Portrayed by Chris Evans
Full name Shawn Patrick Fuller
Birthday March 23rd
Species Human
Age 23
Height 5'11"
Weight 187 pounds
Eyes Blue
Hair Medium Brown
Power -
Parents Joseph (deceased) and Carla (NPC) Fuller
Siblings None
Occupation Lumberjack


Shawn was born to a middle class family in Forks, WA. His father, Joseph, was lumberjack that died of cancer and his mother, Carla currently works at a local dinner as a waitress.

His childhood was a normal one , both his parents worked really hard to offer him the opportunities to develop himself. He was never surrounded with friends but did had a few that he kept throughout high schol. At the age of 7, he told his parents that he wanted to be a lumberjack, this was because his father used to take him to the forest, were he used to work; this is something his parents discouraged at first, they wanted their son to go to college if possible. At the age of 14, his father died of lung cancer, this was the outcome of year after year of heavy smoking. After his death, Shawn informed her mother that he was indeed, going to become a lumberjack and stay in Forks.

During High School, he had a couple girlfriends, he was on the good looking side so this worked for him, added the fact that he developed a charming personality. However, these relationships didn't last long, few months each but both of them ended up in friendly terms which made him a lot happier with the situation. His charm, did cause him problem once, he attempted to hit on a female teacher that quickly enough, sent him to the Principal's office, this had no major consequences. Upon graduation, he used some money that his father left him and built a small cabin on an open area surrounded by forest. His high school friends left for college, all of them moving away to different cities, so while he didn't end up alone, all his childhood friends went away.

Shawn spent about a year helping his mother, working as a waiter on that same dinner, but when he had the opportunity, he went to work for a company that granted him a job as a lumberjack. He made a few new friends, and has been seen drinking beer at the local bars, playing darts and just enjoying whatever free time he has, which is not much. He has no romantic relationships at the moment.

Timeline and Current Plots


When with friends, Shawn shows himself as a calm character, with a great sense of humor. Someone that can make jokes and take jokes as well. He is not easily angered and is specially protective of his friends and family. He can be a gentle person, but him being an honest and straight forward kind of guy could bring him trouble, especially when dealing with a non liked person.


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