Scott Lahey
Portrayed by Oliver James
Full name Scott Luther Lahey
Birthday June 4
Species Shifter
Age 17 (actual 18)
Height 6'0"
Weight 170
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Parents Martin and Agnes Lahey
Siblings Dave(28), Kirk(23), Chase(20)
Occupation Student


Scott is the youngest in the Lahey family. Born in June of 1990 his parents rejoiced as he made it through the night. Martin and Agnes Lahey had four boys total. Dave is ten years older than Scott and in the oldest of the family, he left when he was eighteen to pursue college. The last they heard was over a year ago that he married and settled in Maine. Kirk is 5 years older than Scott and still haunts around La Push living with his wife and their new baby girl. Chase is two years older than Scott and currently is away in Seattle for college.

Martin Lahey made sure the boys knew the legends of La Push and how to hunt with more than just a gun. Scott was eight when he followed his brothers to spy on their father. He watched his father teaching a young man of the tribe to hunt with a crossbow. Getting lost on his way home a thunderstorm hit and it caused him to pass out in the woods. Waking up his mother convinced him that it was all just a horrible nightmare. Since then though he has been petrified of thunderstorms.

Growing up Scott became a daredevil to the family. His favorite sport is cliff diving and he always went extreme. Slowly he began to notice as a couple of his friends began to change. They were always hanging around Sam Uley and his group. A heated argument with his father is when he started to notice his own change, he couldn't explain why he suddenly felt hot and couldn't control the building rage inside of him.Phasing on the spot, Sam is the only thing that kept him from killing his father. From then on he has been adapting and learning from the pack.

Timeline and Current Plots


He doesn't mind danger, actually he welcomes it with open arms. Scott wil not back down from a challenge or a dare. Many have said that he will end up getting himself killed but even death is a challenge that he wants to defeat.

Even though he is foolish enough to put himself in danger. Never will he put his family or friends in the line of it. Very protective towards others he doesn't mind taking a hit for them.

In the public eye he remembers his place. As long as the leeches keep their peace he does his best to leave them alone in front of humans. Otherwise he will be sure to push his limits with them to give him any excuse to rip them apart.


Name Relation Notes
Jacob PackMate Alpha of the La Push Pack
Sam PackMate Former Alpha of the pack. He saved Scott from killing his father when he first phased.
Lorelei PackMate She is the Beta of the La Push Pack.
Piper PackMate A very close friend to him. They often go cliff diving together or just hangout.
Jason PackMate Let the Prank-War begin.

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