The information below is provided as an overview of the general experience most supernatural races have in relation to one another. It is meant as a guide, and may not necessarily apply to the way your character feels about an individual of another species. They are, however, popular opinions and characters should at least be aware that in general, “public” opinion is swayed a certain way.

Remember, if your character has never met another supernatural of a different race, they may only know through word of mouth, and might not know exactly what the other is at first meeting.

Vampires and Werewolves: These two races are ancient enemies – story has it that the werewolves were created as Earth’s defense against the spawning of vampires. They have a very long history of conflict – it is difficult nowadays for younger vampires and wolves to recall if their hatred is borne from history or is inherent because of what they are. In the last war, werewolves were nearly wiped out, and weren’t seen around Earth for awhile, as they were in hiding. This may mean that both younger and older werewolves will very much still be affected by that old wound, whereas younger vampires borne after the conflict may recognize the werewolves as an enemy, but may underestimate them as a threat.

Vampires and Shifters: These races are also enemies, but to a lesser extent. Shapeshifters have not been as significant as a force as werewolves have throughout history, since they are usually secluded to particular regions. More so than werewolves, however, shifters are close to their people and view themselves as protectors, led by their tribe’s magic and spirit animals. Therefore, they view vampires as a significant threat, and enemies. Many vampires might not know of the shapeshifters. In Twilight, many vampires assumed they were werewolves. If they do actually realize that the shifters are different, their opinions may form from there; though since shifters tend to be hostile toward vampires, most vampires tend to be hostile back.

Shifters and werewolves: These races could be great allies, indeed, but their relationship remains strained because of a lack of trust. Shifters sometimes feel as though werewolves are an equally volatile abomination of nature. Sure, they aren’t like the vampires, but they are viewed as unpredictable and possibly dangerous – after all, spurring a world-wide war between themselves and the vampires isn’t good for humankind. Nevertheless, the two groups are rarely outright hostile to each other; it’s more of a wary toleration from both sides.

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