Nicolas Belmont

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"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads to light."
- John Milton; Paradise Lost, BOOK II

Timothy Olyphant as Nicolas Belmont
Fullname Nicolas Michael Belmont
Birthday December 17, 1990
Species Human
Age 17
Height 6'2"
Weight 145 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Parents Katharine Houston - Mother (Estranged) Warren Belmont - Father (In Prison)
Guardian Angela L'Anse - Foster Mother
Relationship Status Carly Robertson (Girlfriend)
Occupation Student/Pizza Delivery
Theme Song "Cry Little Sister" by Gerard McMann

Nicolas is a confident young man who is known to be a flirt. Though the years of abuse has created an area of low-self esteem and depression, he has been able to suppress that part of him. He doesn't care much for what other people think of him and will do things without regard for what people's feelings towards him and his actions will be.


Nicolas is a young man in his late teens. He stands six feet, two inches tall and has a lean and athletic build. He has a long and thin nose with a thin and narrow lips. Dark brown hair tops his head and a five-o-clock shadow adorns his strong jaw line. Dark brown eyes stare out with a hint of mischief in them. He has silver hoop eyebrow ring in his left eyebrow.

He is dressed in a black wife beater tank top and a pair of dark grey jeans with dark gold stitching and are held up by a black leather belt with a silver buckle. On his feet are a pair of black sneakers with blood red shoe laces over a pair of white socks. On his left wrist is a black leather bracelet and a silver watch on his right. Around his neck is a silver chain that disappears into his shirt.


Nicolas Michael Belmont was born on December 17, 1990 in Las Vegas, NV, the only child of his mother, Katharine Houston, and his father, Warren Belmont. His mother was a washed up showgirl and his father was a degenerate gambler. His father was never home; always off at the casinos getting drunk, hitting on the waitresses and sleeping around while his mother spent the nights out on the streets turning tricks, so most of his childhood was spent alone with the television which acted as the babysitter and role model. When his father was home, he was drunk and would usually take out his aggression on Nicolas.

When he attended classes, he had done fairly well, brighter than some of his classmates, just lacked a sense of motivation. He spent much of his time alone when he spent much of his time alone on his computer. Surfing the hidden places of the internet, opening the back doors to some of the most secure areas of the digital world as Seraphim. This was his playground. His first arrest came at the age of thirteen when he was arrested for hacking into the FBI mainframe. He was tried and placed on probation for three years where he was not allowed to touch a computer. His father made sure he had a welcome home gift in the form of another beating.

Much of his life stayed the same, eventually falling into a routine which consisted of going to school, going home and, if he was lucky, avoiding another beating at the hands of his father. When Nicolas was unfortunate enough to avoid his fathers rage, his father was not very concerned with the absence of marks and bruises, which soon caused the arrival in a savior of his tribulations in the form of a social worker. On May 29, 2004, Nicolas was taken from his parents and placed in foster care. His father was charged with child abuse and sent to prison. His mother dropped off the radar soon after. He then spent the next three years going from foster home to foster home. After his probation was up, he was sent to a foster home in a small town in Washington called Forks. Forced to be the new kid once more in a new town with new people and new cliques, its a chance to start over, to begin his life anew.



Nicolas has a high amount of confidence in himself and isn't afraid to be outgoing. He can approach people that he doesn't even know. He doesn't show any self doubt and doesn't seem to care about what others think about him.

Smooth Talker

Nicolas has a way with words which has helped him any times with his flirtations. He can seem kind, caring and sensitive as well as jerkish, insensitive and uncaring. He could even talk his way out of some situations.

Computer Savvy

Nicolas is very skilled with computers, able to hack into any low security level systems and even a few higher level systems. Though his probation is over, he doesn't do much hacking anymore, due to the court order saying that he is not allowed to touch a computer.


Nicolas is fairly good when it comes to cars and how they work. His specialty is his 1969 GTO Judge which he learned while working on his own car. He has learned enough through trial and error to be able to rebuild his cars engine and to keep it in working condition. If he was to work on any other type of vehicle, he'd have to read the manual first.


Dark Past

Nicolas' past with his birth parents is one that he would like to forget and leave in the past. He will not speak about his past or his biological parents to anyone.

Criminal Record

While Nicolas' criminal past is one that not many in Forks would know about, there is always the chance that it could come back up to haunt him in the future.

Depression Prone

The abuse that Nicolas had suffered had caused Nicolas to become manic depressive. There are times that Nicolas will seem to be happy one moment and then suddenly enter a state of depression. There can be a number of things that can cause this. A memory, a situation or even a person. Anything that can resemble his past can cause him to become depressed. Though lately, these bouts of depression have started to become less frequent.


Because of the confidence that Nicolas projects, he has grown to become somewhat of a flirt. He will start to flirt with women that he thinks are attractive or just any woman. This could lead him into some trouble in the future.


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Roleplay Logs

Date Time of Day Name Description
15th Afternoon Who Ordered The Bear? Lunch time at the school, Nicolas meets some new people and a bear decides to drop by for lunch.
16th Night Vampires vs. Zombies Nicolas runs into some people from school at the movies and another he doesn't know.
17th Night Plus Lone Penis Nicolas delivers some pizza to Carly's sleepover party.


Name Race Nicolas' Thoughts
Avery Human Nicolas also met Ree in the cafeteria when the bear appeared. He hasn't gotten to know her much either. He ran into her again at the movies along with Tiago.
Carly Human Nicolas met Carly in the cafeteria during lunch. He hasn't gotten to know her much since the bear attacked, but Nicolas finds her very attractive. They had their first date when he ran into her at the movies and her original date was an ass to her. After driving her home, they had their first kiss and have plans for a second date after he meets her parents. She is now officially his girlfriend.
Trevor Human Nicolas met Trevor with the others in the cafeteria before the bear attack and hung out with him again along with some others at the movies. Not a bad kid.

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