Nate Paxton
Portrayed by Dale Midkiff
Full name Bruce Nathaniel Paxton Jr.
Birthday type here
Species Human
Age 45
Height 6'2"
Weight 225
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
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Parents Bruce Sr. & Marie(both in Forks)
Siblings Hannah(New York), Anna(New York), Victor(Forks), Bobby(Alaska)
Occupation Mechanic/Handyman


Born February 8, 1962 as Bruce Nathaniel Paxton Jr., he is the oldest of five children to Bruce Sr. and Marie Paxton. Growing up he was taught to work hard just like his father, helping him out at the High School as early as five years of age. To this day, Bruce still works on the maintenance staff at Forks High School. Marie is a retired librarian and does odd jobs as a seamstress for any of the women or men that need alterations done. His twin sisters, Hannah and Anna were born in 1965 both is currently living in New York. Victor was born in 1968 and still resides in Forks working as a cook. Bobby was born in 1971 and lives with his family in Alaska.

Growing up his father was strict, but his mother was a godly woman. She made sure all her kids we instilled with biblical knowledge and made it to church on Sundays. Nate took hold of these important values from his mother, though on Saturdays he could be found off fishing with is father.

Throughout his younger years he was known as Nathaniel. When he entered High School this changed when meeting Kalie. She decided to dub him as 'Nate' and that is what he continues to go by. Even though he met Kalie in ninth grade, he accepted her as just a friend while he concentrated on football. In their senior year, he decided to ask her to the prom where they shared their first kiss.

Kalie went to college and Nate stayed behind joining the workforce. Learning the inside and outs of car he worked as a mechanic in a local garage. He took on a second job helping his father at the High School. In 1985 he married Kalie and on November 15, 1992 they welcomed their twins into the world, one girl and one boy both which are his world. Nate works hard to raise his family right, church on Sundays and family time is essential.

Timeline and Current Plots


Fiercely loyal to his wife, Nate would do anything to make his wife happy. He is the happiest when around those he loves, laughing and sharing good jokes makes it plain to see that he enjoys smiling. Making friends has never been that difficult and he is known to encourage others in their times of difficulty. Personal time of prayer is also very essential to him; it's not odd to catch him reading his bible even on lunch breaks. Nate is very soft spoken, though he does contain a stubborn streak much like his father. When his mind is set upon something it is rather hard to get him to change it.


Name Relation Notes
Kalie Wife His high school sweetheart and love of his life.
Wayne(NPC Open) Son 16 year old son.
Traci(NPC Open) Daughter 16 year old daughter.

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