Portrayed by: Olivia Wilde
Fullname Nadia Anastacia Demidovna
Birthday October 10, 19-God-Knows-When
Species Vampire
Age 90-something, but looks to be in her early 20s
Height 5'5"
Weight 124
Eyes Maroon
Hair Black
Power Pheromone Manipulation
Parents Igor and Helen Demidovna
Siblings Not Applicable
Ex-Husband Sergei Romanov
Occupation Stylist


As all historians would agree, The Great Depression was a dismal time in not only American History, but in the history of the world. The effects of a global recession could be seen everywhere - and Russia was no exception. Nadia's parents were peasant farmers, among those hit worse by the recession. In an attempt to find a job and a way to sustain their lives, the Demidovna family would move from the suburbs of Moscow into the heart of the city. Nadia was 17 years old.

For a couple of years, the family struggled to make ends meet, but to no avail. It seemed that no matter what they did, all they would do was amass more debt. And with the situation becoming more and more desperate, things only looked to get worse and worse until one day, as Nadia was walking through the city, she caught the eye of one Sergei Romanov, one of the more wealthy inhabitants of the city, with her beauty. He violently pursued her, pressing her for her romantic attentions fervently despite her frequent refusals. She was in love with a young soldier at the time, and Sergei was twenty years her senior and a brutal, cruel-hearted man. Eventually, Sergei offered Nadia's parents a job for her in his massive estate as a kitchen hand, and despite her protests and tears, her family would end up selling her off. It would be the last time she would ever see her parents when she left to the estate.

A mere kitchen hand is not exactly what Sergei had planned for Nadia, and she was forced to perform various other duties outside of her titled job. Little did Nadia know the beast that Sergei truly was. Enraptured by her, completely and totally obsessed, he would offer her one last chance to become his wife the same night he admitted to being a vampire. She accepted. The day after her twentieth birthday, he would turn her into a fellow creature of the night. She would be his mate for a couple of years, acting her part as the socialite and wife of a wealthy and powerful man. One day, however, he would disappear. Then, so would she.

She had personally dispatched of her beloved husband, making sure to wait until every last inch of him had burned and turned to ash.

With her ex-husbands money, she returned to her maiden name and roamed the countryside. A new vampire, during her first years she prayed on humans mercilessly - her victims consisting exclusively of men. Later, however, she learned to adopt standards. She would only eat young men, the most attractive and desirable male she could find in whatever city or bar or town she would pass by. It was never by force, either. She developed a system of seducing her prey, and once the throes of passion were wrapping up, her fangs would come out. In the beginning, she was a very lone vampire - a true nomad.

In the midsts of her travels around Russia, she stumbled upon Dimitri. Eventually, she decided to align herself with him for the time being, and would move around the world with him until they finally ended up in Quebec. When he joined the Quebec Coven, she did too, although she did so with more hesitation and reservations than he did. She still doesn't quite trust anyone in the coven, or anyone in general. The only person who seems to have won her trust is Dimitri, and she refuses to let anyone know why.

Unfortunately, money does not regenerate itself, and Nadia has grown accustomed to a very upscale, expensive sort of lifestyle - purchasing only the best and highest quality of material possessions. Particularly, jewelry and clothing. So, to make sure she is always well off financially, she became a high-end stylist in the 60s. She most deals with wealthy clients, not celebrities.

Timeline and Current Plots

- Attended the Volturi Ball. Danced with Caius.
- Fought with Felix in the Courtyard. Was thrown in the castle dungeons. Kinky.


Nadia is the definition of an ice princess. Pompous, cold, and arrogant, there are very few people who actually like Nadia, and even fewer who she likes in return. She is haughty and conniving, devoid of almost all warmth, and manipulative. However, with that being said, she makes for a highly useful ally. She is intelligent and sly to a fault, resourceful, and overly ambitious. When she wants something, she generally gets it. She also is incredibly graceful in nearly all aspects, and there is something highly intimidating and appealing about how sophisticated the young woman is. Her presence demands attention, and she usually gets it.

Living a spoiled lifestyle while being this beautiful has given her the impression that she, truly is, better than people, and this includes most vampires as well. She rarely sees humans as anything other than an occasional annoyance and food, but coexists with them fairly well so long as none cross her path. Werewolves are beyond scum to her, and she is sympathetic to the Volturi reign. When interacting with people, she is usually curt and cold, with an air of superiority surrounding her. That is, unless it benefits her to be otherwise. She can be quite charming and seductive if she wants to be. There are very few people she trusts, and in turn should not be trusted. She is not above backstabbing, so long as if benefits her ultimately.

Nadia seems to have never gotten the memo that she isn't in fact, royalty. Because, she perceives herself as being such. She is her sole motivation, lacking any real alliances or loyalties to anyone other than herself. She will do anything necessary to further her own agenda.


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