Portrayed by N/A (yet)
Full name Mikey Chris Lewis
Birthday Aug 20
Species Vampire
Age 48
Height 1m78cm (5 foot 8)
Weight 100 pounds
Eyes Dull red
Hair Black
Power None
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Occupation FHS student/lacrosse team captain


Mikey grew up in Seattle, as a teen during the 60s in a confusing household, his dad was an NFL pro, his mom more interested in seeing her friends taking him along, his dad slipping him tickets to the games. In between all this, he saw the resurgence of organised crime, the Mafia moved in, and established Seattle as their own. He was a restless teen, and as soon as he was able to, enlisted in the Army. After being denied several times, he walked into the office when by chance, a high ranking Captain was inspectng it, telling the Captain he wanted to join. His birth parents hated the fact he signed up, and wanted him to reconsider. He flat out told them no, that he was going to serve his country no matter what.

So,in 1968, he reported for basic training, in Caliornia. Boot camp straightened him out, he went from a wild teen to a focused soldier. He scored highly on the rifle range, and was fast-tracked into officer school.
After passing officer school, he was given command of a three man squad of rookies like himself, and put on a plane to Vietnam. He did well, keeping them out of trouble, until 1970, he was rushing to an evac chopper when there was a crack, and a bullet shot past inches from him.

Rattled, he returned fire, The other two membrs of his squad were killed by the sniper, although he was evac'd safely, he suffered from recurring nightmares and guilt trips. Two days later on a patrol, he fell into a spike trap, and twisted both ankles. He was airlifted back to the USA and discharged, the Army giving him a pension fund for his service. Being the Carter and later Nixon administrations, they cut it back from $100,000 to $15,000 in the name of cost cutting. Things took a turn for the worse in 1971, when he was hospitalized complaining of a shortness of breath. it turned out to be a fatal case of meningitis. The doctors did what they could, but it was too late, a priest was summoned and the Last Rites were given..

As Mikey lay dying, as a figure entered the room, crossing over to the bed. As Mikey lay dying, the figure promised, silently, to save Mikey. Working quickly, he took Mikey from his bed, pausing at the security station to steal and destroy the tapes. Once out of harm's way, and way out of the city, deep in a forest, he sank his teeth into him, and stayed as Mikey screamed and writhed in agony, the sounds echoing off the walls and multiplying, night after night after night, for five days.
At the same time, the alarm was raised at the hospital. Fearing the worst, the FBI were called in, launching alerts across the state. He never turned up though.
Once the transformation was complete, Joseph spirited Mikey back to the hospital, and anonymously wired $500,000 to the FBI field office, meeting that night with the agent in charge, maing sure he forgot the details. Offcially, the case remains open, but under orders to let it go.
The next day, instead of finding a corpse, as they expected, the doctors and coroner found an alive and well, changed, patient. They also found the mysterious figure, who took displeasure at them and quickly locked them in the closet, and threatened that they would be killed if they told anyone. They weren't heard from again (as an aside, in 2001, their remains were found by a demolition company hired to level the site for.)

Mikey moved back to Seattle with his maker, who revealed himself as Joseph, he cared for Mikey like his own son, making sure he was happy, and erasing the memories of his bad childhood. It came at a price. Mikey, overnight, became too popular with the girls, having a string of vampire girlfriends, but nothing serious.

Joseph worked as an air traffic controller, and made a tidy living. As of two weeks ago, he was indicted on tax evasion charges, and as a safeguard, sent Mikey to Forks, WA, so he wouldn't have to testify, and because he felt young Mikey could do with a change of scenery.

Before all that though, Mikey had to get used to life as a vampire, he started by learning off his maker, Joseph, who taught and punished him. Leaving Joseph's sanctuary, he made his way, alone, to an Amish settlement up in the mountains, the hunger consuming him. He happened upon a sleeping hiker, and attacked in an animalistic frenzy, leaving a shredded body, that bore similarities to an animal's attack. This was a stroke of luck, as the authorities ruled it death by animal. Mikey was off the hook. He swept through the reservation, slaughtering everyone to feed his hunger, in his haste missing a young child. Remembering what Joseph had taught him, he covered his tracks, planting items to throw people off his trail, it half worked, the local police suspected foul play, the child providing the missing link, she drowned before the police could get a description, and forgot about the case. Now, he has arrived in Forks, and has started settling down in the city, becoming the high school's lacrosse captain, and getting an apartment for $800/month.

Timeline and Current Plots

9/12: Arrived in Forks. Got to know Carlisle and was mentored by him
9/13: Got to know most of FHS, Anastasia, Holly, others


Mikey's personality depends totally on whether he has the helmet on or off. If he has it on, expect a ruthless guy who will stop at nothing, to get what he wants, namely a win. He'll intmiate, he'll snap, he'll fight, he'll snarl to get his team the win. If he's not on the pitch, he's a sweet, caring guy who attracts people who want to know more about lacrosse, and him in general, especially girls.


Name Relation Notes
Holly Acquaintance Irritable at times?
Morgan FHS student FHS, help with courses
None None None

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