What is a skill?

What is your character good at? Do they have any special abilities? The skills section of your character application can determine these questions.

A skill doesn't have to be supernatural in nature. It can be something learned, from mechanics to a style of fighting, or it can be something your character has a natural ability with, such as an innate sense of calm or the ability to get along with anyone. You should list all relevant skills — if you don't have some type of combat training listed in your skills (even if your character is a supernatural) and you try to engage in combat, your character will likely not fare very well. However, it is not a good idea to list generally accepted skills like driving, reading, writing, etc.

Strive to have at least 3-4 skills for your character, and make sure they are balanced with weaknesses. A good idea is to think about physical skills/strengths and also mental/learned skills. When you input your skills in CharGen, make sure you explain to what extent your character can use and benefit from the skill.

Roleplaying your skills

Non-combat: Using your power or skill on a player in a non-combat scene can be worked out OOCly, but isn't always based on consent. For example, Edward can read almost any mind. Your character probably is not the exception. If you think he or she is, you would talk to Edwar'sd player, and if no agreement is made, staff will rule on the decision. For the more mundane skills, they don't need to be rolled, but don't be a twink. Your character might be a mechanic, but he is not the best mechanic ever. Also note, if your skill is some kind of allure/beauty/seduction, not everyone is attracted to your character. Get over it.

New vampires/wolves: characters that were recently changed are not going to have a good handle on their powers or skills, and may not even know they have them. Keep this in mind and RP appropriately. Super strength and speed isn't easy to get a handle on.

Combat scenes: Players are trusted in roleplaying failures, misses, and deviations of their power. It does not always hit, it does not always even work. Always pose the attack heading toward the targeted character, never hitting them, unless and OOC agreement was made beforehand. RP combat involves OOC agreements and information - tell the other player what the attack does and how much damage it will do. Also tell them if the attack will be nearly impossible to miss, or if it's easy to dodge. For more information, read our information on combat.

Vampires & Unique Powers

Vampires have the opportunity to apply for a unique power, separate from their skills. A unique power is something more magical and supernatural in nature — one example is Edward's ability to read minds, or Bella's ability to shield her comrades. Unique powers are not common by any means. If you decide to app one, please note staff excepts a high degree of character development shown in the application.


1.) How much energy does the attack or movement take out of your character? If it's an attack and it does a lot of damage, it will most likely be exhausting on the character. These powers can only be used once per battle, if that.

2.) How much damage does the attack do if it hits? And, how often does it hit? Take time to think about and describe this.

3.) When does the skill not work? Although weaknesses are a section of their own, a unique power needs to have limitations of its own. Nobody gets unlimited power.


  • In general, a unique power should only affect and deal damage to either the mental or the physical.
  • No powers that will kill the user when they use the power except with staff permission.
  • No mimic powers.
  • Invisibility isn't very feasible with this theme, ask staff permission to use.
  • No physical teleportation powers. The Twilight series has a lot of fantasy elements, but no purely "magical" themes.
  • Powers that mess with time and space will be scrutinized, but may work.
  • Don't base your powers off a comic book character or some kind of superhero. Be original.
  • Powers that can kill instantly will only be likely in the event of a TP.
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