Patrick Miller
Brian O'Halloran as Patrick Miller
Fullname Patrick Miller
Birthday June 1, 1987
Species Human
Age 19
Height 6'0"
Weight 150lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark brown
Parents Richard and Mary Miller
Siblings None
Occupation Clerk


Patrick was born and raised in Forks. He knows little about big cities; his family did take a couple summer road trips to larger cities when he was younger, but he doesn't really remember much of anything from those trips except for a few motels and restaurants. Neither is he ambitious; he was never particularly good at anything, and had to work hard in school to make up for his merely average intelligence. In short, he doesn't feel that he's missing anything important.

What he does remember more clearly is going camping in the surrounding countryside - occasionally with his parents, more often with the town's single Boy Scout troop - learning how to hike, how to cook, how to put up a tent, all while guarding himself and his clothes and supplies against the frequent wet and cold. Sure, the scenery is nice, but he lacks an artist's appreciation for the fine details; while it's good for a change of pace now and then, he prefers to spend most of his time in the comfort of the town proper.

Patrick was one of a few dozen kids who went through high school together with Bella and company. The class was just large enough that he hasn't gotten to know her particular circle of friends very well; they were just that group who sit together in the lectures and hang out together at the parties, and while he overheard the broad strokes of what they were going through, he wasn't right in the thick of any of it. Now that he's out of school, he has more time available to get to know them better.

Fortunately, Patrick didn't have to look too hard for work after he graduated. His father Richard is a member of the Forks Planning Commission, and friends with a convenience store owner named Mark Stewart; they play cards every few weeks with a lawyer named Jenks (lots of money and a lousy poker face, good combination). A few polite words exchanged were enough to land Patrick a job working as a clerk in Mark's store, and after a few months, he saved up enough to move into his own small but serviceable apartment. For now, he's content to make an honest but easy living, keep up the rent - presumably start his own family later on, but that could be years down the road.


Patrick is too young, rural, and ordinary to have much of a philosophy about life or death, or any serious enemies. He's easygoing and outgoing, repaying friendship and trust in kind; if someone annoys him, he might insult them back, but will mostly leave them alone and let them get themselves into trouble. Like most people his age, he has a casual disdain for the social drama of others, but something of a blind spot for his own.

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