Quileutes - The Wolf Shifters

The Quileute tribe reside in a reservation in La Push, Washington - a town about an hour away from Forks. They are a small tribe of about 750 people, with only about 400 on the reservation or "rez" as its fondly called. They are well known for their language, but as of late, it is only spoken by the elders of the tribe. The people are also known as good craftsmen and boat makers. The tribe, however, has modernized significantly and has blended its cultural values into mainstream American culture.

The tribe is governed by elders. It is these elders that also guide the wolf pack that exists on the rez. The pack has one chosen leader, the alpha. Secondarily, a beta aids in leadership. The pack has only recently revived, as late as 2003. The magic in the blood of the Quileutes reacts to the presence of enemies (vampires) and causes select young Quileutes to transform.

Wolf Shifters vs. Werewolves:
Wolf Shifters…

  • Do not spread infection by bite
  • Are not affected by the moon AT ALL
  • Are faster than werewolves, but weaker
  • Cannot achieve human telepathy in ANY instance
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