Cintia Dicker as Morgan
Fullname Morgan Jae Carwin
Birthday Feb 8 1990
Species Human
Age 17
Height 5'6"
Weight 113
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Parents Bryan and Susie
Siblings Craig, 23
Occupation Student, Bowling Alley attendant


Morgan was not born in unique circumstances. Her father Bryan, a logger, took her mother Susie, a stay-at-home mom, to the hospital in the town of Bell Hill, Washington at 1:00pm, where Morgan was born after only four hours of labor. As the second child and youngest in her extended family, she was fawned over by not only her mother and father, but grandparents and older brother, Craig.%r%rHer childhood was unremarkable. She spent most days with her mother and played with her brother, developing into a tomboy that loved fishing, climbing trees, and playing soccer. She had few close girlfriends, since her interests did not include Barbies or pretend games. As such, when Craig grew into a teenager and it was no longer cool for him to hang out with his younger sister, Morgan became a bit of a loner.

By the end of sixth grade, she sat with the “dorky” kids at lunch and quickly developed a liking for what they liked: musicals, anime, art, and off-beat bands. Unlike her friends, however, Morgan was more outgoing. By the time middle school began, she was the president of anime club, a member of chess club, secretary of the art club, and a student government representative. To say the least, her friendships were branching out a bit, though she still remained classified as one of those goody-good “involved” kids at school.

At the end of eight grade, Morgan’s father lost his job at the lumber mill. The family had money saved, but something would need to change – Bryan and Susie decided to pursue their lifelong dream of owning their own business and moved to the nearby town of Forks to operate the bowling alley, which was for sale. Craig was already out of school and pursuing a career with the US Army, so only Morgan was left to be “devastated” by the move – but she wasn’t. Remarkably resilient, Morgan endured the move to Forks and quickly got involved at FHS, joining various organizations and making friends along the way. She still has the image of the slightly dorky and quirky girl, but she’s a friend to most anyone. And she can get people jobs at the bowling alley.

Morgan has been doing a lot of thinking about the future lately and has decided she might like to pursue a career in criminal justice. Her tomboyish childhood and the fact that she looks up to her brother in the military made the choice rather obvious. Hence, she’s trying to job shadow at the police station this summer, and has a natural curiosity for the number of crimes in the area.


Morgan is best described as resilient, outgoing, and quirky. She adapts well to change and can make a friend in almost any situation. However, she’s a bit odd: she’s that girl you’ll find reading manga or speaking in Klingon. She has a habit of chewing her pencils up, it’s kind of gross. She also wears flip-flops year round. Morgan’s a natural leader that can take charge of any situation and make people feel at ease. On the negative side of things, she lacks attention to detail and doesn’t do too well in school. She also can be weird around cute boys… like not talk a lot and do embarrassing stuff. Such if life when you’re 17. Morgan has a few fears. She hates driving, although she has a license. She walks everywhere and doesn’t like getting in the car with people she doesn’t trust. She has an irrational fear of bees. She’s also highly allergic to dogs and cats as has asthma.


Name Relation Notes
Beverley Acquaintance Met her at theatre club and had fun.
Trenton Acquaintance Another person she met at theatre club that seemed nice.
Katie Acquaintance Quieter girl at theatre club.

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"Just a Girl" by No Doubt
"Be Like That" by 3 Doors Down

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