Sarah Smith
Jennifer Connelly as Sarah
Fullname Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Birthday July 13th
Species Human
Age 26
Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Power None
Parents Bobby and Deborah Smith
Siblings Leslie and Alan
Occupation Police Officer


Sarah was born in Stockbridge, GA, a little out of the way town that most don't even know about. She lived there with her family, her older brother Alan, older sister Leslie, and their parents Deborah and Bobby. Her mother was a hair stylist and her father was an Air Traffic Controller stationed in Atlanta. When she was seven the family moved to Puerto Rico due to her father's job, a few years later transferring to Jacksonville, FL because of the same reason.

She grew up, went through high school like a blue - an average student - participated in soccer and the drama club and eventually graduated alive. She spent time with her only best friend of seven years, especially after her and her high school sweetheart cut the cord and decided to call it quits. Once she entered collage and got out on her own, Sarah fell for another boy whom she moved in with. They got engaged and where about to finalize the agreement with marriage when she graduated with her AA, entered the police academy, and her fiance decided he'd changed his mind.

When she graduated the academy, she called various stations around the USA, finally settling on Forks Washington. After assuring the sherrif she would make a great addition to their force, Sarah left on a plane without a second thought and only goodbyes to her loved ones and best friend.


Sarah's personality differs depending on who she is around, what her mood is, or simply how she is feeling that day. Generally the one to put their hand, neck, or life out to those around her if they should need, Sarah has a kind and gentle trusting nature. She believes everyone deserves a second chance, maybe two, however when her trust is broken in a scarring way it takes her some time before she drops her grudge and accepts any form of apology.

She can be caring and even tempered, or you can fire her up in an instant by threatening her family or those she considers a close friend. She has a bit of sass to her, being rather blunt sometimes in the way she speaks while she can also throw on the sarcasm in giant waves. It doesn't take much to make her feel guilty or like it's her fault, but it takes an axe to get her to open up from her protective shell and actually express how she's feeling. Rather tell someone they've hurt her feelings, Sarah will suck it up and do whatever it is possible to make the other feel better about /themselves/.


- Sarah's white german shepherd. 1 1/2 yrs.

Name Relation Notes
Charlie Swan Boss Cheif Swan is Sarah's boss, she does what he tells her to.
Bella Swan Acquaintance Bella is Sarah's bosses daughter and so #1 on her watchout for list.
William Xanatos Acquaintance Sarah met William at the SmokeHouse and had a brief interesting conversation with the man.

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