Recon Dive November 17 2007

IC Time: After dark, Nov 17,2007
Location: Port Angeles harbor, underwater. The site of the explosion.

Ever since I realized my “talent”, I’ve always wondered how much of the connection I create with creatures of the wild is two-way. I can plant my awareness so that every feeling, every instinct, every movement of theirs is mine. I not only experience life through them, but I experience life as they do.

So naturally, I wonder how much of my life is experienced by them, through that same connection. Can they feel my consternation, my distress, my sense of urgency… my grief? I am sure there is something, particularly from the higher orders of creatures. Such as the pod of bottlenose dolphins I have recruited to assist me.

The explosion at the harbor yesterday killed two of us, Felix and Heidi. I can’t say I was ever close to Heidi. Her role was to provide sustenance for the coven, but I’ve never cared much for simply being fed. Not to say that a few times I haven’t partaken, out of necessity. But there is something about it that has just never set right by me.

Felix, on the other hand, I counted as a friend. He was a flirt, to be sure, but he did look out for me. He made me laugh, even when he’d put his huge boots on my lap when I was sitting on the sofa in the Rec Room and ask me if I could still see the TV. I went on my first few routine missions with him and had fought beside him more than once. I grieve for him.

Even as I recall our times together, one of the dolphins swims near enough to me to brush against me. Cetaceans in general enjoy physical contact. They comfort and support one another, they reaffirm the bonds of family that tie them together. So I have to wonder if it is coincidence that one of them chose to do this, just as I was grieving for my fallen friend.

But this is more than just a swim or even accepting comfort from these splendid creatures. I am searching the harbor floor for clues, for anything left behind from the attack. And though a vampire’s senses are sharper than any human, there is one advantage that a cetacean has, that we do not.

Sonor. Echo-location.

It’s hard to describe it. The sounds emitted by the dolphins travel very far and fast under the water. They bounce off solid objects and return. And the creatures can interpret exactly what these signals mean with astounding accuracy. Therefore, finding debris and shrapnel on the harbor floor is very easy for them, even the pieces that are hidden beneath mud and sand. I uncover these pieces, brushing away sand and mud, but do not remove them until I use an underwater camera to photograph the spread of them.

Once that is done, I collect the pieces in a bag, to bring them to the surface for further study. Most bombs have some kind of fingerprint. If we can pinpoint what was used , perhaps we can trace the materials. I’d done this sort of thing before, or rather, I watched the fledgling Mossad do these things. When necessary, I had guided or used my own abilities to assist. But I did learn that if the materials could be traced to a seller, if you followed the money, it inevitably led you home.

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