Annabelle Wallis as Regina Quinn
Fullname Regina Quinn
Birthday May 29, 1985
Species Human
Age Early 20's
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs.
Eyes Violet
Hair Platinum
Power Due to Regina's blindness, her other senses are accordingly sharper. It is not at a supernatural level by any means, but she pays more attention to her other senses than most. She will be the first one to notice the cake burning in the oven.
Parents David and Lana Quinn
Siblings None
Occupation Aspiring Author and USFS brat.


Regina is the only child born to David and Lana Quinn. Lana and her family had been lifelong residents of Forks, but David came from a wealthy and politically connected family in New England. They had met in a coffee shop in Seattle and despite his family's disappointment that there was not a "better" match, the two were happy. David was a student, majoring in international relations, at Georgetown, with an eye to a career as a diplomat. Lana's inclinations were artistic. She painted landscapes and abstract art. Though talented, she never made it beyond local art shows.

Regina was born just before David started graduate school. Even a scion of an influential family needs to pay his dues, so David's first posting was in the Middle East, for a four year tour. Families of US foreign service officers are often permitted to travel and reside in-country, but if the area is politically unstable, the family may not be allowed to go. When David left for the Middle East, Lana returned to her hometown, with her young daughter.

Regina's young childhood was spent in Forks, living with her mother and maternal grandparents. Her father's family was distant, wealthy but largely disapproving. It was a source of some discord that the young girl would not be attending some elite private elementary school. But Lana insisted she wanted her daughter to attend a "regular" school with "regular" people, so her early education was done at the Forks public school. Once David's tour in the Middle East was finished, his next posting, Spain, was more family-friendly. The rest of Regina's childhood was spent overseas. She lived in many countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, as her father's position in the US foreign service became more prestigious. She attended international schools, which were established for the children of all diplomats. This afforded her a very high quality of education as well as a worldly experience. As the daughter of a ranking diplomat, Regina was conscious that her behavior was always under scrutiny. Well spoken, polite and attractive, she always carried herself to reflect well on her father and her country. In school, she was a talented writer, becoming published at a young age. She was also involved with competitive equestrian events: show jumping, cross-country and dressage. It was in a cross-country competition that her life changed.

At 18, Regina was competing in a Three-Day eventing show in Italy. During the cross country event, which is a timed jumping course over brush fences and walls, her horse stumbled and fell. Regina struck her head hard. Despite wearing a hard riding helmet, the resulting injury damaged her optic nerve, blinding her permanently. The accident was widely publicized in Europe, mainly due to her father's position as Deputy Ambassador to Italy.

After extensive therapy, physical and emotional, Regina has tried to cope with her handicap and pull her life together. Understandably, this has been a struggle. She could no longer ride in competitions. Her dreams of becoming a foreign service officer and diplomat, like her father, seemed far away and unreachable. How could she negotiate world affairs when she had trouble getting dressed every morning and needed labels in Braille to make sure her clothes matched? College was put off, much to the disappointment of her parents and paternal grandparents. Regina became bitter, depressed, but most of all frightened.

It was her mother that stepped in to assist. With Lana's gentle encouragement, Regina began writing again. First it was journaling, which helped express her feelings and cope with her anger and depression. Lana also taught her ceramics, a three-dimensional form of art that emphasized tactile sensations. Slowly, gradually, Regina began to cope.

However, it was difficult to recover, physically and emotionally, while under the international spotlight. David Quinn was still a major international diplomat, which meant that everything his family did was in the news. Regina made the decision to return to the States, to her childhood home, where her grandparents still lived. She hoped that the quiet, pristine surroundings would help her healing, help her find her voice and maybe she would even write something worthwhile.


Regina is used to living her life in the spotlight. Growing up as the child of a diplomat, she understands that her actions reflect on her father. Therefore, she is polite, well spoken, demure and ladylike. Inside, Regina grieves for the loss of her sight and every other door that was closed to her because of that. She has underlying depression and anger, but rarely lets that show on the surface. She is quite intelligent, creative and articulate, all of which are beneficial as a writer. Her handicap has given her a greater sense of appreciation of the smaller things and did check a growing ego. It's hard to be arrogant when you need labels in Braille to make sure your clothes match. Overall, Regina is in a transition period of her life. She isn't sure what she wants to do and what she /can/ do. Being an author is more about self-discovery than it is a true career path. She still loves horses, though she can no longer ride like she once could.


Name Relation Notes
Amaya Acquaintance A pleasant young girl that Regina met at the Swan-Cullen wedding.
Marjorie Olson Grandmother Regina loves her grandmother and tolerates her overprotectiveness with good humor.
Bella Cullen Acquaintance A childhood friend, but they have not been in contact for years.
David Quinn Father A major US diplomat with powerful political connections, Regina loves and admires her father.
Lana Olson Quinn Mother A gentle artist who never quite "made it", Regina adores her mother.
Geoff Bodyguard Regina is accustomed to having personal security. She accepts Geoff's presence and tries not to make his job any more difficult.
Roger Acquaintance Though he was the schoolyard bully when they were growing up, Regina is glad to catch up with someone from the past.

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