Portrayed by Twiglet
Full Name Mouse
Birthday February 5
Species Vampire
Apparent Age 17
Height 5' 0"
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Power Foresight


Time moves on and much happens in the course of 2000 years. Times change. Cultures are born and die. I have changed with them. Looking at a punk-rock princess on a street corner in Port Angeles, Washington – well, you’d never guess.

Timeline and Current Plots

Year What?
62 Born
79 Turned by Sulpicia


An odd mix of personality. Proper yet rebellious, a druggy and a prostitute and yet she can be a charming young girl. She doesn't exactly fit into any pre-made mold, life has a way of shaping personality after all - and 'un-life' is no exception. She has very little in the way of morals and more than one mask to wear.


Name Portrayed By Relation Notes
Holly Magnuson
Skye Sweetnam Acquaintance Mouse met Holly at the crime scene the day after the Halloween Howler. She finds the girl intriguing but doesn't know a whole lot about her just yet.

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