Spencer Swan
Portrayed by Chace Crawford
Full name Spencer Marcus Swan
Birthday January 1
Species Vampire
Age 18
Height 6'
Weight 155
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Power Power Nullification
Occupation Ramona’s Mate (Yes, it’s a job)


Spencer is a textbook case of potential going to waste. His priorities seem to find the farthest point opposite of what would be most constructive to his long term well-being and park themselves firmly there. He's managed to squeak by all his life on charm and smooth talking. At the core of his being is a very angry young man who seems to simply embrace that which life has handed him. A decently charmed existence and the ability to understand just how easily manipulated those around him truly are. He's the king of passive resistance, of exalting the achievement of some bare minimum by the narrowest of margins as some heroic virtue. Imaginative, insightful, maybe even clever, he's far from lazy, and at the slightest provocation can be motivated to great effort in pursuit of fun which usually results in destruction of private property or the disappearance of a few locals. When it comes to himself though, he's far too content to take what life gives him, or take what it leaves laying around as long as nobody's watching.


Name Portrayed By Relation Notes
Charlene Swan
Alexis Dziena The "Twin" Charlene (or Lenny as he prefers) isn’t as different from her brother as she likes to pretend. Both twins excel at being bad, however Lenny so far as remained more grounded than her brother.
Ellis Valencia
Petra Nemcova The "Best Friend" Spencer met Ellis the week he moved back to Forks and the two kicked it off without fail. In fact Ellis’s ability to turn a blind-eye to most of Spencer’s flaws is perhaps the foundation that led to a very complicated relationship. Luckily even after being turned Spencer’s let Ellis keep her humanity. So far.
Beverley McKinnon
Sara Paxton The "Almost Ex" Spencer met Beverley in the park one afternoon, and from that point on she was a fixture in his day. Not that the relationship was exactly perfect. In fact their ‘relationship’ itself ended before it even began. Not to say that the two don’t see one another constantly, but Beverley tends to find herself on the more unhealthy end of Spencer’s fixations. Not to mention Ramona’s.
Carly Robertson
Caleigh Peters The "Girl Next Door" Literally, she moved in next door to Spencer’s parents. A few days later he stumbled upon her and her own personal version of Thriller (which she preformed nearly to entirety before she saw him). Other than she’s blond, he doesn’t have a very deep opinion of the girl. She’s cute, and she desperately needs to get curtains.

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