Eventide is set in modern times (the current year is 2007) in two places: northwestern Washington, USA, and Volterra, Italy. The game will primarily take place in Washington; however, opportunity exists for the Volturi coven and any associated characters to roleplay in both Volterra and Washington.



Most of the game takes place in northwestern Washington, primarily in the towns of Forks, La Push, and secondarily in the town of Port Angeles. All of these towns are actual places; our grids are not completely modeled after them, but most all of the street names and most of the business names do actually exist. In general, the area is rather rural, consisting mostly of the thick forests and landmarks that make up the Olympic National Park. There are small towns dotting the area, but most people probably find work in small businesses or in blue collar jobs. Logging and fishing are the primary industries.



Most of the Twilight series takes place in Forks, as it is the home of Bella, the protagonist, and the Cullens; but by no means does your character's story have to begin in Forks. Forks is described as the rainiest town in the United States. The entire area is rather rainy, but Forks is especially prone to showers. If it's not raining in Forks, it's probably cloudy.

Forks is a small town - it is very likely that many townspeople will know each other if not by name, then by face. The town is surrounded by the forest, and most of the houses are far apart or on the outskirts of town. Because of its size, many young people often complain there's nothing to do in Forks, which may well be true. There's no movie theatre, no mall, and the library is no more than a few book shelves. Most people looking for a good time head over to the beach in La Push or the restaurants and shops in Port Angeles.

La Push


La Push is an even smaller town than Forks - it's the reservation of the Quileute tribe, and almost all of the people living there are of Quileute nationality. La Push is approximately ten to fifteen miles away from Forks. The reservation borders the coast and boasts breathtaking views of cliffs, beach, and the sea. Like Forks, there's a lot of trees, but not a whole lot to do, aside from enjoying nature. There is a historical tribute to the tribe there and a few trails off the beach. La Push has its own tribal school and its own government of Elders that take care of matters on the reservation.

La Push is a large attraction for its fine beaches and hiking trails, but rarely do people from Forks or Port Angeles venture there to do any shopping or do any business.

Port Angeles


Port Angeles is the nearest large city to both Forks and La Push, at approximately 60 miles away. It's certainly more of a tourist destination - it has cobblestone streets with unique stores and boutiques, fancy restaurants, and a movie theatre. There also an industrial district in Port Angeles and a large amount of suburban housing. Many individuals in Forks or La Push might commute to work or college in Port Angeles. Anyone serious about shopping, going on a date, or finding a solid, high paying job is probably going to have to go to Port Angeles.

Also, any characters with higher resources are probably either going to reside on a sizable, isolated land plot in Forks, or in a more urban and high class setting like Port Angeles.


Volterra, Italy

The Volturi, the vampire leaders, reside in a town in Italy called Volterra, nestled in the Tuscan countryside. The town is surrounded by ancient terra-cotta castle walls, and is both historic and beautiful. There are museums, a farmer's market, and even unique wine shops in town. Many humans live in the town unknowing that the large castle situated on the edge of town houses more vampires than any place in the world.

Strangely, however, Volterra is a very safe place to live for humans. The Volturi do not feed on their own villagers, as it would arouse suspicion. The police force in Volterra is highly trained and active. The Volturi feed mostly on tourists. They invite large tour groups into their castle, only to have those groups never to be heard of again.

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