Wolf Shifter History

Essentially, the tradition of wolf transformation began many years ago in the Quileute tribe in response to the arrival of the Cold Ones, or the vampires. The tribe had always had magic in their blood, but a series of events triggered the particular transformation into wolves. Once the vampires are defeated or move away, the tribe may have no shifters, but when vampires are nearby, the magic in the tribe's blood reacts by "creating" more shifters to help protect the tribe and the other humans in the area.

The legend is known to the elders in the tribe and is told again in Eclipse, so it would seem that for several years, the tribe may not have had any shifters, since there was little to no vampire presence near Forks before the Cullens moved in. Note that the Cullens moved in then moved /away/ for several years, so this is actually their second time living in the Forks area.

Sam was the first shifter of this generation to change. We can assume that he first changed around year 2003, so please do not have your shifter going through the change BEFORE then.

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