Rosalie Hale
Portrayed by Nikki Reed
Full Name Rosalie Lillian Hale
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Apparent Age 18
Height 5’10”
Weight 162
Eyes Amber
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student


Rosalie Hale, eldest child of three and only daughter of Theodore and Catherine Hale, was the proverbial apple of her parent's eye. Born in Rochester New York the spring of 1915, she was raised in society, where her exceptional beauty and behavior were envied attributes even through her adolescent years. Her younger siblings were twin boys, and still toddlers when she came of age, but her parents were already grooming them to be the perfect gentlemen.

She never grew tired of her popularity, and loved knowing that men and women alike watched her wherever she went. The only person she grew close to was her best friend Vera, but most of her time and energy was spent enjoying the attention and admiration of anyone and everyone.

Rosalie's mother hoped to find a proper suitor for her violet-eyed daughter, and schemed with Rosalie's father to have Rosalie be seen by Royce King II - the son of Theodore's boss at the bank. Catherine sent Rose to the bank where her father worked, with the excuse of delivering his lunch. She quickly caught the eye of Royce, and that very evening roses were delivered to her.

Royce was very handsome, and charming, and Rosalie found his company to be extremely enjoyable. They never spent too much time alone, but she did not give it much thought. Both of them loved the attention and admiration, and obvious envy everyone held for them. Parties filled their evenings, and he seemed to relish having her on his arm for the world to see.

One afternoon she paid a visit to her friend Vera. Vera had married a carpenter at the age of 17. Rosalie never understood the match, and almost pitied her friend being bound to someone beneath her class. Vera and her husband were excited to show their baby boy to Rosalie. The new mother and father were truly happy and in love, and Rosalie was taken aback by the obvious admiration both had for the other. The differences in the relationships were obvious, but Rosalie decided to not dwell on that fact. She enjoyed the company of her friend until near dark, then opted to walk home.

Rosalie's stroll was cut short by a very inebriated Royce, and a group of his friends. His uncensored opinions of her were practically shouted to any who would listen while his friends laughed and leered. Royce continued his boasting of her great beauty, bragging and handling her roughly as he wished to 'show' more of her to his pals. Rosalie was outnumbered, and overpowered easily. The men left her lying on the street, bleeding and worse. It was not long before she was found and taken away by Carlisle Cullen.

To save her life, Carlisle turned her into a vampire. He did what he felt was best, but Rosalie would always begrudge her humanity being taken away. After she found her strength, she systematically killed each man that hurt her that night, leaving Royce for last. A dramatic appearance to her ex-fiance, and a very long night of retribution, all of her attackers had finally met their end.

Rosalie became known as Carlisle and Esme's 'daughter'. She had gone out one night, hunting for food in the woods, when she came across the battered body of a young man. She gathered Emmett McCarty and whisked him away to Carlisle, asking the doctor to also change Emmett to save his life. Years passed, and Rosalie and Emmett grew very close, and she found that she truly loved him. Emmett proposed, she happily accepted, and they were joined in a small private ceremony in the woods.

They continue to pose as Carlisle and Esme's adopted children, and though sometimes their lives separate them from the rest they always seem to find their way back.

Timeline and Current Plots


With her family, Rosalie is supportive and actively participates in the shopping outings with her 'sister', Alice. In public, she appears to be unapproachable and quiet. Rosalie is quick to let her dissatisfaction be known, but is very loyal to her family. Despite how selfish she may seem, she only has her family's best interests at heart.


Name Relation Notes
Carlisle Cullen Father Ever supportive, his strength and love for his first daughter is evident in abundance. She respects and loves him fiercely, and would do anything to see that he is kept safe.
Esme Cullen Mother Immeasurable amounts of affection and mutual respect. Like Carlisle, Esme is loved intensely and is one of the few Rosalie feels completely at home with.
Emmett Cullen Husband The love of her entire existance. There is nothing that she wouldn't do for him.
Alice Cullen Sister Despite the big differences in personality, they are incredibly close - and share an uncharacteristic (and possibly unhealthy) love for shopping.
Jasper Hale Brother More often than not, the more reserved of her siblings. Sometimes a quiet companion, they are referred to as the 'twins' of the Cullen family.
Edward Cullen Brother The brother she seems to have the most disagreements with, and also the sibling she has had the longest time with. Despite their differences of opinion, Rosalie would do anything to keep him safe.
Bella (Swan) Cullen Sister-in-law Wife to Edward, Rosalie does not hide her lingering disapproval, and is hesitant to show any sort of affection or gentility toward her. Begrudgingly, however, she would do what it took to keep Bella safe, if for no other reason than to keep her brother Edward happy.

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Moonlight Sonata


Note: All dates are IC.

Title Date Quick Description
Inter-Pack Hunting May 28 Three wolves from two packs go a hunting and encounter Bella, Rosalie and Emmett doing the same.
Playtime at the Cullen House May 26 The Cullen's in a playful mood.
Time's a Changing May 18 A simple visit to a friend leads to some big changes for Bella
Pink Balls and Insanity! May 11 A family outing to the local sporting goods store proves interesting.
Envious Jacob May 9 Esme meets a new wolf in town and gets a surprise.
A Housecall April 29 Caius and a number of the Guard arrive in Forks and pay their respects to the Cullens.
Family Presents April 12 Carlisle gives presents to some of the family
Torture AKA Shoe shopping with Alice April 9 Bella returns early after being sent away, and meets up with Alice and the rest of the Cullen ladies.
Snickerdoodles April 7 What happens when the Cullen women are left alone
Cullen Style Booty-Call March 26 Three members of the Cullens start talking, and hilarity ensues.

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