Larisa Oleynik as Natalia Krinov
Fullname Natalia Zoya Krinov
Birthday February 13, 1864
Species Vampire
Age (Actual) 143; (Apparent) 28
Height 5'4"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Crimson
Hair Dark Brown
Power Mental Sight
Parents Long Forgotten
Siblings Sergei, Alexie, Alezander and Natasha
Occupation Chaos maker


It was a bitterly cold night in Moscow on February, 13, 1864 when Natalia Zoya was born. Looking back, some would say the fact that it was Friday the thirteenth was a rather ominous thing. Natalia was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her parents gave her the best of everything, doting on her every chance they got, giving her everything she could possibly want. She was their oldest daughter, and that was reason enough to treat her like she could do no wrong. This was the same thinking that her older brother, Sergei, thought of her. He doted on his baby sister and was extremely protective of her, wanting nothing more than to keep her safe and protect her from the cruel world that awaited both of them when they grew up.

Unfortunately, Sergei's protectiveness of his little sister is, quite likely, where she gets her selfish and stubborn streak. Often she would ask her parents for or to do something, and her parents would deny her, they were capable of punishing her if necessary, her brother, however, could not bear the thought of his little sister pushing out her lower lip and pouting. Sergei was easy to give in to whatever Natalia's whims happened to be at the moment, almost encouraging her , causing her to do what was necessary to get what she wanted, a skill she perfected as a child. This skill continued to work on her brother as her siblings, first Alexie, then Alezander, followed by Natasha, were born. None of her younger siblings got away with what she did, they were not doted on by their oldest sibling, only Natalia was as spoiled.

This attitude towards her continued as she grew up, and wed, at the tender age of sixteen. Her husband was significantly older than her, but it was a good match, so she took it, happily, like any good woman does when her parents have set a match for her. Her friends called her lucky to be matched to a man of such stature, he was Vlad Petrov, a politician who's future was looking up, taking a young, and beautiful bride would only help him. So would having a large, well behaved family, and starting it early in the marriage would prove his virility, which, as an up and comer, this was necessary.

At only seventeen years of age, Natalia was pregnant with her first child. The news thrilled Vlad, though it truly worried her. She no longer had complete control; her body would rebel against her. Unfortunately, she knew she would have to suffer through the following nine months. Thus, she suffered in silence up until the child was born, and immediately hired a nanny, intent that her life should not suffer for her daughter, Anya. She loved the girl, mind you, but Anya was not part of the plan she had for her life. She was, in fact, quite intent on not bearing any more children for her husband, even though he would not get a son.

Her plan worked for several years, up until shortly before her twenty-first birthday, when it was discovered that she was, again, expecting. Another child, another bane upon her existence. Natalia, now, did what she could to attempt to rid herself of this unwanted burden. Unfortunately, this time she failed, bearing a son, Vlad Junior, for her husband. He was thrilled. His thrill leaded him to wanting increased intimacy with his wife, something she had avoided in the past years. Unfortunately for Natalia, in the 1800's, you did not turn down your husband. Even when she did attempt to deny him, he would force himself on her, much to her own chagrin.

Over the next six years, Natalia bore five more children to her husband, despite her every effort to terminate each of the pregnancies, she was now the less than proud mother of four girls and three boys, Anya, Vlad Jr., Peter, Tatiana, Sergei, Alexa and Tasha, the youngest two being twins. Now at twenty seven years of age, Natalia was frustrated with how out of control her life had become, so she took control of it. She went out into the city, frequently, where she flirted and toyed with the affection of men, young and old alike, she didn't even have qualms with toying with the affections of young women; whatever kept her amused was fine by her. Shortly before her twenty eighth birthday she met a young man with pale skin and piercing eyes, sometimes they were black, sometimes they were red. He entranced her, dazzled her. He entertained her for several months, until, one day, he took her out of the city, making many claims, though when they got to where they were headed, what happened next, was unexpected. Natalia thought she was dying, the pain that coursed through her burnt, it should have indicated her death. But it didn't. She awoke a few days later, being watched over by Evgenei, the young man, a vampire, she learned. He stayed long enough to teach her what she needed to know, leaving out the important details of the Volturi.

Natalia faked her own death, ensuring that her family would never come looking for her, and then she left Moscow, traveling Russia for the next several years, living in complete obscurity, feeding as she felt necessary, undoubtedly more often than she truly needed. Nothing eventful happened until the World War broke out. Natalia quickly discovered that wars were a good place in which to feed without being noticed, and feed she did, copiously. It was a rather gluttonous affair for her, especially when poison gas was released on the troops. This thrilled her, as the deaths could exceed the normal amount, and no one would care, she went on a rampage. And then she smelled it, the most intoxicating blood she'd ever managed to breathe in in her entire life. She hunted it, and found a handsome young man lay dying, in a trench. He was to be her next meal. His neck and his wrists were bitten, intent on feeding on that perfect blood. Unfortunately, this was a bad time, as soldiers were in the area, they would see someone alive. She hid, waiting for the moment when she could come back and finish her meal, though she never got the chance. The man was changed and next she saw him, he was feeding. Natalia took him under her wing, as much as she could, they hunted the fields of battle with complete content, not caring about the wars that raged on around them.

One of these battlefields contained their first obstacle, however, werewolves. Beings that could easily cause damage to the vampires, if they so chose. Natalia would not have this. She and Lev ran from these Children of the Moon, their running took them to Toronto in 1920, having managed to get on a ship with the Canadian Forces, they fled Russia, and the Children of the Moon. Soon they started a theatre group, and this is how they found out that their love could be a fickle thing, as Natalia toyed with any of the good looking boys in the troupe. It wasn't until 1933 when this was truly tested, a lad named Donald, Donny, drew her interest, and this irritated Lev. He turned the boy after Natalia spent a few months toying with him, Lev got annoyed, and in the end, Donny joined the Krinov coven, not that the newest vampire liked the prospect. Natalia was no longer interested in Donny, Lev, on the other hand, took the fledgling vampire under his wing, teaching him the ins and outs that Nat had taught him when he was a newborn.

Donny left after a few years with the Krinov's, and Nikolev insisted that they find him. They made use of Natalia's uncanny tracking ability and found the lad in Indianapolis, weeping, as much as any vampire can, over a woman he thought he had killed. Virginia was now welcomed into the coven, she and Donald posed as the married children of Nikolev and Natalia.

Several decades passed, with the coven of vampires moving from place to place, as was necessary, they could not stay in one place for very long. In 1968 they were located in New York, were Lev and Natalia started up another theater group, thus, restarting the cycle. It was Lev's fascination with a mortal that turned things upside down this time, though, for once, Natalia agreed, and Ramona was their new plaything, for a good amount of time. They helped her become a star, until they decided she was ready, and Natalia delivered that fatal bite that would end Ramona's human life. It was at this time that they learned of the Volturi, for their activities were certainly not discreet, they made little attempt to actually hide themselves from the human population. The Krinov's were forced to leave Ramona to suffer alone.

It wasn't long after this at they found their way to Montreal, Canada, where the abandoned vampire found them. The quintent soon left Canada and moved into the Southern US, moving from place to place until the made it to Houston, Texas, in 1990. Here they managed to get themselves caught up in the territorial wars, which Natalia will blame entirely on Lev, for his stubbornness and unwillingness to continue moving. The coven fought with the other vampires until 1994, when, to the rest of the Krinov's, Natalia disappeared.

In 1994 word had gotten back to Natalia that the Volturi were making their way to Houston, and Natalia wanted out. She knew it would be an easier escape for her if she left her coven, and that's exactly what she did. She abandoned them, letting them think that the Volturi had gotten a hold of her and she was well and dead. She moved to the one place that no one would think to look for her, she went back to Moscow.

Although Natalia could no longer recall her families last name, she could easily remember where she had lived, both as a daughter and as a wife. She broke into both houses. In her parents house she found pictures of her brother, the bride that his brother had taken, family pictures of Sergei, his wife, their children and grandchildren. Here she knew her family continued to live. In her time in Moscow she kept an eye on her own grandchildren, which were large in number. She met a few of them, though revealed herself to none of them. They all thought of her as the 'nice lady who shares grandmama's name. After a few years, though, she could no longer protect her human family, as they would all grow suspicious that she wasn't aging. So she moved on, to St. Petersburg, were she met her singer, spending several more years there until she had to move. Thirteen years after her initial departure from her family she grew listless, and decided to find them. Using her gift she tracked the one most familiar to her, Lev, and he, eventually, led her straight to Forks, Washington.


Natalia’s an odd one. She’s possessive and protective of anything and anyone that she thinks of as hers, but the moment she loses interest in that thing/person, she’ll throw it to the wolves, quite literally, if necessary.

She’s a bit of a sarcastic and cynical person, she’s not very warm and friendly, at least not to anyone outside of her coven, and even then, they’re lucky to see her sweet side, though she does have one. That side of her, however, is seen normally only when she wants something, though, occasionally, when she’s just feeling nice.


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