Rick Steveson
Portrayed by Hugh Laurie
Full name Rick Steveson
Birthday January 27, 1910
Species Werewolf
Age 97/47
Height 6'2"
Build Wiry
Eyes Blue
Hair Grizzled
Power Pain Threshold
Occupation Accountant


By the time WWII ended, he was several fruits short of a cake. Where celebration was in order for the Allied forces, he drunk himself into a stupor alone and very nearly shot himself in his bafflement over the meaninglessness of his and the dead's raggedy participation in such a massive, unwieldy chunk of history. Rather than return home to his mother, he wound up on the street, homeless and without direction. He'd lost his motivation to do much of anything, including looking back into school to see where he'd need to pick up again if he wished to get his PhD after all.

Hunger eventually drove him to start taking WANTED ads and signs up on their various demands, and after a time he landed a job as a janitor, which was all well and good in that he could work at night and didn't have to talk to people very much. His next several jobs continued on along in that vein until he got bored enough to attempt something marginally more academic. Or at least something that involved sitting behind a desk rather than standing over a mop. Long story short, it didn't work out for very long.

In the end, he did whatever jobs he had to in order to keep a roof over his head and food in his guts. He spent some time in shelters around the fringes of London, doubtlessly, all the while cultivating a personal philosophy of borderline nihilism without ever getting up the necessary gall to kill himself. Ten years after the war had ended, it was the winter of '55 that forced him to make at least some minor adjustments to his way of thinking. He'd gotten a temporary job helping to repaint the interior of a municipal building downtown, and quite high from the fumes, set into his walk home through the snow alone.

The moon was full, clearly visible despite feathery clouds moving in grey in the promise of fresh snowfall by sunrise and it was quiet. Too cold, really, for many people to be out on a week night, ice in the streets and all of that. He'd made it about two miles before he heard crunching footfalls at his back, in fours rather than twos, and taking the sound for one of a few skinny stray dogs he'd seen closer to the heart of town, shouted hazily at it to piss off, will you.

It didn't.

Now they are in Forks, living as inconspicuously as they can as accountants. Steve got hired on by a local branch of bank not long after they arrived and hired Rick in underneath him a short while after that, under strict instructions to behave himself and not intentionally cause corporate collapse.

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