Nicole Storm
Portrayed by: Adriana Lima
Fullname Nicole Raven Storm
Birthday September 19th, 1989
Species Shifter (Quileute)
Age 17
Height 6'2"
Weight 145-155 lbs
Eyes Stormy Grey-Blue
Hair Thick Chestnut Brunette
Power Silent Runner
Parents David (39) & Lora (d) Storm
Siblings Twins: Jose & Alex (10) Twins: Luke & Mark (3)
Occupation Student


Nicole Raven Storm was born in the middle of the night in La Push, Washington on September 19th under a full moon. Which really wasn't a big deal at the time, since her family was simply happy to bring a new daughter into the world. Her parents were Lora Nightingale Storm and David Storm, David was the son of two Elders of the Tribe. Lora an adopted member of the Quileute though they were sure she had Quileute blood as well.

David had three other brothers but no sisters, and was the first to marry, making Lora the heir to his mothers and grandmothers place in the tribe, they were both lore keepers and teachers and much respected, and Lora took to this with joy after the birth of her daughter.

The family also had a special place, they had taken it on themselves to help provide for the tribe, and it was David who went to collage, and made a very good living in the construction business, that soon turned to environmental pursuits that still help the tribe and La Push today.

Nicole was a happy girl, but a girly girl, who listened to her grand-parents and loved the lore and history of the tribe. She embraced this with a wide-eyed spirit and a thrust for life that had the young girl running before she could walk. Even then she was a good runner, fast and sure but that running and the love of the outdoors didnt in the least make her tomboy-ish, no Nicole was into everything that made one a girl; dolls, dresses, playing dressup, learning to dance and she even refused to let her brothers tease her into doing silly stuff.

Though it was clear they tried, which included a frog in her bed, one that landed on her face during her sleep and almost killed her! Or atleast that is how she saw it, and since then has had a huge fear of frogs. Horrible horrible frogs!

It was a frog that brought around Nicoles first shift in truth, she was a young girl, only fourteen but had matured a lot faster than either of her parents really wanted. She had hide just how much she feared frogs from her siblings with the hope that they would get over that joke if she didnt react. But it was her arrival to her room, to find frogs in her bed, on her brand new handmade quilt by their great-grandmother, which now had little mud frog prints, that had her going nuts! She shifted before she could think, one moment she was a very upset young girl and the next she was a wolf, chasing after frogs and tearing them apart! Youd think that would cure her fear, but after she shifted back, she still feared the little critters and for the next four years she has had to fight not to shift when she comes on frogs.

It was soon after this first shift that the family made a decision that didnt really please Nicole nor some of the Elders, they wanted her to go away for school, to learn more of the outside world, since it was clear she would be a protector in the future. So with a heavy heart, Nicole was sent to school in Colorado, a private school where other shifters appeared as students from time to time. She would have finished high school here and went on to collage if not for the death of her mother.

Two months ago, Lora Storm died in a car accident, they were never able to prove anything, so the family has simply come to terms it was an accident even if the worry lingers it was something more. But at her death it was time for Nicole to return home, to sit at her grandmother and great-grandmothers knees and learn the history of the tribe. She will finish school and then go to collage near, to get her teaching degree, that she promised herself. Nicole has learned much during her time away, including how important family truly is and how much she wants to become the protector her kind is. But! She still hates frogs, still loves dresses and can out run even the fastest of the wolves of her tribe.

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