Wolf Shifter Phasing

Phasing, or transformation, can happen whenever a shifter desires - or in the cases of young shifters, when they feel intense emotion, as they sometimes cannot control the transformation.

Intial transformation occurs randomly, and is often triggered by anger or emotion. Most shifters initially transform in their mid-to-late teenage years - the gene to transform is only triggered if there is a threat to the tribe, such as vampire presence, hostile or not. The process is not physically uncomfortable, but the mental link to the other werewolves and the personal change can be mentally overwhelming.

Transformation is described as sudden - a burst, an explosion, a ripping. It occurs so fast that if one blinks, they may miss the transformation. If the human form is wearing clothing, it will rip off. Most shifters carry around extra clothing in the wolf form, lest they will be naked when they phase back into human form.

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