Wolf Shifter Imprinting

Imprinting is a phenomenon that only the werewolves experience. When a wolf imprints, it means he or she finds the one person in the world that they are bound to. Imprinting happens suddenly and randomly, it does not happen over a period of time. Meyer has described as being "out of one's control." A werewolf could spot a random person in a crowd and instantly feel a strong attraction and bond for that person.

The person can be old or young - in the Twilight series, Quil imprints on a two year old - as such, imprinting does not always mean sexual attraction and romantic love. In the case of imprinting on a child, it equates to a strong bond comparable to a parent or a sibling. The person being imprinted upon does not imprint in return or feel any strong pull of destiny; however, it is nearly impossible for those being imprinted upon to not want to love the wolf in return - Meyer states that being imprinted upon makes one feel like the only one in the world. All FCs that have already imprinted by the end of Eclipse will still be imprinting upon the same person. However, any shifters that imprinted in Breaking Dawn will be free to imprint on anyone they wish, out storyline does not have to follow canon. OCs will also be able to choose someone to imprint on.

Before imprinting, please send a @mail to staff and briefly explain who your character is imprinting on and if you have any future plots you're thinking of running to go along with it - imprinting is a permanent move that will change your character's life, and staff can help make sure everything will work out with the theme and any tinyplots.

Restrictions: No imprinting on vampires. Imprinting on certain FCs may be restricted (i.e., Bella). No imprinting on characters that have already been imprinted on by another wolf. Most important: NO imprinting on someone less than 18 if your character is over 18. Yes, this happens in the books. It's not going to happen on the game.

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