Wolf Shifter Abilities

Shifters have several built in defensive and offensive skills to help them defend human life against the vampires. These include:

Phasing/Transformation - a shifter can transform to its wolf form at any time. The wolf form has many more abilities than the human form.

Speed - a shifter can outrun a vampire. They are faster than the Children of the Moon.

Endurance and Strength - shifters have heightened endurance in wolf form, they can keep running for long periods of time. They also display immense strength.

Resilience and Healing - a shifter cannot be harmed as easily as a human, though they may be less armored than a vampire. They can heal at an accelerated rate.

Heightened Senses - when transformed, shifters have animal instincts and senses, and therefore can smell, see, and hear better.

Deadly bite - when transformed, werewolf teeth can penetrate a vampire's skin and significantly damage their opponents.

Telepathy - the pack is connected mentally. In wolf form, they can hear all thoughts and prompts from the other pack members.

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