Roster Characters

Roster characters include both Pre-Made Characters, Feature Characters, and any degree of wanted characters/NPCs.

  • Feature Characters are canon characters from Meyer's books. They require an application before they can be played - see the FC application. The FCs listed in the tabs show if they are open or not. If a FC you are interested in is not listed, just ask and you may be able to still play them.
  • Pre-Made Characters have been already mostly generated (background, personality, etc.) through RP or just by staff. You just have to ask to play them. All PMCs listed are available.
  • Other roster characters might be there because a player on the game is looking for someone to app a character in relation to them. They may or may not have a background yet. All characters listed in the Other tab are available.

Last updated: 11/30/09 (note: most updated roster is on the game)

Name Coven Availability
Carlisle Cullen Olympic Filled
Esme Cullen Olympic Filled
Bella Cullen Olympic Open
Edward Cullen Olympic Open
Jasper Hale Olympic Filled
Alice Cullen Olympic Filled
Rosalie Hale Olympic Filled
Emmett Cullen Olympic Filled
Name Coven Availability
Aro Volturi Volturi Staff NPC
Marcus Volturi Volturi Staff NPC
Caius Volturi Volturi Staff NPC
Athenodora Volturi Volturi Staff NPC
Sulpicia Volturi Volturi Staff NPC
Felix Volturi Deceased
Heidi Volturi Deceased
Alec Volturi Deceased
Santiago Volturi Deceased
Corin Volturi Filled
Demetri Volturi Filled
Chelsea Volturi Filled
Jane Volturi Open
Renata Volturi Open
Afton Volturi Open
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