Portrayed by: Megan Fox
Fullname Piper Morgause D'Aubigne
Birthday October 31, 1991
Species Werewolf
Age 15
Height 5'4"
Weight 115lbs
Eyes grey
Hair Brown
Power type here
Parents Stephen and Carissa
Siblings None
Occupation Student


It was a typical Halloween night in Costa Mesa, California when Piper Morgause D'Aubigne was born. Her parents, Stephen and Carissa, had no other children, Carissa was no longer able to bear children after the hard labour she went through with her daughter. This fact, however, didn't bother her parents, they spoiled Piper, called her their beautiful little miracle.

The little miracle lived a peaceful life, though one in which she was always capable of taking care of herself. The year she started kindergarten was also the year that she started martial arts. She excelled at both, particularly martial arts. She enjoyed the physicality and focus that was required and found it fun to work on what she'd learned in class. This focus was something that she brought into her schoolwork in future years, whenever she needed to keep her mind on one thing and one thing alone.

As Piper continued through school she easily made friends, her first and best friend was a girl named Jessica Michaels, the pair stared kindergarten together, and could often be found out playing in each others yards, or sleeping over at the others houses. Their friendship never wavered, either. Together the friends were practically attached at the hip. They had the same classes through all of elementary, and even once they hit high school, but then, that fateful night occurred.

In June of 2007, Piper, who had been staying at Jessica's for the weekend, got a call from a family friend. Her parents had been in a car crash, neither had survived. The girl was devastated. In all of one night, she'd lost her whole family, or so she thought. In her parents will it was stated that, if something should happen to the both of them before Pip was of age, she was to be sent to La Push, Washington, to live with mother's aunt and uncle, Jeremey and Eloise Altrin. This, of course, didn't please her, moving to the rainiest place ever, from sunny, Costa Mesa, California, and leaving her best friend behind.

Timeline and Current Plots

June 2007
-Moves to La Push


Energetic, yet laid back and easy going.


Name Relation Notes
Jeremey Altrin Uncle Legal guardian
Eloise Altrin Aunt Legal Guardian

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