyes and in a flash became one.

At that moment Micah felt many things at once. First a surge of strength which ripped him from the waves and landed him on solid ground. His mind, bombarded with thoughts, voices, images, feelings, all at once not capable of distinguishing them just yet. He looked around, the world sharper, more beautiful than ever. The scents of the animals, the moist moss growing on the trees, the salty sting of the ocean water, all hitting him, overwhelming him. He heard his name being called, familiar voices yelling at him, howls in the distance. But he did not know what it all meant at first until he looked down.

It was then that he noticed he was not being held up by his hands, for the first time he noticed the silvery white paws, the wet fur dripping. And then his mind, quick as ever, caught up. The strength that had ripped him from the water was his own, the images, voices, emotions were that of his pack. The clarity he now held due to his phase. It had happened, finally. Feeling a new sense of energy he quickly ran up the path towards the top of the cliff again. The voices continuing in his head as he looked out over the water, his new eyes showing him a world he had never imagined.

Micah knew he had to control it though, his mind wandering. The words of his pack overwhelming his senses at first as he concentrated. His entire life was focused around control and now he would put it to a test. He felt the wolf in him being reigned back some, an odd feeling shuddered across his body, and there he stood, a man again. "Finally…" he sighed, though his voice had changed some, everything about him had changed. He knew the others would get to him quickly, but he had to process this for a while on his own.

He began to run towards his house, his enhanced speed both startling and exciting as he reached it in no time. He deftly leapt through the window into his room, grabbed some clothes, and dressed as he ran back out the window and into the forest. He had a whole new world to explore, a new purpose in life, and a new energy which to apply to his training. He was excited, happy, exuberant. He had changed, finally, into what he had always wanted to be, something…someone…special.

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