Sabriel Peregrine
Workin' On It
Fullname Sabriel Fatalie Peregrine
Birthday Dec. 24th
Species Vampire
Age 122
Height 5'6"
Weight 119 lbs
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Black
Power Shadow Manipulation
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Occupation Rogue



Orphaned at a young age when separated from her mother at a busy port, the young girl Sabriel wandered lost and alone through the massive shipyard of an Italian port. The girl, having been an unruly child for many years already, adapted quickly to her situation. The child took shelter in one of the many docked vessels resting in the harbor for the night until the sunrise when she could search for her mother by the light of day. That plan was completely ruined however when the ship was impromptly launched underway on a long journey to sea.

Through hard work and many sleepless nights, Sabriel was able to establish a place on the vessel despite her painfully young age and circumstances. Many years passed by much like the other sailors aboard the vessel until she reached the age of 20. There was no need to celebrate because there had never been a need. Though with it did come a privilage.

The Captain had never allowed anyone except a few of his prized few to care for the cargo they were carrying. A handful of sailors would always depart below deck with grim faces, carrying odds and ends, always appearing several hours later. When one of the sailors tripped and broke his ankle going back up going topside, she was selected to fill his place. Later on, she wished vehemently she hadn't. The cargo they were carrying were human beings, auctioned and sold off as slaves to a group of strange pale-faced nobles of a distant land. The people were well nourished and cared for all in all but very skittish around anyone outside of their group. Rumors flew between cupped hands and tense whispers of the feared men and women who only awoke upon the setting sun and roamed throughout the land at night, searching for their own human. Their next meal.

The Captain had long become hardened to such rumors despite knowing they were validated and dealt well with the Noble's wiles due to their business dealings of the past. He didn't stop the young woman who had blossomed from a young child to a toughened sailor before his very eyes over the years as his men selected her as the messenger to go onshore and make the delivery. The payment was being loaded up onto the ship hurriedly as Sabriel struck out towards the forboding city nestled below in the heart of the valley. When she was halfway down the gentle sloping road leading the purchased humans onwards, the vessel struck all lines and set out for sea once more, not giving a single moment's pause despite the loud sound of her shouts carrying over the wind once she realized what was happening.

The wanderer was alone once again in a strange and new world for the second time in her life.


Upon delivering the payment, Sabriel soon realized that something wasn't quite right with the pale-faced Nobles who ran the ominously quiet City of The Three Hills. The almost loving tender care the purchased humans recieved made little to no sense to her. Why treat a slave so well when their only purpose in life was to serve? Weren't the Nobles supposed to be the ones waited upon, not the ones doing the serving? After a few disconcerting days of this behavior, Sabriel decided it was time to trust her gut instinct and leave as soon as possible. She struck out for the hill despite the protests of one sweet looking Noble named Phedre. Why the woman had taken a shine to the wanderer was beyond her fathoming but it made her skin crawl whenever those piercing amber eyes would land upon her.

It was the rustling off to the side of the road she should have ignored. By all rights, she was almost to the very top of the valley and out of it's surrounding forests. The innate sense of curiousity she possessed however didn't allow for such an easy out, so off into the underbrush she went, as silently as possible. It was then, with wide eyes crouched beneath the bowing limbs of a weeping willow tree, did Sabriel finally realize what the humans had been purchased for. They weren't meant to be slaves after all. Instead, they were little more than cattle. One of the men had escaped from the kind Noble she had seen earlier attending to him and struggled wearily against some unseen creature. it wasn't long before that same kind Noble walked out into the small clearing, hand outstretched, and jerked the man invisibly into his embrace. And ultimately his death. Soon after, two other vampires came upon them and the three passed the human around until she could swear there wasn't a drop left to spare in the dead man's veins. As Sabriel turned to run as fast as she could from the horrifying scene, did she run head on into the beautiful Phedre's arms, the one who had been so smitten with her before.

Two cold pale hands held her fast to the other woman's body as Phedre surveyed the wanderer with a cool smile. Because of her odd beauty and defiant attitude even after witnessing such a horrific act, Sabriel was not completely drained of all blood. Instead, she was changed and made into one of them.

The last memory she has of being human is of Phedre leaning over and whispering sweetly in her ear, "Insanity is my only means of relaxation these past few hundred years. You'll understand soon enough, dear." Then, the cool prick of fangs followed by the piercing pain and waves of agony before everything else faded into dusk.


After witnessing over 122 years worth of vampire politics and ruthless games, Sabriel abandoned the place of her unwanted rebirth and gone what one might refer to as 'rogue'. Phedre was at first desperate to pursue her and reclaim her "pet" but the lead vampire Kushiel cautioned her to wait. Deciding the wanderer would become quickly disorientated and confused in this new world of humans without the everyday touch of the Vampire aspect in life, the two have decided to wait for at least a quarter of a century before signaling their other brothers and sisters to reign in their lost sheep.

On the eve of her 25th anniversary of freedom, Sabriel has wandered into the small nondescripant town of Forks, Washington. What will happen from here on out is anyone's guess.


Sabriel has always been a wildcard of sorts. Ever since her time spent with the Volturi vampires in the Citte de Tricolle, she's been not the most stable of people. Her moods range from explosive to calm to all sorts of random things. She's even been known to be nice, scarily enough. It all depends on the stimuli of her environment and just what pressures are tripping which buttons.

Her outlook at most things is held in a rather neutral point of view but has slowly grown rather warped due to her sole dealings with the Volturi for over a hundred years of her life in that sequestered city. Sometimes quick to violence and even quicker to act upon it, this wanderer is one not to be provoked despite the hypocrisy of being the provoker at times.


The wanderer's few and contrived relationships during her time as a vampire.

Name Who Description
Solan Self The more shadow orientated part of her personality. Very dangerous.
Caden Traveler A woman who helped bring back a small part of her humanity for a short time.
Azeban Elemental Trickster elemental composed of shadows. Companion of sorts.
Phedre Vampiress The woman who turned Sabriel into a vampire.
Kushiel Vampire The man who purchased the humans and controls the Citte de Tricolle.

Additional Information

This is a continuation upon a character from another MU* I happen to play. If I'm a bit slow or awkward at posing, please be patient. A two year rut is a bit to get out of when it comes to redefining a character's life. :3 Thank you!

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