Michael Smits
:: Michael Smits ::
Picture of Mich
Picture of Mich
Sven Smits playing Michael Smits
Full name Michael Smits
Birthday June 6, 1986
Species Werewolf
Age 21
Height 6' 5"
Weight 173 lbs
Eyes Deep Brown
Hair Black
Power Normal Werewolf Powers
Parents Theresa & Michael Svet (Alive)
Siblings None
Occupation N/A

:: Human Relations ::
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:: Description ::
You see a 6 foot 5 inch tall man with brown eyes a black hair. You also note that, if he is shirtless, he has 3 japanese symbols tattos down his lower right abdomen. You also note that he is wearing a pair of bluejeans with a white belt going through its beltloops, a skin tight white undershirt, and a smooth leather jacket.
You see what appears to be an red wolf, just much larger. The werewolf, when on all fours, comes up to about your lower chest, His muzzle coming just even with your neck…(OOC: This is for an Average sized, 5'7" tall person)

:: Personality ::
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Michael Smits grew up not to far from Forks, Washington, living on the outskirts of Port Angeles. He lived there until he was about 15, when his parents decided that they would move after he finished his freshman year in high school…. He had already made plenty of friends at school, and had a great social life, but his parents figured moving away from the city to a smaller town would help his grades go from B's to straight A's. They hired a moving company to come pack their things and moved them south, to the northern part of California to a town called Hilt. Michael finished the rest of his high school years with straight A's in his Softmore, Junior, and Senior years.

He had received offers to attend colleges for his, as the letters put it, ability for a very promising future… Michael, having no intention of attending big famous college, refused the college offers much to his parents dismay… Instead of going on to become some high-end lawyer, he began applying in an online college planning to master in Computer Networking, and minoring in both Computer Tech and Computer Forensics. He was doing well in school, having already completed half of his four year plan.

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