Patrolling The Area

IC Time: May 15, 2007
Location: Forks - Abandoned Logging Camp
Synopsis: Micah runs into Lilly and Anastasia while patrolling.
Submitted by: Micah

So. There are two vampires on the roof of an old logging cabin, just chatting it seems as Lilly is laying partially reclined, and Stacy is standing nearby. No other living beings (or dead ones) are around, this cabin or area, it seeming devoid of life. Perhaps that's why Lilly lives here as her scent is strong. "Oh trust me, I've heard plenty of Natalia." Another light smirk on her lips at this then a soft laugh. "And it's probably best you got rid of her… she would have eventually been eaten."

"Probably true… it just doesn't make it hurt any less," Stacy says, very softly. "I've gotten to know two Volturi agents who were around, but they've both disappeared. I pray for their safety."

There is movement in the distance and a faint smell of werewolf, if you know what they smell like, it is in the air. A few hundred yards off a single human form can be seen darting off in the trees, all alone but moving with some determination. The form stops for a fraction of a second and then turns straight towards the logging camp. His movements hastened further but he keeps to his human form for some unknown reason. By the speed of his movements he will break the tree cover in just a few seconds, his posture somewhat defensive as he strides along.

Lilly gives a deep inhale of the air as a rumbly growl comes from her throat. "A werewolf, but not Aset.. hmm.." Lilly looks off to the trees, but she seems as relaxed as ever, the presence of Micah coming into her home does not really seem to bother her. And true enough, even as he crashes through the trees, her attention turns back to Stacy. "It's fine Stacy. You'll find a mate one of these days."

Stacy sniffs, glancing sharply in the direction of the moving werewolf. She is slightly less nonchalant than Lilly, growling softly deep in her throat. "Who's Aset?" she asks, simply, and falls silent.

With a final stride Micah appears from the trees, his eyes darting side to side as he takes in the two female vampires. His posture straightens slightly as he composes himself and says, "May I ask what you are doing here?" his words have no anger, he is curious, believing you might be here for the wedding. He looks at Stacy slightly, taking in the growl, and grins…showing off his teeth in the process.

"Aset is a wolf, walks around naked a lot… but I guess he's trying to frame the vampires, the Volturi aren't pleased…" then she trails off as Micah speaks, her crimson eyes moving to land on him as she watches him. "I live here. I have lived here. So they question would be… what are -you- doing here?"

Stacy arcs an eyebrow at Lilly's description, but her eyes remain locked on the wolf. "I wonder what for… and I also wonder who he thinks he's fooling." As Micah emerges into the clearing, she watches him nonchalantly, ignoring the smile. "Nosy, aren't you?" is all she says, lightly.

Oh, a Vampire that is not tamed, must not be one of the Cullens friends. "I am patrolling the area, making sure no leech gets it in their head to come out and try to snack on anyone today." he shifts his body weight slightly, "..and since you 'live' here I assume you are not with the Cullens and looking at your eyes…well…you are a threat against the humans in this area." he makes no move forward, his old belief in peace trying to overtake his new brash attitude towards things. He turns to Stacy "My people have been here for generations upon generations. I have a right to be nosey."

"You're in my home. You have no right to patrol outside of La Push, and until reports of dead bodies start rolling in… well… I would suggest that you concern yourself with the vampires who look like me -living- in town, hmm?" A quirk of Lilly's lips at this, then a bark of laughter as she stands on the roof now, her form moving to the edge of the roof as she looks down at Micah. "The Cullens? Bah. They are not as good as they make themselves out to be."

Stacy snorts. "Only within La Push," she retorts, flatly. "And having generations upon generations of ancestors here does not make you all-knowing. Alice and Esme Cullen are friends to me."

Micah looks up at Lilly, "I may be out of bounds a little, but with everyone coming in for the wedding I am sure my act will be overlooked somewhat. Plus it is not like I really care anymore…things are getting too far out of hand around here with all of you coming around." his expression changes somewhat at Stacy's words and says, with a hint of disgust in his voice, "And I know they are not as good as they appear to be. Trust me I have no love for them. In fact I hope after this debacle that they leave the area."

Lilly holds up a hand as if doing that would calm the waters, "Calm my wolf friend. I only have one rule in my home, no fighting, verbally or physically." A smirk from her at this as she sits on the edge of her roof with her legs dangling over the side of it. "Come closer. We won't harm you. My name is Lilly. What's yours?"

"Then judge the guilty, and them only," Stacy shoots back. "Assuming you can /find/ them." At Lilly's gesture and words, she quiets, dropping to a crouch where she is, but does not smile at the wolf. "Besides, I think you overstate things… especially regarding the Cullens."

Rolling his weight to the balls of his feet he relaxes his posture, though his eyes might betray the fact he is ready to go back into a defensive position if need be. He walks forward slightly, his hand running through his hair absent-mindedly, "Micah. Micah Hatch." he shifts the satchel at his side and looks to Stacy, "What overstatement is that?" he asks, in the back of his mind the name of Aset still spins about, possibly for future questioning, but he returns to the situation at hand, "That they are liars and filth?"

"Oh… I like him." A grin from Lilly at this as she gives a muffled giggle as the back of her hand stiffles it. "I'm glad another sees the Cullens for what they really are. I would put cowards in there as well, though." A faint smirk of her lips at this, then a glance over her shoulder to Anastasia, "Sorry Stacy, but they betrayed Stasia, and now she's gone." Back to the wolf she looks, "I was born and raised here… then killed here. You could prolly still find my disappearance in the paper somewhere."

"You see? Every time you open your mouth, you only drive your foot farther in… unless you trade feet, to reduce the wear on the other foot," Stacy replies, rolling her eyes and looking to Lilly. "He only says it because he believes the same of all of us. This wolf is only a pup."

"If you had met me a while back I would not say such things. It was only recently with this wedding that I have come to see them for what they really are. They have Bella brain washed and it seems my people as well, since we are just allowing anything and everything for that girl." he gives a pained expression but shakes it off, so much is changing so quickly and he looks confused for just a moment before saying, "If I believed it of you all, would I have even bothered to approach you as a human? I never had a problem with your kind, you stay away from my people and those around me and I could careless what you do. But…things have changed."

"Not everyone is going to see they way you see Stacy." A small frown from one vampire to the other as Lilly settles her eyes back on Micah. "I do not know about any wedding, I would be a danger to the mortals that attended anyway Micah." A small kicking of her feet, before she nudges off her sandals as they fall to the ground, her bare toes giving a small wriggling. "I agree with you though. Too many vampires here. When I was killed, there were only a few."

"That's true… I have no idea why so many have come here so recently," Stacy admits, shrugging. "They must find the climate agreeable." She looks back at Micah, scowling a little. "If Esme and Alice are typical of the whole family, they would not be /capable/ of brainwashing Bella, whom I also know… it's not in their personalities at all, and I have spent enough time around them to know. If you wish to point fingers, perhaps you should talk to Bella… or whomever in your tribe has decided to simply allow the wedding and the invitations to it without a word of protest. But it also seems to me that the blame game is a pointless waste of time, unless you intend to do something about those to blame."

Micah nods, "I can remember a time when there were no vampires…no werewolves…everything was normal. Now. We are the capital of the supernatural world it seems. I am waiting for elves to start coming out of the forest next." his words might be humorous but there is some malice in them as well. He looks back to Stacy, funny she should mention it as his plans have already been put in motion but he does not say anything to that point and simply says, "I know of the Mother Vampire, one can be brainwashed by kindness just as quickly as manipulative practices. But I will drop the subject." he turns slightly and walks to one side, keeping an eye on you two the whole time.

Lilly doesn't really say much else as she just watched Micah with her crimson eyes as he moves around. Seeming to drop the subject about the Cullens for now, Lilly watches the werewolf for a few moments, and then, "I would like to know the history of your people and the vampires. If you care to indulge a Newborn, perhaps you can stop by sometime and teach me."

Stacy only gives the werewolf an ironic smile. "I'd be interested as well, though I doubt you'd be as motivated to teach a friend of the 'manipulative' Esme Cullen. And if you knew her, or Alice, you'd think differently, and not because of brainwashing."

"If you wish. Rules be damned these days." he says, thinking about his friends and family, "You found the correct wolf to ask. I am versed in every aspect of my people's history…and the tales of the Cold Ones." his voice taking on a monotone much like that of his teacher that taught him the stories. He looks to Stacy and just shakes his head, guesses the Mother Vamp already got to this one too, "I do not mind telling you what you wish to know. I am sure the Cullens have been told the stories as well, a few of them at least." he looks out into the woods and sighs, "As soon as this thing is done with, you have my undivided attention to tell you whatever you wish to know."

Lilly gives a sharp nod of her head to Micah's words, "Very well. Come to me after this wedding business has blown over…" A smile to the wolf at this, "But I hope it's not too late. I may be going to Italy and see my friend Stasia for a while. If I do, please… patrol this area and protect it from any stray vampires. There is a lot of places to kill and burry dead bodies out here. It needs to be guarded." A glance to Stacy now, "They are cowards. Only a act of great… something, will change that."

Stacy arcs an eyebrow at Lilly, confused. "Cowards? Wait… does this have something to do with that vampire Joyce being killed, or with Stasia being betrayed? I never got the whole story on that. But I'm not sorry she's dead… she had it coming, and more yet, for trying to kill humans I called friends." She looks to Micah, nodding. "And for whatever it's worth to you, I've never killed a single human in this town… I do my feeding in other towns, and I don't stoop to killing anyone who doesn't deserve it, or doesn't wish it." She glances at the sky, where the sun is only beginning to clear the horizon behind the omnipresent overcast, staining the clouds with vivid color. "I need to go…" she murmurs, leaping from the roof to land lightly next to her Jeep, reaching for the door handle. "I'll be back by to talk another time."

Micah nods at the first part and then gives an audible sigh to the second, "What is with everyone having me do them favors. First it is Emma and now you." he grins slightly though, "But I will. After the wedding I will be allowed to come and go almost anywhere, no longer restricted." he says, but shuts up as he realizes he cannot discuss that plan just yet. His eyes fall to the surrounding area, taking in it's vastness and says, "Hate to have your prime estate here taken over though." he looks at Stacy and nods, "And I thank you for that, the not feeding on my friends and family thing mind you." he watches the vampire move with that signature grace and style and then leave, his eyes returning to Lilly.

Lilly watches Stacy leave, before her eyes drift back to Micah's. "So are you going to stop the wedding?" A perk of her brow to him as she seems really curious. "I won't say anything. I could care less really… only in that if you're going to crash it… I wish I could be present." A smirk from her at this as her nostrils flare a bit as she inhales the scents around her. "I hunger. I will have to go soon as well, make my way to Seattle."

"No, I am not going to stop it. That would hurt a dear friend if I did, and I refuse to do that to him. I decided to not even go to it, even though my entire pack has been invited. Instead I have a few things to attend to and will probably patrol during the wedding, with everyone in one spot I am sure the guard will be down everywhere else. And not all of your kind are willing to converse with us like you are." he sniffs the air and nods at you, "I wish I could though, I am sure the Cullen boys will be on guard…I hurt the bride to be and I have caught stray thoughts, the pack is not too happy."

Lilly watches Micah for a very long time, and then she has jumped down to the ground as she takes a few steps closer to him. "Then you can either make it up to the Bride, or just let her be unhappy." A faint smirk from her at this, then a laugh. "I must go. You're welcome here all the time…" And with that, she is a blur of motion as she's streaking through the trees, in the direction of Seattle.

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