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Portrayed by Jessica Szohr
Full name Raina Mikayla Kadestra
Birthday October 13
Species Werewolf
Age 22 (19)
Height 5'7"
Weight 119 lbs.
Eyes Amber
Hair Black
Power None
Parents Sabine Kadestra (deceased), Hunter Whitmore
Grandparents Mikhael and Jenna Kadestra
Occupation Owner of Bell, Book and Candle


The Kadestra's have a rich history from the "Old World", but since Mikhael and Jenna left Romania for Baltimore, things changed. They had one child, a daughter whom they named Sabina. Sabina liked to rebel against her family's traditions, and when she was barely sixteen, she became pregnant.

Pregnancy so young was not that odd to the Kadestra line, but what her parents took offence to was the fact that she refused to tell them who the father was. Her parents threw her out, leaving her on her own. For the first few months, Sabine stayed as close to home as she could, though after a run-in with the man who impregnated her, she took off across the country so he would never find out.

Nine months later, she found herself in Forks, Washington, giving birth to a baby girl whom she named Raina Mikayla - in honor of her grandfather who threw them out. They stayed in Forks for several years, leading a simple, normal life as well as they could manage with the little money Sabine took in from waitressing. Life was pleasant enough, and Raina never complained that she had to wear clothing from consignment stores or second hand shops. When Raina was six, Sabine was diagnosed with cardiogenic pulminary edema, and given a year to live. Without a word to anyone, Sabine packed everything up and started back to Maryland.

For the first time in years, Sabine set out to see her parents, young Raina in tow. Mikhael was stubborn, and refused them entry, but Jenna welcomed them with open arms. It was strange for Raina, meeting these old people who were her family. She shied away from them, and quietly avoided them whenever possible. A year would pass in this manner, Mikhael stubbornly arguing with Sabine every chance he got, and Jenna attempting to smooth things over.

Then one day, Sabine's medications were no longer enough to help her and she passed away in her sleep. The Kadestra's were now left with a seven year old child, who was emotional, scared, and listless. Her grandparents had no idea what to do with her, so they began to tell her of the "old ways". The traditions of the Romani that they were supposedly descended from. For Raina, it seemed almost like a fairytale. A way to escape the pain she was feeling over the loss of her mother. Because she fell so in love with the stories, and they seemed to be the only things she would respond to, her grandparents sold the house and contents (barring a few sentimental things they wished to keep with them), and took her on a journey all over the world - so that the three of them could enjoy the small things in life.

Due to this, Raina left the usual school system, and learned on the road. Her knowledge was gained in museums and historical locations as opposed to text books. It was learned on the streets of small countries as opposed to a classroom. Even so, it was clear that she was an intelligent child with a quick wit, and only a little of the rebellious nature that her mother had. If the family needed a little extra money on their travels, the young girl would carefully filch what she could, and as she grew older she learned the dances of each place they visited so that she could earn money in a slightly more legitimate fashion.

When she turned nineteen, everything changed.

She and her grandparents found themselves in Bucharest, Romania. Mikhael and Jenna were getting older, and they wanted to remain in the country that they had left so long ago. They were done running from their grief. Raina was more than happy to comply, and took a job as a waitress in a local eatery. One evening after work, she decided to take a stroll through the Baneasa Forest, so that she could enjoy the natural surroundings as the sun set. Losing herself in the moment, she was not aware of the shuffling noise that came from a bush near her. It finally took the whine of an injured animal to catch her attention.

Without thinking about it, she wandered toward the sound. At first glimpse, she saw a mass of hair, and thought it was an injured man from the town. As she parted the bushes, she saw what she could only describe an extremely large wolf. It seemed to be frightened of her, but she tried to help it despite this. Since it did not look rabid, she reached into the bushes to see if someone had set a trap, or if the leg of the wolf was injured. Her reward was for it to leap at her, and bite her arm rather painfully and drag her further into the forest. Once the wolf's teeth left her body, she felt a painful ripping sensation, and then she blacked out.

When Raina awoke the next morning, it was to see that her arm, though bloodied, had been bandaged sometime in the night. As well, her clothing had been torn and hung from her in shreds. Thinking it strange, but likely a part of the wolf attack, she quickly got up and rushed home so that her grandparents would not worry. She told them of the incident, and her grandfather paled. He sent her away, as he did to his daughter so long ago. When she asked for an explanation, she was told that she was a demon, and chased out of the house. Later that night, she snuck in through an open window and removed all of her belongings, along with a few of the older lore books her grandparents owned.

Over the course of the next month, she traveled through Europe. Stealing what she could, when she could, and sleeping outdoors to save money. She found herself watching the night sky with an alarming frequency. As the night full moon approached, she became restless. On the night of the full moon, she felt that same ripping sensation throughout her body. A scream escaped her lips, and morphed into a howl as she landed on the ground on all fours.

She was terrified, of course, and took off through the woods in which she slept. By morning, she was groggily returning to her campsite, and passed out atop her sleeping bag. Knowing that this is why her grandparents sent her away, she did her best to put even more distance between herself and them. Thinking it might have something to do with her biological father, she went back to Baltimore to find him.

Upon her return to the United States, she found that the man her mother told her was her birth father had taken up residence in her old home town, Forks. Thus, she slowly made her way back across the country, earning as much money as she could - however she could, be it thievery or honest work - so that she could afford a place to stay. Along the way, she decided to open a shop. There were two reasons for this. The first was that she still loved the stories of the old ways, and wanted to be able to share them with others, and the second was that she could use it as a reason to procure as many books on lore about shapeshifters and werewolves as she could, even though she's still not positive that is what she is.

Timeline and Current Plots


Raina is a free-spirited young woman, and tends to seem a bit flighty at times. She's friendly, but extremely cautious of who she allows herself to become close to. "Trust no one," tends to be her motto these days, until she's given a reason to trust.


Name Relation Notes
Mikhael & Jenna Kadestra Grandparents Disowned her 3 years ago, she's not spoken to them since.
Hunter Whitmore Biological Father Unaware that she exists. Lives in Forks.

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