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"Baka wa shinanakya naoranai."
- Japanese Proverb

Michelle Phan as Kokeshi Miyuki
Fullname Kokeshi Miyuki
Birthday July 18, 1990
Species Werewolf
Bitten 11-10-09
Wolf Persona Ivory Wolf
Age 17
Height 5'4"
Weight 85 lbs.
Eyes Black
Hair Light Blue & Neon Pink
Parents Kokeshi Natsarugi - Father (Disowned), Kokeshi Kichu (Mother)
Relationship Status Kado (Its -very- complicated…)
Occupation Student/Employee: Leo's Garage (Forks)/Kado's Mechanic
Theme Song "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru

She is fiesty, outgoing, outspoken. She speaks her mind and has an open passion for cars- and getting in trouble. She doesn't care what people think of her as she's happy just being herself; even if it causes stirs having a Tokyo Punk Teen in such a small, conserved town.



Miyuki stands at an slightly short 5'4, her asian blood giving her the unfortunate side effect of smaller height. Hair of messy pure blue hangs around her face, pieces stuck out and the back tapered to her waist much in the fashion of Tokoyo punk, which also shows some chunks of pink randomly put within the blue. Around her face they are pieced to frame her face, her bangs leaving her forehead clear, but they stop a few inches below her chin, much shorter than the waist length straight of the back. Her slanted black eyes are surrounded in colorful make-up, silver eyeliner surrounding the edge with the color meshing from ice-blue to a darker navy blue that reaches in a wing almost to her eyebrows. A small nose leads to unadorned, pouty small lips; her features as petite as her frame that shows true to her bloodline. A single small silver stud is pierced to the side of her nose as her only visible piercing.

Her petite frame is encased in a much more outspoken tailoring than is normal to Forks. A pink tank top rests tight against her torso over a white tank right beneath it; and over this? Is a pink and black vest-coat with a skull pattern (black on pink) on the material. The hem is done in black with zippers and a few chains hanging from it. The vest however stops at her slender hips and flares out behind her in the form of what would be the flowing back of a trench coat, but it doesn't go all the way around her legs. The sleeveless vest-coat and tops however leaves her upper arms bare, her pale, smooth skin marred by japanese kanji dripping in a style of blood-print of a tattoo down her right arm, the kanji seeming to 'fall' from the armlet tattoo just above it. Elbow to wrists- both arms have arm socks, her thumb and fingers poking out of the long sleeves done in pink and black stripes. On the outer sides there is a lace that keeps it tight to her skin, the excess laces hanging freely to move with her motions.

Her legs are encased in a pair of baggy black pants that hang low on her hips, held up by a blood red woven belt. It has the cross binds on the back, butt-cheek to opposite knee, making a loose 'Cross' common of the 'bondage' pants you can find at Hot Topic. These fall freely over hidden boots, some of the buckles and hanging chains seen beyond the cuff of the pants as she walks on their four-inch platform flat heels- giving her some boost to height.


The wolf before you is of average size for a typical timber wolf. Though against any other werewolf, it would be considered to be a runt. The female wolf's coat is of a shimmering ivory, not quite pure white with the slight off-set in color to make it more muted. Tainted white, of sorts. Flecks of grey mar the color in highlight, though shows more around her ears and some in her tail. The coat itself has little fluffiness to it, but not much. Sharp teeth line her mouth, her facial features being the normal black nose at the end of her muzzle and solid, bottomless pools of pure ebony for eyes.


She was born on July 18, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. She had a fair childhood up until about age 8. She excelled in school, she was a calm child, always respectful, the apple of her parents' eye; and an only child. It wasn't until she was ten, however, that things started to turn around. Her father was a successful, and very busy, business man in one of the local electronic super industries that had to do with video games. He was rich, and they lived very comfortable lives. Though for that money; he was practically never home. After her mother learned that her husband had taken a mistress at work, she divorced him and left Japan to move to the United States, moving to Forks, wanting to be left alone and live a quiet life. Here in Forks, she works as an herbalist, growing various herbs and selling medicines and herbal remedies as a more natural substitute for medication; promoting health in a more natural sense.

When her mother left, Miyuki started to act out. She took easily to the punk lifestyle of dress and created a totally new personality as she started to express herself. By the time she was thirteen, she had already shown a high interest and learning skill with cars; already knowing how to do some of the simplier things; though under friends that taught her, her knowledge grew quite a bit by the time she was fifteen. Though her passion for cars is what got her in trouble.

Shortly after her seventeeth birthday, she was caught boosting a car in Okinawa while she was supposed to be away on a 'school retreat'. Given that one of her parents were in the United States, her father paid the fines, returned the car, and sent her away; not having the time nor attention to try and keep her under control anymore. So now the energetic, car-loving Miyuki is in the small town of Forks.

11-10-09 : Kado bit her in an attempt to prolong her life considering the vampire attention she keeps getting from Alexander. She made her first transformation a few hours later.

11-12-09 : She finally transformed back into a human.



Being of Japanese origin, she is well versed in writing and speaking her native language. However, often Japanese words will slip into her English, and when she gets excited, her English will become broken.

Car Mechanics

She grew up as a car fanatic, and for about four years now; she's been learning from others and teaching herself how to work on them. She knows quite a bit about different models, though she wants to learn more about the more exotic models she hasn't been able to touch yet.


In her free time; she enjoys to draw. Where she isn't so good at the coloring part, she is an excellent sketch artist- though this is more of a secret hobby of hers than anything.


Where she is no where a hacker or even know how to begin, she knows how to build/disassemble and fix most general software and hardware problems. A lot of this has been trial and error as she's always been a tech geek, but also some things learned from other friends and the like. She also keeps up with the latest news of Japanese Technology.


She is no master chef, and she doesn't know how to cook a lot of things. But the ONE thing she does? Is SUSHI! She can make three varieties, the recipes not straying far from one another, and with her mother's Wasabi, the meal is pretty awesome! (So sayeth she)


She has all of the typical, general abilities of a werewolf. Speed, strength, etc. Also because of her werewolf status now, her height raised six inches. A 'final growth spurt' being the outward explanation.



Being rejected or abandoned hurts her deeply; and she doesn't take it well. This stems from her mother just leaving when she was ten after their divorce without the ease of transition.

Criminal Record

She has an international criminal record of Grand Theft Auto; something that may haunt her here in Forks, or her itchy fingers may even get her in trouble for.


Even while she seems so outspoken, blunt, bright and energetic, she is also closed off to a point. While she may have a lot of friends; no one can really say they know the real, deep Miyuki. She's very scarred and depressed deep within, though no one can really break her down to the point to where they can see it.


She can stand the sight and the smell of the blood of other people. She can also stand the SMELL of her own blood, though to see it? She passes out.

The Runt

Because of her small stature, even with the werewolf boost in height, she still remained a small type of woman. Because of this, her wolf form is smaller than average, about the size of a typical Timber Wolf instead of the enlarged werewolf size. In result, she is weaker and a bit slower than normal werewolves.


Name Race Miyuki's Thoughts
Kado Werewolf Kado is a childhood friend as much as her old boss back in Japan. She made him a lot of money; then botched a job that was worth a LOT and got arrested. She owes him a lot of money. He showed up in Forks and tracked her down; despite how afraid of him she is, she also trusts him. A weird relationship. She knows what he is capable of and is afraid of what he may do to her friends if she doesn't comply. For now, she's working as his mechanic.. and the two are an item, though the details of that coming about are still very weird. To further add to the complications of their relationship, her mother decided to offer Miyuki's hand to Kado under the pretense of his success and being able to 'take care' of Miyuki. Yay traditional families. This only draws more complications between herself and Kado, though as time goes on, the closer she gets to him and the less she fears him. Perhaps one day their relationship won't be so complicated. — Another complication, he's also the person who bit her. And nearly killed her.
Nicolas Human She met Nicolas in an electronics store after she first arrived in the area. The two hit it off pretty well, and she counts him as her best friend in Forks. Oh, and he's going to be tortured with Anime and sushi!! Despite having 'cut him off' from being friends, they have made up and are friends again. This being after he tried to save her life against Alexander.
Carly Human Nicolas's girlfriend. Man he is lucky, she is a total HOTTIE! Ennnnvy! But she's going to help me on my history and english, and me to help her on math, so yay. >:D After her injury by Alexander, Miki and Carly made up, becoming friends again.

Other Information

by Utada Hikaru

In you and I there's a new land Yeah
Angels in flight
My sanctuary, my sanctuary now
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
What's left of me
What's left of me now

I watch you fast asleep
All I fear means nothing

In you and I there's a new land Yeah
Angels in flight
My sanctuary, my sanctuary now
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
What's left of me
What's left of me now
My heart is a battleground

You show me how to see
That nothing is whole and nothing is broken

In you and I there's a new land Yeah
Angels in flight
My sanctuary, my sanctuary now
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
What's left of me
What's left of me now

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