Character names on the game should follow our theme. We do reserve the right to ask new players to change their character names if they do not suit the game's theme within reason. Although the game is in the fantasy genre, it is set in the 'real' world US, where almost all people are unaware of any supernatural happenings. Common names will very closely follow names that are popular today in the US.

That being said…

  • Unless there is a good reason otherwise, please just use the character's first given name for your @name. A nickname may be more acceptable in some cases, and in a rare case, their last name.
  • Vampires, Shifters, and Children of the Moon do not go by code names in this theme. Even the most powerful vampires in the world just go by their given first name; no characters in the series had special nicknames, so we would highly dissuade anyone from doing this.
  • Natives of La Push usually have 'normal' names. That is to say, they usually don't have an animal in their given name (first or last). You may want to refer to the actual Quileute Nation website and notice that a majority of their members have typical American first and last names. Don't play into the stereotype that Native Americans have to have a unique or nature-esque sort of name.
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