Rebecca Russel
Portrayed by:
Fullname Rebecca Russel
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Age Unknown (Appears around 15)
Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs.
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Power Reversal
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Occupation Wanderer


Rebecca's past is a confusing thing. She remembers little glimpses and tidbits, like brief memories of her mother and father and a war that was occurring at the time.

Technology is a confusing and futuristic idea to her and what she can recall of the 'current date' is fused in with things of her past. Though she remembers her first and last name she could never tell you exactly what year nor month, let alone day, she was born on.

She's a tiny enigma, a tiny enigma with a very dangerous naivety to the human world and the vampires struggles to remain hidden, as well as a very very special ability.

Timeline and Current Plots

  • She arrives in Forks and Changes Alanna's life.
  • Rebecca goes back into hiding.
  • First Log/Second Victim Yves - "I forgot what sad was."
  • Rebecca goes back into hiding for a few months in the wolf territory of La Push.


Rebecca is a strange creature, even to her own kind. A little "creepy" some may say, Rebecca shows fear of any other of her kind.

Often exhibiting signs of confusion and paranoia, she remains in the wilderness and away from any physical contact from anyone - Usually. She's quiet, often acting feral and not really able to function properly in 'Human Society'.


Name Relation Notes

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